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45I want to send Trump god! Games a week Odd Photos comedy Tours|I want to send Trump god! Games a week Odd Photos comedy Tours1

I want to send Trump god! A week Odd Photos comedy tours [Sina game game original not reprint without permission] events this week may be recorded into the annals of history! Because this week, all the people are concerned about the United States presidential election, Trump (Trump) became the forty-fifth president of the United states. You know what? The Trump may even appear most of the president of the United States in the spoof game, this week not only features a collection of various spoof Trump games, also prepared for you a wonderful picture of a week, up to see the first ~ Trump win, the next step is to hand their Carnival scripts. However, as early as before many game makers have to personally, Trump do game. "Mr. President," "surgery simulation", "Republican College", and even the "Wizard treasure can dream" to rub a wave of hot spots. What do you play? Look at the Trump on what the game "to Trump into space" "2013" "surgical simulation Trump" Mr. President "VR" simulation for Trump bullet "Republic Institute" "demon treasure can dream of the sun and the moon" in addition to the flash game, Mobile Games is beyond count…… "Battlefield 1" round after the five killed! This picture is actually suitable for use when the Rifleman G fat in the general election if you engage in things, when the president, the people will not vote number 3 G fat Trump, far more than Hilary! Tell you what Batman is to play out past squat spy is not quite cool here? Let you and the back seat of the woman inside a labor spy ten thousand horse rushing past Switch mocked PS4 bye bye! (Editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

26The United States delegation comment and Ali war will be launched in the end of B|The United States delegation comment and Ali war will be launched in the end of B9

The United States delegation comment and Ali "war" will end in B group and Ali launched comments "war" will end in B and Baidu launched glutinous rice packaged into takeout Beauty Group reviews this "boot" is still not landing. From the rhythm, the rumors in early August will appear once, when Wang Xing foreign made O2O has entered the second half of the concept soon. From the logic of the expression of the industry as well as the logic behind, the second half can be regarded as the background of the changes in equity, although there is no direct link between the two. Take away and O2O (here mainly refers to the store business) is two very different business model. First of all, take out than the model of O2O more clearly, the user orders, business orders, the flow is entirely in the takeaway platform guide; but for catering to the shop, business is very difficult to judge today at noon to eat how many customers from online diversion, how many belong to the own flow line into restaurants. Secondly, takeaway mode belongs to online electricity providers, platform diversion to bring business to enhance the volume of business. Like Taobao, businesses buy traffic (advertising) to promote the transaction volume several times, ten times to enhance the size of the upper limit of space can be extended, as long as the line to ensure the distribution of the ability to match. However, the restaurant to the store is different, due to the constraints of the physical space in the restaurant, simply by extending the operating hours, increase the turnover rate will not increase the turnover rate, but also to extend the seating time will only reduce the customer experience. In other words, the platform from the line for a restaurant to import more traffic, once exceeded the critical point, the restaurant can not live. Therefore, it is necessary to take away and O2O open view, here mainly discuss O2O. Rumors before landing, takeaway industry is mainly hungry, the United States Mission review, Baidu takeaway three. And then there is a word of mouth takeaway, but since the joint Ali ant gold shares after the hungry it, the word of mouth will be taken out of the whole business to be hungry to do it, they only retain a flow entrance. O2O field, mainly the United States Mission review, reputation and glutinous rice three. Although Alibaba has invested in the United States, but the two are not the same, after the rise of reputation, the United States will also be regarded as the largest group of competitors. Ali recently selling discount beauty group stock, can be regarded as the formal part company each going his own way. Cai Chongxin foreign investment group as a financial investment, now is the time to cash, to spend money on its tablet qiner. Therefore, assuming that the acquisition of Baidu O2O business group comments come true, the focus of competition between the strong background of the Tencent and Alibaba will be to store business rather than idle away in seeking pleasure, takeaway. At the end of the second half of the B business Wang proposed the "second half" concept coincided with the completion of the preliminary review group post merger integration. In the outside world, the new company to retain more than the original imprint of the U.S. group, is still buying this core business in the channel sink. It is not difficult to find carefully, the former comment founder Zhang Tao one of the most successful innovation in recent years, Hui Hui, the new company’s strategy has been less mentioned, but the user is still in normal use, and the overall evaluation is not good. From the weekend released a new version of the public comment V9 is not difficult to see the division of the United States Mission review. New comments App attention to the quality of life, highlighting the social and the contents of operation, more prominent is married, beauty high customer price.