Bureau of tourism emergency response mechanism to deal with New Zealand earthquake Chinese tourists ca1290

The Tourism Bureau and emergency response mechanism for Chinese earthquake in New Zealand tourists – Sohu news Beijing November 14,   according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, November 14th 0 local time 2, 7.5 earthquake occurred in the central area of the South Island of new zealand. National Tourism Administration to start the emergency response mechanism to deal with the New Zealand earthquake, the proper placement of Chinese tourists, while reminding New Zealand and the recent visit to New Zealand Chinese tourists concerned about the earthquake disaster, pay attention to their own safety. New Zealand after the earthquake, the National Tourism Bureau immediately launched the emergency mechanism, Tourism Bureau Li Jinzao requirements of the National Tourism Bureau relevant departments to take measures quickly, requirements related to travel abroad to office as soon as possible to understand I tour and report to request; outbound group service quickly follow master tourism group in the new situation, to urge the leader of due diligence, properly for tourists; require good security for tourists to remind, avoid to quake hit areas, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. In addition, the National Tourism Administration to remind Chinese tourists in New Zealand and recent visitors to New Zealand, pay close attention to the New Zealand earthquake disaster, pay attention to their own safety, safety precautions.相关的主题文章: