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Xinjiang police cracked the case of manufacturing selling marijuana; seized more than 7000 gra zngay

Xinjiang police cracked the case of   manufacturing selling marijuana; seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana — Law — original title: Xinjiang police cracked the case of manufacturing marijuana trafficking more than 7000 grams of marijuana seized Beijing in March 23, Urumqi (Wang Xiaojun Liu Lei) 23, reporters from the Xinjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau Bole, Bole City Public Security Bureau cracked manufacturing sales the case of marijuana seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana, and arrested 4 suspects. In March 18th, Bole City Public Security Bureau under the command and coordination, and the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Patrol brigade, Bole City anti XIAOYINGPAN new border police closely, cracked a huge number of marijuana drug trafficking cases and seized more than 7000 grams of marijuana, including marijuana marijuana products 9.01 grams, and arrested 4 suspects. In March 18th, Bole City Public Security Bureau patrol brigade four squadron in XIAOYINGPAN Adel, fungus village and town culture road and the junction of Kazakhstan tahon patrol found three men look suspicious. Immediately, the patrol group focused on patrolling the area, patrolling the three men hiding in a red van marijuana, the patrol immediately control three suspects and seized their drug use tools. The Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately interrogated three suspects, and three suspects confessed to the drug use, and confessed the source of the drug they were taking. After that, the anti drug police immediately and contact the XIAOYINGPAN border police station, according to a will made drug traffickers arrested at home, and in the nearby woods in the collection of manufacturing tools, semi-finished products of more than 7000 grams of marijuana, marijuana products 9.01 grams. At present, according to the fact that the crime of drug manufacture and drug trafficking is confessed, the case is further dug out. (finished: China News Network) 新疆公安破获制造贩卖大麻案 收缴大麻7000余克–法治–人民网 原标题:新疆公安破获制造贩卖大麻案 收缴大麻7000余克  中新网乌鲁木齐3月23日电(王小军 柳磊)23日,记者从新疆博乐市公安局获悉,博乐市公安局破获制造贩卖大麻案收缴大麻7000余克,抓获犯罪嫌疑人4名。   3月18日,在博乐市公安局指挥协调下,博乐市公安局刑事侦查大队与巡逻防大队、小营盘边防派出所新密切配合,破获了数量巨大的制贩毒品大麻案件,缴获毒品大麻7000余克,其中大麻烟大麻烟成品9.01克,抓获犯罪嫌疑人4名。   3月18日,博乐市公安局巡逻防控大队四中队在小营盘镇文化路与塔翁哈木耳阿德尔额村交界处巡逻时发现三名男子神色可疑。随即,巡逻组就在该区域重点巡逻,在巡逻中发现这三名男子躲在一辆红色的面包车内吸食大麻,巡逻队员立即对三名犯罪嫌疑人进行控制并收缴其毒品吸食工具。刑事侦查大队立即对三名犯罪嫌疑人进行审讯,三名犯罪嫌疑人均对吸食毒品的事实供认不讳,并交代出其所吸食的毒品来源。得知情况后,缉毒民警立即与小营盘边防派出所联系,将制贩毒人员依某在家中抓获,并在依某家中附近的树林中收缴制毒工具、大麻烟半成品7000余克、大麻烟成品9.01克。   目前,依某对其制毒贩毒的犯罪事实供认不讳,案件在进一步深挖当中。(完) (来源:中国新闻网)相关的主题文章:

[post] MacBook Pro new appearance exposure domestic mobile phone sales oppo, vivo summit of the one webquest

