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The longest love is the classic money! – Sohu 蓝旖琳 种子

The longest love is the classic money! Sohu – Valentine’s day just past, we are still immersed in the sweet love, colorful Yunnan adorable Xiaobian want to say to everybody rose one day will die, one day after eating chocolate, from the eyebrows to the long, can represent the everlasting love, is a classic jewelry, always! Used to represent love, because of its hard to adhere to, bright brightness! With the trend of jewelry fashion, more and more styles emerge in endlessly, but for the need to represent the love of us, the first thing we need most is the classic paragraph! Four claws inlay, in jewelry inlay must be the most classic one. Sunflowers, not only classics, have youthful vitality! In such drilling, natural and graceful absolute classic style! Card groove inlaid, simple and not simple! More surprises are in WeChat subscription number: colorful Yunnan emerald Beijing flagship, micro signal bjqcynfc | secret if you are Master in online shopping, Tmall search, Jingdong, colorful Yunnan emerald, we can find the official flagship store!

最长情的是经典款!-搜狐   情人节刚刚过去,大家是不是还沉浸在甜蜜的爱情中呢,七彩云南萌小编想跟大家说,玫瑰总有一天会凋零,巧克力总有一天会吃完,从怦然心动到细水长流,能够代表永远不变的真爱的,是经典!      珠宝,总是用来代表爱情,因为其至坚至硬,璀璨生辉!随着珠宝时尚的大潮流,更是越来越多的款式层出不穷,但对于需要代表爱情的我们来讲,我们最需要的第一件一定是经典款!      四爪镶嵌,在珠宝镶嵌里一定是最经典的那一个。      太阳花,不仅经典具有年轻的活力!            围钻款,这样的款式雍容大气绝对的经典!            卡槽镶嵌,简单不简约!      更多惊喜都在微信订阅号:七彩云南翡翠北京旗舰,微信号bjqcynfc   秘密|如果您是网购达人,在天猫、京东,搜索七彩云南翡翠,就可找到我们官方旗舰店哦!相关的主题文章:

Guotai Junan no plans to raise at least 2 billion US dollars in Hong Kong stock market 炫舞浪漫之心

Guotai Junan: have not listed in Hong Kong to raise at least $2 billion for Phoenix Financial News September 12th, Guotai Junan said, the company has not yet developed, including the listing to raise at least $2 billion project in Hongkong, has been on the issue of H shares in matters of research and study, through contacts and exchanges on the issue of H shares matters with a number of intermediaries. Previously, according to foreign media reports 12, Guotai Junan plan in the first half of 2017 listed in Hongkong, raising at least 2 billion U.S. dollars. Guotai Junan recently invited the investment bank to participate in the selection to compete for the seat of the Underwriters, the report said. According to the source, it is not clear that the amount of funds raised by Guotai Junan will depend on the valuation of the shares sold and the proportion of the shares sold. Guotai Junan was listed on A shares in June 2015, raising 4 billion 800 million US dollars, which was the largest domestic IPO since 2010. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [Master] or [fupan588] 2

国泰君安:尚未制定在港上市募资至少20亿美元等方案 凤凰财经讯 9月12日,国泰君安表示,公司尚未制定包括在香港上市募集至少20亿美元等方案,一直在对发行H股事项进行研究和探讨,对发行H股事项与多家中介机构进行过接触和交流。此前据外媒12日报道,国泰君安计划2017年上半年于香港上市,集资至少20亿美元。报道称,国泰君安最近邀请投行参加遴选,以角逐承销商席位。消息人士指出,现时尚未清楚国泰君安的集资金额,将视乎发售股份时的估值及售股比例而定。国泰君安于2015年6月在A股上市,集资48亿美元,当时是自2010年以来国内最大宗IPO。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】相关的主题文章:

Week review how to cut prices to cooperation may tell some fantastic tales. hitfm微电台

Week review: how to cut prices to cooperation may tell some fantastic tales, Huitong news network February 6th this week (February 1st -2 month 5 day week) the price of crude oil is not a continuation of last week’s rally turned down, the U.S. crude oil prices this week, the highest $33.61 a barrel, the minimum fell to $29.38 a barrel, this week finally fell 8%. Crude oil prices are bad for the week. The market doubts about OPEC and non OPEC cooperative production is the main factor to grow with each passing day for lower prices, in addition to Sino US economic data weak; crude oil inventories continue to increase; heating oil demand downturn and other factors also support oil prices, and a weaker dollar and short covering on the oil support co.. Next week (February 8th -2 12, week), the focus of the market is still on the possibility of cooperation, production reduction, crude oil inventory, and the demand for the United States and other factors. Looking forward to the near-term outlook for oil markets, most analysts are still looking at oil prices, at least in the first half of the oil price is still difficult to turn over. The market doubts about the reduction of OPEC and non OPEC cooperation, and the price of oil is falling sharply. Since the last week, the most speculation in the market is the possibility of OPEC and non OPEC cooperation reduction. After last week’s cooperation and production reduction, the oil price has rebounded, but the possibility of reducing production this week has become very small, and oil prices restart the decline. Voice of russia. Earlier, the Russian energy minister said Saudi Arabia, the main exporter of the OPEC, hinted that production might be reduced. This week in the hope of weakening, still failed to reach an agreement to cut output, and consultations failed Monday to Russian energy minister and Venezuelan oil minister to reach any definite production plan. Since then, the Russian foreign minister reiterated that if the OPEC and non OPEC oil producers are in a state consensus, the country is willing to talk. Analysts said that Russia tried to use the media sound even prompted Saudi Arabia to adjust its policies, but is expected to not so willing to the emperor to abdicate, the policy will not change; previously reached agreement to cut output is the first private to again publicly announced last week, so Russia frequently leaked mainly shows that the weak economy, rising oil prices to boost, while Saudi Arabia has that policy focus is to gain market share, and is willing to cut production in other countries, unilateral cuts almost impossible. Sounds of Iran. The role of Iran in any possible reduction agreement is critical, because there are indications that the country is determined to increase production after the sanctions have been lifted to recapture the lost market share. An official in Iran was quoted as saying that Iran supported the meeting to Ignite hopes that they might take action to support oil prices, despite widespread scepticism. According to foreign media quoted a senior adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Velayati said that Iran believes that OPEC and non OPEC oil producing countries should be held a meeting in the near future, the meeting will have a positive impact on the global market; Velayati also said that in addition the current oil prices, OPEC countries in part by American consciousness action. Voice of venezuela. Venezuela is a member of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which is plagued by cash shortage due to falling oil prices

周评:合作减产痴人说梦,油价止跌如何可能   汇通网2月6日讯——本周(2月1日-2月5日当周)原油价格并没有延续上周的反弹势头转而下跌,其中美国原油价格本周最高33.61美元 桶,最低跌至29.38美元 桶,本周最终大跌8%。   原油价格本周利空因素重重。其中市场对OPEC和非OPEC合作减产的疑虑与日俱增是施压油价走低的主要因素,此外中美经济数据疲弱;原油库存继续增加;取暖油需求低迷等因素也支撑油价,而美元走软和空头回补对油价的支撑有限。   下周(2月8日-2月12日当周)市场的焦点仍然在合作减产的可能、原油库存以及中美需求等因素。展望油市短期前景,多数分析师依然看空油价,至少在上半年油价仍然难以翻身。   市场对OPEC和非OPEC合作减产的疑虑与日俱增,重挫油价。自上周以来,市场炒作最多的当属OPEC和非OPEC合作减产的可能性,在上周合作减产风声吹起之后,油价出现一波反弹,但在本周合作减产的可能性变得微乎其微,油价重启跌势。   俄罗斯的声音。此前俄罗斯能源部长称石油输出国组织(OPEC)主要国家沙特暗示可能减产。本周这一希望减弱,因仍未能达成减产协议,且周一俄罗斯能源部长和委内瑞拉石油部长的磋商未能达成任何明确的减产计划。此后,俄罗斯外长再度重申,如果石油输出国组织(OPEC)和非OPEC产油国有共识,该国愿意会谈。   分析称,俄罗斯尝试利用媒体促使沙特发声甚至调整政策,但预期沙特方面对如此逼宫不会乐意,其政策也不会改变;此前达成的减产协议都是先私下达成再公开宣布的,所以上周俄罗斯频频放风主要表明其经济疲软,亟需油价上涨提振,而沙特已表明政策重点是争取市场份额,并且在其他国家减产后才愿意减产,单方面减产几无可能。   伊朗的声音。伊朗在可能达成的任何减产协议中的作用至关重要,因种种迹象显示,该国决心在制裁取消后增产以夺回失去的市场份额。伊朗的一位官员被引述称,伊朗支持召开会议,点燃了他们可能采取行动支撑油价的希望,尽管市场对此普遍持怀疑态度。   据外媒援引伊朗最高领导人的高级顾问韦拉亚提称,伊朗认为欧佩克和非欧佩克原油生产国应在近期召开会议,而该会议将对全球市场造成积极影响;此外韦拉亚提还表示目前油价下跌的原因在于,部分欧佩克国家在按照美国的意识行动。   委内瑞拉的声音。委内瑞拉是石油输出国组织(OPEC)成员国,因油价下跌而备受现金匮乏困扰。委内瑞拉油长Eulogio del Pino称,他与卡塔尔油长进行了“良好和富有成果的”会谈,但没有提供会谈细节。卡塔尔是2016年OPEC轮值主席国。他还会见了阿曼油长,后者“重申支持委内瑞拉为稳定市场采取的行动。”   沙特阿拉伯的声音。沙特方面对于俄罗斯的减产呼声并未理会。市场上,并没有沙特方面的消息。据一份沙特报纸报道,一位OPEC高级官员在接受该报采访时称,现在谈论召开OPEC紧急会议为时过早。   能源研究机构Energy Aspects表示,俄罗斯频频放风主要表明其经济疲软,亟需油价上涨提振,而沙特已表明政策重点是争取市场份额,并且在其他国家减产后才愿意减产,单方面减产几无可能。   市场的声音,绝大多数市场分析都认为不能达成合作减产协议。Again Capital LLC分析师John Kilduff说,“产油国的消息继续令人失望,油市将继续走低,直至市场迫使他们行动,我认为届时油价将远低于目前的水平,”   AvaTrade的首席市场分析师Naeem Aslam说道,“欧佩克与非欧佩克产油国之间展开有建设性的对话的可能性已再度下降,我们对于此事将有个好结局的希望有所减弱。事实是欧佩克可以看到其保住市场份额的战略已经生效,而英国石油公司已经证实了情况有多么糟糕。”   高盛称OPEC和俄罗斯合作的可能性微乎其微。高盛称,“尽管油价急剧反弹,但我们认为不会出现减产这种状况,除非全球经济增长由当前水平大幅减弱,而这不符合分析师的预期。我们重申我们的看法,即油价需要保持足够低的水平,才能迫使基本面产生趋向新平衡的调整。”   高盛还指出,尽管上周油价因俄罗斯与欧佩克减产的传闻反弹,但预计全球经济萎缩前产油国不会减产;我们的预期基于两点:一、页岩油具有生产周期短的特性,二、2014年欧佩克仍扬言争夺最多份额,随后非欧佩克国家也增产应对,而他们的增产才刚刚开始;除非油价足够低,否则减产不太可能。   美国原油价格4小时本周走势   原油产量居高不下,全球原油供应过剩忧虑长期存在。摩根士丹利的分析师指出,尽管有产油国表示将削减原油资本支出,但原油产量依然居高不下,尤其是去年加拿大、巴西和俄罗斯产量均有增加,其中俄12月产出创下1980年来最高点;库欣地区库存持续增加引发对美国原油库存大量堆积的恐慌,而伊朗原油也将在近期大量涌入油市,供需难以在明年中期前恢复平衡。   据华尔街日报报道,俄罗斯央行周三表示,全球油价可能长期保持在每桶20-40美元区间,因该国不太可能和欧佩克达成协议。此外该央行还称,由于油价低迷且卢布贬值,依赖原油的俄罗斯经济可能要到2016年下半年才能重返增长。   