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84Do you still remember China cool alliance – Sohu Technology|Do you still remember China cool alliance – Sohu Technology3

Do you still remember "China cool alliance"? Sohu technology of domestic intelligent mobile phone to thrive at the beginning of the "China cool union", refers to "ZTE, HUAWEI, cool and Lenovo", about four or five years ago, the four intelligent mobile phone manufacturers to become the domestic support, while OPPO, vivo and millet is no momentum now. In just 5 years, China cool union of these four companies in addition to HUAWEI, the remaining three are basically in the Chinese market power became the statistical data in the "Others". Not only the market is cruel, do not give these manufacturers opportunities, they are also variable inside. Recently reported on the "senior vice president of Lenovo Group, mobile business group co President Chen Xudong may not be in charge of Lenovo Mobile’s Chinese business, the business will be responsible by the addition of a vice president Qiao Jian Lenovo’s news, it is worth noting that Qiao Jian previously was responsible for global human resources work lenovo. (Lenovo flagship K900 once) is not only a Lenovo, in the recent period of time, the internal ZTE, cool and TCL are substitutions and restructuring, these manufacturers in order to return to its former glory and reform. But the reality may not be so simple, with Lenovo as an example, after their mobile business fell steadily, they are not thought of a way: the acquisition of Moto mobile services, the establishment of ZUK sub brand, let Liu Jun leave after a series of actions helped Chen Xudong to host… Done, Lenovo Mobile Phone business has no changes in turn the world upside down. In fact, ZTE, Lenovo, or TCL, mobile phone business is not the main source of income. So why do these vendors have to continue in the smart phone business toss it? This may be true is not selected, the Jin executives Yuan Xuanhua said: the Internet has been completely replaced by the mobile Internet, mobile phone do not how to do? Even the intelligent mobile phone market already from NOKIA, this time still get together back to this piece of the Red Sea market. After all, for these vendors, do not necessarily have the future of mobile phones, but do not have a future phone. The concept of wearable devices is almost dead, PC industry continuous N quarterly decline, the outbreak of VR was also recently winter capital, in addition to mobile phone, seems to really not what choice. On the line now cool CEO, HUAWEI glory before President Liu Jiangfeng

82AC Milan Chinese buyers to provide false documents Bank of Jiangsu is investigating 500 outlets|AC Milan Chinese buyers to provide false documents Bank of Jiangsu is investigating 500 outlets7

AC Milan Chinese buyers to provide false documents? Bank of Jiangsu is the investigation of the 500 outlets Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them!   on each reporter Huang Shengsun Yu Ting intern reporter Xie Xin Cai Ding in August this year, the EU funded consortium of mysterious sports for the acquisition of the subject to price of 740 million euros announced the acquisition of Italy football giants AC Milan. But most members of the consortium have not yet appeared. Yesterday (September 21st), which triggered widespread concern outside the acquisition and waves. According to Bloomberg, September 21st, citing insiders said that in the initial transaction negotiations, the Chinese funded banks to provide documents issued by the Bank of Jiangsu is false. Daily economic news reporter came to the Bank of China headquarters in Jiangsu, the official said, is to verify the investigation of 500 outlets. The source said that the reply to Bloomberg is a branch of the Bank of Jiangsu in Guangdong, but it is likely that the document is not issued by the branch. Certificate of authenticity, the bank is on its more than and 500 outlets emergency investigation, investigation of its outlets whether had issued the corresponding documents and is where the outlets and Li Yonghong (Central Sports chairman) et al business. Final results are expected to be released in September 22nd. A major investment bank to do overseas investors believe that the follow-up funds can be followed by the general will be the key to the completion of the transaction. Sino EU sports documents fraud? According to foreign media quoted Bloomberg September 21st, insiders said that in the initial transaction negotiations, seeking funds to buy AC Milan football club’s Chinese consortium provides false bank documents. The insider said, in order to prove their financial resources in the course of the transaction to the other side, the Chinese funded banks to provide a document issued by the Bank of Jiangsu, and the document shows the details of the transactions of the members of the corporate account. The Bank of Jiangsu, in response to Bloomberg news on Tuesday, said it had not issued such a document. According to Bloomberg news, the print date in a so-called bank file is shown in the afternoon of August 25th 4:14, the document also lists the recent account activity, showing that day about 850 million yuan (about 128 million euros) balance. The document also has an oval seal with the name of the Bank of Jiangsu. The afternoon of September 21st, the "daily economic news" reporter came to the Nanjing District of Qinhuai Jiangsu bank is located, as the media inquiries a lot, the bank is on the matter to verify. Bloomberg reported that both sides of the transaction AC Milan denied. Italy media Milan news network September 21st news, China Sports rumor through Twitter to Bloomberg reports, and said it is committed to the completion of the acquisition of Milan before the end of the transaction. Li Yonghong said in an e-mailed statement, "(we) did not confirm the (Bank of Jiangsu) whether to send the file, but the facts have proved, we will continue to negotiate with the AC Club of Milan until the completion of the final transaction." But Li Yonghong declined to provide details