[post] MacBook Pro new appearance exposure domestic mobile phone sales OPPO, vivo summit of the one or two of Apple’s fourth quarter net profit down 19%- Sohu technology beyond HUAWEI domestic news: third quarter OPPO and vivo domestic sales ranked one or two. Research firm Counterpoint Research released a report yesterday, said the third quarter of this year and OPPO and vivo sales beyond HUAWEI, the Chinese market to become the top two smartphone manufacturers. The report shows that based on smart phone sales in the third quarter of this year, OPPO China market share of 16.6%, topped the list, while the same period last year was $9.9%. Vivo ranked second, the market share of 16.2%, compared with the same period last year was $8.8%. The first two quarters have been the top of the list of HUAWEI, the market share of the third quarter was $15%, down to third. Once overlord millet ranking has slipped to fourth, the market share of the third quarter was $10.6%, well below the same period last year by 14.6%. Analysts believe that the success of OPPO and vivo mainly due to the traditional offline retail, as well as a wide range of distribution networks. Consumers Association released the network about car experience report: nearly 7 of those who can not cancel the order. China Consumer Association yesterday released the 2016 network about car service experience survey report shows that the current network about the overall performance of the car service is better, the difference between the platform experience scores. Relative to the experience of the car about the line, the problem found in the line ride experience is more prominent. Nearly 70% of the experience can not cancel the network about car orders, part of the network about the car platform to set unfair terms of cancellation of the order, consumers need to cancel the order additional deduction. In addition, part of the driver’s weak sense of security has become a prominent problem under the line ride experience. Consumers Association suggested that the government and relevant departments to listen to opinions to guide the healthy development of the network about the car industry. Silicon Valley headlines Apple announced fourth quarter earnings: net profit fell by 19% year on year. The early morning of October 26th, the Apple Corp announced fiscal 2016 fourth quarter earnings report, fourth quarter revenue of $46 billion 852 million, $51 billion 501 million over the same period last year, down 9%; net profit of $9 billion 14 million, $11 billion 124 million over the same period last year fell 19%. Among them, Greater China revenue was $8 billion 785 million, compared with $12 billion 518 million last year fell by 30%. Revenue from iPhone was $28 billion 160 million, down $32 billion 209 million from last year’s $13%. Apple Corp’s fourth quarter earnings per share exceeded Wall Street analysts had expected, but its after hours stock price fell by more than 2%. MacBook Pro official figure leaked: OLED touch bar built-in Touch ID. Yesterday released macOS Sierra 10相关的主题文章:

Beijing household survey sample household registration starts about ten minutes per household survey 9c8836

Beijing population sample survey of household registration takes about ten minutes to start each household survey – Beijing investigators wearing handheld PDA household survey certificate survey takes about ten minutes from midnight yesterday to 15, the 2016 annual population survey started in the city, investigators home thoroughly and registration, will wear the uniform and present investigation certificate. The population sample survey involving a total of 16 districts of the 1162 communities (neighborhood) village, is expected to investigate the number of registered 600 thousand. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporters follow two investigators carried out household registration in Dongcheng District Beixinqiao Gate Street community. The survey respondents households households are also surveyed at 11 am, Xie Hongjun and Zhang Minjie, the two investigators began formal household survey. They are responsible for the investigation of the temple is the temple 19 to No. 33, a total of more than and 70 households. Xin Si Hu Tong Road is not paved with pebbles, along the road, they came to the symplectic Temple alley No. 25, this is a residential courtyard with ten households. I’m sorry to bother you, but today is a formal home survey." One family anti-theft door knocking scarlet, Xie Hongjun with the master Han sister bright and clear identity, approved to get into the house. This family is a family of three, the old two and nephew live here. "Do you live here today?" This is the first question asked by the investigator. Xie Hongjun said, according to the regulations, the object of investigation for the investigation of the district with People’s Republic of China nationality, the survey conducted by households as a unit, both the investigation of households, but also to investigate the collective households. Those who need to be registered in the investigation area include: persons who reside in the home on the evening of October 31, 2016, and those who do not reside in the home on the evening of October 31, 2016. Xie Hongjun and Zhang Minjie need to fill in the contents of the investigation is divided into items according to the user and according to the project. According to the user to complete the project 5, including the number of households, households, should be registered in the number of households, the family from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016, the birth and death of the population. According to the 19 items of the project, including the name, the relationship with the head of the household, gender, date of birth, residence registration address, the survey point of residence address, the time to leave the residence registration, employment and other personal information. What work to study the vehicle and the time since the statistics have retired, the old two form is relatively simple, verify the name, age, household registration and other basic information on it. In the verification of information nephew Mr. Zhai, had some minor problems. He is not a local account, in Inner Mongolia, that is, we often say that ‘people are not at home’." Xie Hongjun said. Mr. Zhai has lived here for nine years, in a clothing company engaged in shop inspection work. Investigation on the same day he was not at home, so the elder sister can accurately tell Han Zhai specific location. "Now we have to fill in this column is the occupation, employees in the service industry," Xie Hongjun told the Beijing morning news reporter pointed to the table until after 10 p.m., Mr. Zhai returned home to call to ask specific circumstances. Han sister can not provide information about the location of the work involved in the.相关的主题文章:

@ Xiaolan publishing tracing posts was like micro-blog @ delta released significant progress

@ Xiaolan publishing tracing posts was like   micro-blog @ delta released significant progress — public opinion channel — Zhongshan chief WeChat influence ranking Top20 data period: September 4, 2016 -9 month 10 days during the period of Zhongshan government comments: WeChat influence rankings, ranked in the top five of the accounts were: "Zhongshan release", "Zhongshan City Public Security Bureau, the national traffic police interaction" and "Xiaolan release" and "air home school". Compared with last week’s ranking, Zhongshan release is still 96 points in the first place. TOP5 the rest of the account score of 75 points or so, the gap is not large, and slightly higher ranking than last week. The "@ Xiaolan release" rises, the overall ranking of fourth. Recently, a 13 year old girl "Xiaolan home, the suspect was abducted, love forward! Without help!" The news in the circle of friends of Zhongshan netizens forwarded, the girl ran away from home so many users fuck broken heart. In September 3rd, the Public Security Bureau police station and Yongning Xiaolan’s efforts, and their parents have found a girl in Chengdu. @ Xiaolan issued on September 4th issued the "good news! The girl that worries us has found her! "That is very concerned about the missing girl in the public mind, get a higher amount of reading, users also have to the Public Security Bureau police investigating the case of Xiaolan point praise. Zhongshan micro-blog chief influence ranking Top20 data period: September 4, 2016 -9 10 comments: this period is among the "Zhongshan government micro-blog influence ranking the top five of the account, namely:" @ Zhongshan discipline inspection and supervision ", @ Zhongshan release, @ Zhongshan weather, @ Ping Zhongshan" and "@ Zhongshan torch release". Compared with the previous period, the list of the top two positions in swaps, other stable ranking. This period, @ triangle release progress significantly, up 7 qualifying, the total ranking of 12, a total of micro-blog released a total of 11, and are original content. At the beginning of September, the publication [], [around the Mid Autumn Festival, new regulations] [review] [], Summer Dew and other topics meet users life. From the release form, "@ delta released" published a long article more and more with the WeChat public number triangle released "link to form a joint force transmission. (commissioning editor Wang Xiaohua and Zhu Minggang)相关的主题文章:

The best hotel in Shanghai, where the original baby on the weekend – a good place – Sohu travel wegener肉芽肿

Shanghai best hotel here – the original parent-child weekend with the baby a good place for Sohu to take children on holiday tourism travel, hotel is a problem, and I will bring the traffic convenience, the surrounding environment and supporting facilities will be included within the scope of Pudong Kerry Hotel, in addition to the above all have, and one of the biggest bright spot that is his children’s adventure park. In the morning the children heard Kerry Hotel Pudong exploration paradise, Shanghai is said to be the one and only large children’s Adventure Park, is also the most fun amusement park, is expected to! The hotel of the children’s seen too few, but the Pudong Kerry Hotel, children’s playground amazed me, when I stood in the 90 degree devil slide, the vertical height of two floors to see my leg is a little soft, the next person smiled and asked me to play, I quickly shook his head don’t try to say. I still say it is for kids? Of course, and the kids love it". Said, then there is a 8 or 9 year old boy ran over to hold his arms on the starting point of the landslide, has not been waiting for me to react, a gust of wind down into the ocean ball, only I look silly eyes. Although it seems so dangerous, but the little friend is playing awfully, Pudong Kerry Hotel children Adventure Park was built to design children’s toy maker Taylor Made by the UK’s leading slide by a precise calculation in the pursuit of stimulation in the absence of absolute security. Of course, there are also requirements for age, the slide is over 7 years old children to play. In addition to the devil slide, there are waves and double slide slide, each slide will be a challenge for me, coward did lose a lot of fun. The children’s Adventure Park covers an area of 700 square meters, it is the largest amusement park in Shanghai, it will be 2-4 years old and 4-12 years old children playing in different areas, in addition to the three slide and children climbing recreation and colorful fantasy theme party rooms, bear children here can not tired of playing on the all day. In addition to the children’s Adventure Park, he is more attractive to me! A week ago, a friend asked me to bring my daughter to live in Shanghai, where Disney good? No hesitation to recommend here, as the designated hotel Shanghai hotel is also the best parent Disney cooperation in the hotel lobby, you can buy tickets to Shanghai Disney, shuttle bus service, only 25 minutes, the children from the field of the parents, not only taking into account the Disney play will not miss this. The children’s adventure, what saves trouble trouble. From the beginning to enter the hotel lobby, you can feel the strong wind up business, and occupation of a few foreigners, the lobby design not magnificent, magnificent, but enthusiastic Guest Relations Commissioner beauty in front of the smiley face to greet, that all the surprises are in the building. This hotel is Kerry hotel suites, the living room is in the bedroom alone outside, as the Shangri-La group’s five star brand, attentive service and thoughtful design details have been widely praised. Because I took the baby相关的主题文章: