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contact number which are important to possess in whatever email platform you are switching. Convert Lotus Notes to Gmail In The Most Economic Way

Software The online email applications .ing your way have their own benefits for managing business. The emerging emailing clients giving different advantages, this is the reason when you are dissatisfied with presently using email client, you quickly wanted to jump onto some other one. Take a quick example of convert Lotus Notes to Gmail. In order to switch over to Google Mail email platform, it is must that you convert Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail because contacts play an important part in running successful business. What is Gmail? Gmail is an emailing program which utilizes web browser than using email program for sending and receiving emails. It is hosted by Google which will manage your mails and keep back up of mails without any kind of loss. Its Time To Use Gmail: It is right time to use Gmail email platform because number of benefits are waiting for you such as: It provides good storage space say 25 GB, this storage space means storing bulk amount of messages containing large files. You can store over 2816.768031 MB (and growing) of free storage; you need not to delete another message. There is no assigned limit in Gmail on a hard drive or corporate server. Gmail team is efficient enough to recover your account when someone try to use your account using login credentials by cheating. Convert Contacts From Lotus Notes To Gmail Before anything else: Might be your contacts stored in names.nsf file are very important for you and you want to Transfer Lotus Notes Database to Gmail . You are thinking right because for running business, you cannot sacrifice your contacts. Thus, it is suggested to convert contacts from Lotus Notes to Gmail with external application. Your contacts must have information like names, emails address, contact number which are important to possess in whatever email platform you are switching. Convert Lotus Notes to Gmail In The Most Economic Way: Convert Lotus Notes contacts to Gmail with software like Notes to Gmail software. This software proficiently convert Notes contacts to Gmail and supports working with most Lotus Notes and Windows versions. 。

Health Most would tell you that cancer is something that is caused by the things that we do to our body and the toxins in our air, water, etc. There must be some ge.ic link as well as it seems as if certain families are plagued by cancer deaths generation after generation and perhaps the most interesting part of it is the fact that many times the relatives don’t even wind up with the same form of cancer. Breast cancer is a biggie and most people notice that if one family member has breast cancer the likelihood is that other members of that family may also have breast cancer as well. As a matter of fact many women have now been tested to see if they have the breast cancer gene and are so petrified of getting a breast cancer diagnosis that they have what are called preventative mastectomies. This is essentially a prevented removal of the breast tissue to prevent potential problems down the road. It may or may not be possible to prevent cancer. Straightforwardly, it isn’t simple to resolve whether or not you can prevent cancer throughout a life span. Those who have a pre-emptive mastectomy most likely think that you’re able to do that, but, on the other hand, this is like juxtaposing the prospect of getting breast cancer and with the prospect of getting a different kind of cancer. Nobody can really settle on that because this is a solution that has only been used recently which means that there have not been abundant results recorded up till now. Whatever happens if a physician can locate DNA for breast cancer for case then in reality there is either a cancer gene or transformation of a gene that exists for each type. This ought to make us speculate if the dilemma lies in the natural gene or if it is a transformation that is going on inside our bodies it all the way through our ancestry. Perhaps this is the case and cancer can be connected to a precise gene. We will wonder about the union, if any, to poison in our environment and then think maybe that is not the problem. Truthfully, there are a lot of factors to think about when we look at whether cancer .es from genes, the environment, or together. It absolutely provides folks with some new kinds of ideas though for the reason that a breast cancer gene exists that is transferred through procreation then perhaps poisons are not the real cause of cancer. 。

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If just runner, Runkeeper is merely you. This app is not just tricky free however one quite popular fitness tools within the. It tracks how long, how fast and exactly how much you’re but in addition streets through GPS, and allows buddies and family to send you messages a person run. You could also use Runkeeper to display outdoor pursuits like skiing, swimming or biking. Oklahoma State is 14-5 on the season, 4-3 in Big 12 play after its 78-76 come-from-behind win against Iowa State Wednesday. The Cowboys are coached by Travis Ford who is 94-60 component fifth season at OSU and 284-206 in his 16th season overall. Oklahoma State is 11-1 at home, 0-4 in road games and 3-0 on neutral courts in 2012-13. OSU averages 71.1 points and gives up 59.2 just for a +11.8 scoring margin. OSU has a +3.6 rebound margin, leads the Big 12 Conference in free throw percentage at 5.1 percent and is second regarding league in turnover margin (+2.6). The Cowboys also force just . topshop vest com mk.3 turnovers per event. Another fashion factor, was the time period of the life.

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Namrata Shirodkar and Rinke Khanna. The movie had elements of .edy and drama in it. She has also acted in TEHZEEB

UnCategorized Early Life Dia Mirza was born in December 9, 1981 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Her dad, Frank Handrich, was a German by birth. Her mother, Deepa, is a Bengali girl. Her parents were divorced when Deepa was only six. Besides, her father passed away three years after his divorce. Her mother remarried a guy called Ahmed Mirza. Dia lived with her mother and step dad near Hyderabad. She attended the Vidyaranya High School and Nasr School. Her step father died in 2004. As a young girl, she suffered from low self esteem. Probably her parents divorce and two deaths in the family had affected her confidence as a young girl. She needed to be continuously pushed by her mother to break out of her shell and flaunt her individuality. Her efforts bore positive results. In 2000, she participated in the Femina Miss India contest and was declared the second runner- up. She went ahead to win the Miss Asia Pacific Title. That made her entry into Bollywood smooth. Dia wanted to .plete her graduation in arts but found it too taxing to study, work and travel at the same time. Early Career Her career began at the age of sixteen when she was hired by Sriven Multi-tech in Hyderabad. Her first job helped her to get future modeling assignments. She worked on modeling projects like Lipton and Emami among others. She got her entry into The Miss India Contest post this exposure. Career She made her debut in the industry with REHNAA HAI TERRE DIL MEIN (2001). The director of this movie was Gautham Menon. Dia was paired opposite Madhavan in the movie. The film was released on 19th October 2001. In the same year, she also acted in the movie DEEWAANAPAN. The movie was directed by Ashu Trikha. Dias co-stars in the movie include Arjun Rampal and Vinod Khanna. The movie was released on 16th November 2001. In 2002, she played the role of Muskan in TUMKO NA BHOOL PAAYENGE. The director of the movie was Pankaj Parashar. The other stars in the movie were Pankaj Dheer, Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan. The movie had elements of action and drama in it. The movie was released on 24th February. In 2003, she acted in the movie DUM. The movie was directed by Eeshwar Niwas. Dias co- stars in the movie were Vivek Oberoi and Atul Kulkarni. In the same year, she displayed her acting skills in PRAN JAAYE PAR SHAAN NA JAAYE. The director of the movie was Sanjay Jha. The other stars of the movie included Raveena Tandon, Namrata Shirodkar and Rinke Khanna. The movie had elements of .edy and drama in it. She has also acted in TEHZEEB (2003). Directed by Khalid Mohamed, the movie was a drama. The other stars in the movie were Shabana Azmi, Urmila Matondkar and Arjun Rampal. In 2004, she made a special appearance in KYUN ! HO GAYA NA. The director of the movie was Samir Karnik. The lead actors in the movie included Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi. In 2004, she had also acted in the film TUMSA NAHIN DEKHA. The director of the movie was Anurag Basu. Dias co-stars in the movie were Emraan Hashmi and Anupam Kher. It was a romantic flick, released on September 24. She bagged the role of Shama in STOP (2004). The director of this movie was Ajay Sinha. The other stars in the movie were Rocky Bhatia and Tejaswini Kolhapure. The movie was released on 5th November. In 2005, she acted in BLACKMAIL. Directed by Anil Devgan, the movie had elements of action, drama and thriller in it. The film was released on 28th February. Dia acted in the film along with Ajay Devgn, Sunil Shetty and Priyanka Chopra. She also acted in the much talked about film MY BROTHER NIKHIL. Onir was the director of the movie who had also written its script. The stars in the movie apart from Dia Mirza were Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla and Purab Kohli. She had also acted in the movie NAAM GUM JAAYEGA, which was released on 10th April, 2005. The director of the movie was Amol Shetge, who had also written the script for the movie. The main stars in the movie were Rakesh Bapat, Dia Mirza and Aryan Vaid.She bagged the role of Simran in KOI MERE DIL MEIN HAI (2005). The director of the movie was Deepak Ramsay. Dias co-stars in the movie were Sadashiv Amrapurkar and Rakesh Bapat. She played the villain in PARINEETA (2005). The director of this hit flick was Pradeep Sarkar. The main stars in the movie were Vidya Balan, Saif Ali Khan and Sanjay Dutt. In the same year, she bagged the role of Anu Dheer in DUS. The director of the movie was Anubhav Sinha, who is also written the script for the film. The other stars in the movie were Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty and Abhishek Bachchan. In the next year, she acted in PRATEEKSHA. The director of the movie was Basu Chatterjee. The other stars in the movie included Anupam Kher and Govind Namdeo. It was a romantic flick. 。

Wine-Spirits Since time immemorial, liquor has been known for the exquisite taste and associated with celebratory occasions. However, possibility of not finding a nearby liquor shop or unsuitable timing can hamper the experience for many individuals. Inter. has shrunk the entire globe into a small laptop and transcended boundaries between nations. With presence of Inter. connectivity, people can shop for almost anything without actually visiting the shop. An online liquor store, just like any other online store, aims to enable consumers to obtain liquor in the most convenient manner. An online liquor shop eliminates all these hassles and empowers buyers to acquire alcohol anywhere and at any time. The process can be .pleted within a few clicks, letting the buyer enjoy a drink without leaving the .fort of home. Another reason why more and more people are visiting an online liquor shop is to avail great discounts. On an average, an individual can expect a liquor to be available at 10% discounted price in an online liquor shop. Just like attractive pricing, the payment procedure is also easy and safe. Secure payment gateways ensure that the online transactions are carried safely and unauthorised parties do not gain access to the password. As the payment is successfully .pleted, they can expect liquor home delivery to take place within a few days, depending upon the location of the buyer. Superior packaging material is used, so as to ensure that the liquor remains intact while during dispatch. Unlike a wine shop or pub, online buying also gives the power to choose from a wide variety of beverages to the consumer. Most online merchants provide detailed information about their products on the requisite web pages, something which is not possible in bars and pubs. Therefore, the buyer can always try a new drink or go for something which is more fitting the budget. An online shopping portal enlists feedbacks and reviews from previous buyers, going by the same, buyers can judge the credibility of the merchant. Safe, fast and convenient liquor home delivery options make the consumers tension free about the delivery of their consignments. However, it is important to fill in the address details accurately to ensure there is no issues involved in liquor home delivery. Moreover, beyond all these benefits, one shouldnt that opting for an online liquor shop means contributing towards sustainable development. With decreased fuel consumption by vehicles, lower exhausts and no paper invoices, this process can be the most eco-friendly way to buy liquor. 。 チョコレートパキスタンイードの子供たちを送る一般的なギフトアイテムです


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利比亚法院判处卡扎菲次子赛义夫死刑 资料图:卡扎菲次子赛义夫。   中新网7月28日电 据外媒28日报道,利比亚法院判处利比亚前总统卡扎菲的次子赛义夫与另外8名前高官死刑。   赛义夫?伊斯兰?卡扎菲是利比亚领导人卡扎菲的第二个儿子,生于1972年。赛义夫1994年在的黎波里法塔赫大学获得工程科学学士学位,2000年在奥地利维也纳获得MBA学位,2008年被授予伦敦经济学院博士学位。他能讲一口流利的英语。   赛义夫是卡扎菲核心集团的重要人物,代表其父扮演公共关系和外交角色。利比亚危机爆发前,他被认为是卡扎菲最有可能的继任者。   2011年2月,利比亚发生40多年以来最大反政府抗议活动,赛义夫随后公开发表电视讲话,为利比亚政府辩护。6月27日,国际刑事法院以涉嫌反人类罪签发针对他和他父亲的国际逮捕令。   现年41岁的赛义夫被指在2011年2月15日至2月28日期间通过国家机器和安全部队实施了包括谋杀和处决等危害人类罪和战争罪罪行。赛义夫在利比亚西部城市津坦的刑事法院被捕后短暂出庭,但法院随后决定将审判日期推迟,原因是其辩护律师需要更多时间研究案情。 (原标题:外媒:利比亚法院判处卡扎菲次子赛义夫死刑) 编辑:SN123


西藏拟建立献血者信息保密制度-中新网 (资料图片)   《西藏自治区实施〈中华人民共和国献血法〉办法(草案)》近日提请自治区十届人大常委会第十九次会议审议。   自治区卫计委副主任果吉尔锑在作草案说明时指出,随着自治区经济社会的发展,医疗用血需求大幅增长,但是由于少数民族地区“血液极为珍贵”等传统观念束缚以及因高原气候西藏干部群众普遍患有高原疾病、血液合格率偏低的原因,导致西藏采供血量严重不足。同时,由于未制定献血法地方性法规,致使自治区的无偿献血工作受到一定影响。   草案鼓励个人和单位积极献血,对公民无偿献血累计800毫升以上的、单位连续三年完成年度献血计划的等七种行为将给予表彰奖励。各级政府将为一次性献血200毫升以上的无偿献血者购买一份人身意外伤害保险,并给与献血者献血后一定的营养补贴和适当的休息。年度内献血累计达800毫升的,本人终身免交临床用血费用;不足800毫升的,自献血之日起五年内按照不超过献血量的三倍免交临床用血费用,五年后免交与献血量等量的临床用血费用。为保护献血者权益,草案规定,在采血前按照国务院卫生计生行政部门制定的献血者健康标准为献血者进行免费健康检查。建立献血者信息保密制度,对献血者个人信息予以保密。   同时,为保证边远地区群众医疗临床用血需要和安全,保障用血者和献血者身体健康,草案要求加强基层血站机构的设置,规定县级以上政府应当根据本行政区域内的人口规模和临床用血需求,经机构编制部门批准,依据本办法和《血站管理办法》设置血站,配备专业人员。记者廖卫华 实习生聂新元

curry finally find the long lost shooting touch he crazy boom 37 points

excessive consumption, also let James be tired out. In the G3, because he had tired, had to use the basketball support, eke out a stand. . James Wong hit camera Biao blood series in Game 4, James in an attack process, pushing and shoving Bogert, and therefore lose the center of gravity fall appearance, unfortunately, his head directly into on the sidelines of the camera lens. James suddenly fell to the ground over the head, facial pain, pictures from the scene, his head knocked out of the two line of blood. 7. Curry frantically 37 points passion celebration Series tournament game 5, curry finally find the long lost shooting touch he crazy boom 37 points, including seven three pointers. In which hit a record three points, adorable God shouted, give vent anger. 8. The Knights defeated James Wong tears in court finals game 6 of the battle of life and


团伙流窜多地盗墓 被村民撞见谎称挖井(图) 被盗的宋代古墓。 盗墓的刘某某等12人被警方抓获。   今年3月底,资阳市乐至县某偏远乡镇一处距今八百余年的宋代古墓被掘开,墓内文物被盗。经过连续几个月的侦查,乐至警方于7月20日将参与盗墓的刘某某等12人抓获,成功打掉了一个流窜在乐至、简阳、内江等地盗窃古墓、石刻等古文物,作案数十次,涉案金额近百万元的盗墓团伙。   谎称“挖井”盗挖宋代古墓   今年3月31日早上6时左右,乐至县某村村民刘军(化名)像往常一样,早早起床到地里干活,当他走到自家油菜地时,突然从油菜地深处钻出来一个三四十岁左右的中年人,头顶上还布满着散落的油菜花。刘军询问对方是干什么的,对方只是简单地回答了两个字“挖井”后便匆匆离去。   这么早就出来挖井,最近村里没听说谁家要挖井呀?疑问加深了刘军对中年男子的怀疑。随后,刘军立即向油菜地深处查看,发现油菜地深处一块土被人挖了许多的洞,怀疑刚才那人是盗墓贼,便向派出所报了案。   民警赶到现场后发现,案发地是一处古墓,墓葬入口处被挖开一个大洞,盗洞周围有大量被翻出的墓土,盗洞四壁残留有墓葬痕迹。洞内可见麻石和青砖构成的墓室结构,古墓内壁的多块精美石刻墓门已被人盗走。   后经县文物局鉴定,这座古墓为宋代墓葬,属于县级重点文物,其中的墓门还属于省级文物。谁能够如此准确的挖掘墓葬入口并盗走这对长2.05米、宽1.65米、厚13厘米、重达1吨的墓门呢?   团伙作案12名盗墓贼落网   民警侦查推断,犯罪嫌疑人不仅具有一定的盗墓经验,可能还拥有一个庞大的团伙。通过在案发现场发现的烟头、矿泉水瓶子、报纸等物,民警初步推断,盗墓犯罪嫌疑人应该是多人作案,并且经过了多日的挖掘。   民警分析认为,盗墓者通常都是流窜作案,必须加大排查力度。通过连续多日的调查走访,有盗墓前科的刘某某渐渐进入警方的视线。同时,在对刘某某进一步侦查后,一个以刘某某为主,集挖掘、运输、倒卖于一体、分工明确的盗窃犯罪团伙浮出了水面。   为了不打草惊蛇,也为了将犯罪团伙一网打尽,办案民警对刘某某犯罪团伙展开了深入细致的调查。在充分掌握相关证据后,7月20日,办案民警在成都市龙泉驿区、简阳市等地将涉嫌盗窃古墓的犯罪嫌疑人刘某某、严某某、毛某某、郭某某、付某某等12人抓获。   被盗墓门敲成3段倒卖   犯罪嫌疑人在审讯中交代,嫌疑人付某某在成都龙泉驿开了一家古玩店,其本人也爱好收藏。在盗墓过程中,价值不菲的文物,他自己收藏,其他文物则销售到其他古玩店。   嫌疑人刘某某交代,由于墓门太重,无法整块运输,他们便将两块墓门均敲成3段,然后抬到停放在不远处的摩托车上运走。两块墓门雕刻精美,最终以1万元的价格,卖给了龙泉一家石刻收藏店。   经查,该盗墓团伙从2015年3月至今,在乐至、简阳、内江等地盗窃古墓、石刻等古文物数十次,涉案金额近百万元。   目前,该盗墓团伙成员刘某某、严某某、毛某某等12人已被乐至县公安局依法刑事拘留,被盗的一对墓门已被警方追回。案件正在进一步办理中。蒋波华西都市报记者田雪皎摄影报道 编辑:SN146