中美经济数据疲弱,原油需求放缓也施压油价。自上周以来,美国公布的一系列经济数据整体表现疲弱,美联储高官连连放出鸽派言论,这暗示美国经济在增长的过程中可能遇到了一些阻碍。经济增长放缓,将会使得原油需求下滑。   中国经济数据也疲弱,本周公布的1月中国制造业活动萎缩速度为2012年以来最快,加剧了对全球最大能源消费国中国需求的担忧。   此外,中国政府可能下调人民币汇率指导价,市场依然担忧银行对能源行业敞口。加拿大帝国商业银行(CIBC)公债交易负责人Tom Tucci称,“有很多跟中国有关的传闻和臆测,银行的信贷指标不断弱化。”   Frost & Sullivan的业务拓展主管Carl Larry表示,“中国是除美国以外最后一个固定的石油消费国。问题是所有人都将希望寄托在中美两国的需求上。如果中国是唯一一个需求可能增加的真正消费国的现状不改变,只要中国经济出现问题,油价就会走低。”   本周原油库存大增施压油价。本周API原油库存和EIA原油库存继续录得大幅增加,虽然贝克休斯钻井平台数据录得减少,但并未限制油价的跌幅。   美国石油协会(API)周二称,上周美国原油库存增加,汽油库存猛增。API公布,截至1月29日当周,美国原油库存增加380万桶,至5.004亿桶,调查的分析师预计为增加480万桶,前值增加1137万桶。库欣原油库存增加14.1万桶,前值降低66.4万桶。API汽油库存增加660万桶,前值增加408万桶。   美国能源资料协会(EIA)公布,上周美国原油和汽油库存增至纪录高位。原油库存猛增780万桶,高于分析师预估的增加480万桶,因进口跳升及炼厂加工减少。分析指出,目前美国原油库存现已处在经济大萧条时的水平。   不过,本周五公布的贝克休斯钻井平台数据录得减少,显示美国原油生产市场进一步降温。数据显示,美国2月5日当周贝克休斯石油钻井减少31个,连续第七周下降、并创2015年4月份以来最大单周降幅,至467个。美国2月5日当周贝克休斯天然气钻井减少17个,至104个。美国2月5日当周贝克休斯总钻井减少48个,至569个。   取暖油价格下跌施压油价。今冬美国气温高于正常水平也削弱了石油需求。预报显示2月中气温偏高,导致纽约港取暖油期货下跌多达5%。 天气预报显示,11月至3月取暖季的最后八周天气温和,拖累美国取暖油期货和汽油期货下挫。天气的转暖是人们担忧取暖油的需求前景,取暖油走低也拖累油价。   美元走软和空头回补限制了油价的跌幅。本周美元指数重挫触及七周低点,令以美元计价的商品对其他货币持有人而言价格更低。美国方面,本周公布的经济数据整体疲软。市场对美联储今年是否能再度升息的疑虑加重,美元因此下挫。   投资人借美元下挫良机买入原油。油价攀升带动了一些空头头寸回补,这限制了油价本周的跌幅。   德国商业银行策略师Eugen Weinberg指出,从长期而言,油价处于30美元 桶的价位是不合理的,同时因目前原油市场存在高波动性和不确定性,空头认为这是进行回补的最佳时机。   市场多数分析依然看空上半年油价前景。高盛集团指出,“油价暴跌噩梦或许还远未结束,1月下旬油价重新飙升至每桶34美元上方只是假象;尽管有传言称欧佩克或通过减产来拯救油价,但协调减产是极不可能的,最终会弄巧成拙;仍相信油价将再次暴跌至26美元下方并再创新低。”   纽约能源管理机构高级分析师Dominick Chirichella指出,“现在说油价已触底并无用处;当前原油供应过剩远大于需求,全球经济也可能在今年进一步放缓;另外,稍早前欧佩克代表也表示欧佩克紧急会议召开的可能性很低。油价后市有望进一步走低。”   德意志银行的分析师认为,“美国需求疲软和股市下跌影响了消费信心和支出,是今年油价前景不乐观的主因,此外贸易加权下的美元持续升值也令油价承压;随着美国库存不断创新高,进口量维持高位,油价的下行压力不减,料美油最终或跌到7-17美元 桶的边际成本价。 ”   Energy Management Institute的Sal Umek表示,“有些投资人认为市场已经触底,没有下跌空间,只有反弹,但我不同意。我认为油价在开始上涨前还会触及新低。-市场有过多原油,你不知道如何应对。”   Cornerstone Analytics能源分析师Rothman指出,疲软的油价可能会在2016年下半年反弹,最高或为85美元 桶,但鉴于减产几乎不可能发生,促成油价上涨的不会是减产;目前很多因素可推高油价,比如大多数欧佩克国家的预算不可能维持在当前水平,即使是沙特也要在近100美元的价位才可实现收支平衡,这也是他们一直在动用外储的原因;预计过了这个冬天库存就会降低,油价将得到反弹,尽管大多数人不这样认为。   澳大利亚国民银行分析师预计2016年底油价温和涨至40美元 桶,2017年底为50美元 桶。 该行还预计今年全球原油需求将继续增加,但不足以抵消过剩;预计全球原油过剩状态将持续至2017年上半年。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

because many varieties look alike 麻伊琳

Blind spider crazy erection was amber seal: genital special structure for only the blind spider mentioned in this article, death is not too time. When the old blind spider was sealed in amber, it was experiencing a crazy erection, and the erection was 99 million years old. The spider is a close relative of a blind spider called Halitherses grimaldii (pictured). It was sealed in a piece of amber in Burma. When it happens, the sticky gum first lets it move, and then gradually hardens, making it forever in "sexual impulse" state. Sina Technology Beijing time February 15th news, for this article mentioned in this blind spider, the advent of death is too bad time. When the old blind spider was sealed in amber, it was experiencing a crazy erection, and the erection was 99 million years old. The blind spider has a very special reproductive structure, and when it’s fully erect, it’s half the length of its body. According to this, the researchers believe that this amber blind spider belongs to a new class of newly discovered extinct spider species. The results were published last Thursday in the Journal The Science of Nature. The strange discovery was the first case of the breed, the researchers said. "This is the first time we found that this type of mating organs in amber, and because of the age, the time that has a very special meaning." The author of the paper wrote in the abstract. The spider is a close relative of a blind spider called Halitherses grimaldii. It was sealed in a piece of amber in Burma. When it happens, the sticky gum first lets it move, and then gradually hardens, making it forever in "sexual impulse" state. "It was a hunger and thirst, will become like this," Ron Claus American Museum of Natural History (Ron Clouse) said (he was not involved in the study), "poor animal." The blind spider has lived on the earth for more than 400 million years. The researchers used them as tools to study the distribution of the early life of the earth during plate drift. All varieties distinguish blind spiders is not an easy thing, because many varieties look alike, but preserve the reproductive organs found intact but provides a more accurate method of identification for us. "Maybe blind spiders of each species of genitalia have different shapes," Jason Dunlop, the project leader, Berlin Museum of natural history (Jason Dunlop) said, "in fact, genital shape is often more important than the shape of the body and legs." For example, the genitalia of H. grimaldii are very special, slender, with a slightly distorted tip. This is what researchers found through 3D scans and photos. They also found that the blind spider had a pair of big eyes, but lacked a transparent tooth, which was rare in spiders. It says

疯狂勃起的盲蜘蛛遭琥珀封印:生殖器结构特殊   对于本文中提到的这只盲蜘蛛来说,死神降临得实在太不是时候了。当这只古老的盲蜘蛛被封印在琥珀中时,它正经历着一次疯狂的勃起,结果这一勃起就是9900万年之久。   本次发现的蜘蛛是一种名为Halitherses grimaldii的盲蜘蛛(如图所示)的近亲。它被封在缅甸的一块琥珀中。事发时,粘稠的树胶先是让它动弹不得,然后逐渐变硬,使它永远处于“性冲动”的状态中。   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月15日消息,对于本文中提到的这只盲蜘蛛来说,死神降临得实在太不是时候了。当这只古老的盲蜘蛛被封印在琥珀中时,它正经历着一次疯狂的勃起,结果这一勃起就是9900万年之久。   这只盲蜘蛛的生殖器结构十分特殊,完全勃起时,长度可达自身体长的一半。根据这一点,研究人员认为这块琥珀中的盲蜘蛛属于一类新发现的、目前已经灭绝的盲蜘蛛品种。该研究结果于上周四发表在期刊《The Science of Nature》上。研究人员表示,这次奇怪的发现是该品种中的首例。   “这是我们首次在琥珀中发现这一类型生物的交配器官,并且由于年代久远,本次发现具有非常特殊的意义。”论文作者在摘要中写道。   本次发现的蜘蛛是一种名为Halitherses grimaldii的盲蜘蛛的近亲。它被封在缅甸的一块琥珀中。事发时,粘稠的树胶先是让它动弹不得,然后逐渐变硬,使它永远处于“性冲动”的状态中。   “它当时一定饥渴难耐,才会变成这个样子,”美国自然历史博物馆的罗恩・克劳斯(Ron Clouse)说道(他并未参与这项研究),“可怜的动物。”盲蜘蛛已经在地球上生活了4亿多年。研究人员以它们作为工具,研究地球早期生命在板块漂移过程中的分布情况。   区分盲蜘蛛的各个品种不是一件容易的事情,因为很多品种看上去都差不多,但本次发现的保存完好的生殖器官倒是为我们提供了一种更加精准的辨别方法。“也许每个品种的盲蜘蛛的生殖器都有着不同的形状,”本项目带头人、柏林自然历史博物馆的杰森・邓洛普(Jason Dunlop)说道,“事实上,生殖器的形状往往比身体和腿的形状更重要。”   例如,H. grimaldii的生殖器很特别,形状细长,尖端稍有扭曲。这是研究人员通过3D扫描和照片发现的。他们还发现,这只盲蜘蛛有着一对很大的眼睛,但缺少纤细透明的牙齿,而这在蜘蛛中是很少见的。这说明它是一种新发现的、已经灭绝了的盲蜘蛛。   虽然这只蜘蛛在遭遇死神时正“性欲勃发”,但事实可能并没有我们想象的那么浪漫,因为研究人员指出,它身边没有和它困在一块儿的雌性盲蜘蛛。““可能这只盲蜘蛛在被树胶困住时奋力挣扎过一番,”邓洛普说道,“使得血压飙升、生殖器也出现了意外的勃起。”   小知识:   盲蜘蛛在有些方面与其它蛛形纲动物有很大的不同。例如,在繁殖时,蜘蛛和蝎子用特殊的腿将精子送入雌性体内,而大多数雄性盲蜘蛛则有自己的生殖器。H. grimaldii和其它品种的盲蜘蛛会将这一器官插入雌性嘴部附近的生殖器中。   区分盲蜘蛛的各个品种不是一件容易的事情,因为很多品种看上去都差不多,但本次发现的保存完好的生殖器官倒是为我们提供了一种更加精准的辨别方法。例如,H. grimaldii的生殖器很特别,形状细长,尖端稍有扭曲。(叶子)相关的主题文章:

The labor market in the United States in August the poor performance analysis said the rate hike is not ripe – released Beijing News Agency in Washington on 2 September 郑州工业安全职业学院

The labor market in the United States in August the poor performance analysis said the rate hike is not ripe – released Beijing News Agency in Washington on 2 September, 2, the U.S. Department of labor data show that in August the U.S. non farm sector added jobs for the number 151 thousand, more than 100 thousand less than the previous month. The unemployment rate was unchanged from the previous month, still 4.9%. Data show that in August, the United States new jobs mainly concentrated in the catering, finance, medical, technical services and social assistance areas, mining, manufacturing and construction jobs decreased. In August, the number of unemployed people in the United States was still 7 million 800 thousand, and the unemployment rate remained at 4.9% for three consecutive months. The US Department of labor also revised the number of new jobs in June and July this year, 2. After correction, the two numbers were 271 thousand and 275 thousand respectively. The US Department of labor released the first weekly jobless claims report on 1 march. The report showed that in the week ending August 27th, the number of jobless claims for the first time in the United States was 263 thousand, slightly higher than before. U.S. media generally believe that the United States in August the employment market performance is less than expected, which will directly affect the Fed’s interest rate hike decision. Some economists believe that if the number of new jobs in August more than 200 thousand, the Federal Reserve may consider raising interest rates in the near future. But it turns out that the timing is not yet ripe. A survey conducted by Reuters shows that only 27% of the insiders believe that the Fed may raise interest rates this month after the employment data released in August, and 57.7% of the respondents believe that the Fed may increase interest rates in December this year. (end)

美国8月就业市场表现不佳 分析称加息时机不成熟-中新网   中新社华盛顿9月2日电 美国劳工部2日公布的数据显示,8月份美国非农部门新增就业岗位数量为15.1万个,比前一月减少逾10万个。失业率与前一月持平,仍为4.9%。   数据显示,8月份美国新增就业岗位主要集中在餐饮、金融、医疗、技术服务业以及社会援助领域,采矿业、制造业和建筑业的就业岗位数量减少。8月份美国失业人口仍为780万人,失业率连续三个月维持在4.9%。   美国劳工部2日还对今年6月和7月的新增就业岗位数量进行了修正。修正后,两项数字分别为27.1万和27.5万。   本月1日,美国劳工部公布了美国首次申请失业救济人数的周报。报告显示,在截至8月27日的一周,美国首次申请失业救济人数为26.3万,较此前略有上升。   美国媒体普遍认为,美国8月份就业市场表现不及预期,这将直接影响到美联储的加息决定。有经济学家认为,如果8月份的新增就业岗位超过20万个,美联储可能会考虑在近期加息。但事实证明,目前的时机尚不成熟。   路透社进行的一项调查显示,在8月份的就业数据公布后,仅有27%的业内人士认为美联储可能在本月加息,57.7%的受访者认为美联储可能在今年12月加息。(完)相关的主题文章: