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Build Sheqiao dispute docking platform Anhui issued two documents to protect the rights and interests of overseas Chinese – Beijing, China News Agency, Hefei, September 12 (Zhang Qiang) Anhui Province Federation of 12 joint Anhui provincial high court, the provincial Procuratorate issued "on the further Sheqiao dispute litigation and mediation work", "on the service and guarantee the healthy development of overseas Chinese funded enterprises in two submissions documents, in order to better protect the rights and interests of overseas chinese. According to the opinions, Anhui will establish a Sheqiao dispute litigation and mediation work platform and mechanism, and to regulate the related working procedures. For the healthy development of service and protection of overseas Chinese funded enterprises, relevant documents from the "law against the harm of overseas Chinese funded enterprises and their employees rights of person and property rights crimes" to punish harm of overseas Chinese funded enterprises in the crime of disrupting the order of the market economy in 12 aspects, put forward opinions and suggestions. To protect the rights and interests of Chinese Federation minister Zhang Yan said, with China reform, economic development and the continuous changes in the global, national and overseas compatriots, overseas Chinese funded enterprises, overseas returnees in promoting local economic development, plays an increasingly important role in Promoting Sino foreign cultural exchange. "The introduction of Anhui" two views "in the National Federation of the system to safeguard the interests overseas work has opened up new ways to provide valuable experience." Anhui Province Federation party secretary, chairman Wu Xiangming said that in recent years, the Provincial Federation system through the establishment of a legal advisory committee, the legal aid center of Sheqiao workstations, circuit court platform, Sheqiao in coordinating and solving the disputes, safeguard the legitimate interests of overseas Chinese has done a lot of work, mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of overseas Chinese in Anhui’s reform and opening up the modernization of the. According to incomplete statistics, overseas Chinese enterprises in the province has more than 7000, more than 400 overseas Chinese enterprises, foreign enterprises accounted for about 60% of the total, the actual use of foreign capital accounted for more than 60% of the total overseas chinese. The innovation of Anhui, we have a lot of help to safeguard their rights and interests." Yang Guorong is a Chinese entrepreneur, in Anhui County of Lujiang contracted 500 acres of land to grow crops such as tea, he also engaged in agricultural and sideline products export in Southeast Asia market. He said that this allows overseas Chinese friends, they come back a lot of detours". (end)相关的主题文章: