Cai Yingwen force in Taichung set missile position against the mainland indamine – blame Beijing-stellarium

Patriot missile position in Taichung City in Taichung. Cai Yingwen forced the missile position against the mainland indamine blame Beijing Taiwan Chinese – News Network October 9th has been delayed for nearly 2 years to set up a day before, finally to the results. Today, Taiwan media quoted the island’s senior military sources pointed out that in the Taiwan leader Cai Yingwen advocated, and come out with local representatives of the so-called "communication", the Taiwan military ignored the strong opposition from the public, while the "ghost month" secretly started in Taiping District of Taichung city layout of the densely populated missile position. This caused huge local grievances, people have to protest their unwitting situation, become human shields. Cai Yingwen angry: "Secretary of defense" training people again big also set missile position! Reported that Taiwan’s military had decided to set up the Patriot missile position in Taiping District of Taichung City Ping Lin camp, the position of Taiwan is 5 at the end of a Patriot missile position, known as the "protection" in the Taichung area, but by the local people strongly protest. But Cai Yingwen believes that the "army matters, just do it, not to place, this also contain" training "defense minister" Feng Shikuan, and by the study of Taichung, to find the positions set against the DPP "legislators" He Xin "communication between". Thus, the delay of 2 years to set up the position of trouble, will be resolved overnight. Although at that time the "ghost month" (China traditional folk belief is the annual Lunar New Year in July is the "ghost month", from the beginning of the July’s opening, on the thirty day’s closing), but the military still ignoring the taboo, immediately started earth. Taiwan military executives said that despite the criticism of the outside world, Feng Shikuan, but Cai Yingwen is still quite supportive of him. Feng was sometimes attacks, "little" will comfort him, but the Ping Lin set up a camp missile position, but Cai Yingwen von angry, after also in the "little" come, immediately start position. Taiwan military officials say the missile positions in U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, the Taiwan military adviser by the United States and analysis of data, combined with the "people’s Liberation Army missile attacking direction, protection objectives and benefits evaluation, Taichung once was a missile attack in Pinglin billeting area, higher rate of protection. Construction of the missile defense system in the central and southern regions, is the DPP’s flat government political commitments during the ruling period, and now finally started. People are unwilling to carry the "card" live Cai Yingwen "false communication" for this result, Taichung City Ping Lin set range anti Patriot missile base self-help president, Ping Lin long Ewing male pain group, long-term residents to fight, but the military is secretly started, there is bawanggengshanggong! In fact, as early as the Taiwan military planning in Taichung Ping Lin camp new missile positions cover news just came out, then a local outcry, legislators and other representatives of the people had led to position the scene, holding up a "military chaos pound bombs, people all over", "Ping Lin refused to flesh out the missile" the band, "missile roll out", let the Taiping people from "human shields" fear, but also anger Throw missile model. In August 1st this year, the local anti missile base set will be informed of the Taiwan military self conducted before the start of property over program and contractor, has launched 200 residents to pull a white containment, shouting "no)相关的主题文章: