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Drowning 5 companions do not call for help without warning circle of friends he is still underwater-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Drowning 5 companions do not call for help not to send a circle of friends: he is still underwater today is not your death is my death!" 24 PM, Zhenjiang Jurong City Youth reservoir play a joke on the spot was effective, said this young Xin finished saying this a few minutes to really sink to the bottom, never. However, more unexpected is, watching the companions sink to the bottom, 5 teenagers may be because frightened, actually no one help, until more than 8 hours later, the students circle of friends to get a shocking news: "small Xin estimation is still underwater!". This morning, the suffering of the parents came to the police station in Jurong scenic area of Maoshan, hope that through the coordination of 5 children’s parents to make compensation for 100 thousand yuan. It happened in the afternoon of the 24 day, when the temperature suddenly rise, small Xin and buddy Xiao Cao arrived at the Jurong spring city town of an ice rink, and 2 other buddy Xiaoyan, komago there are 2 girls meet, 6 people are in the age between 14 to 16 years old, of which 5 people the parents are working in the field. About 3 o’clock, 6 people tired, small Xin proposed to the grave East Reservoir swimming, the 6 hit it off. So the 6 men took the car in front of the battery from the market near the tomb of the reservoir to play 2. At the edge of the reservoir, small Xin just took off his shirt, pants and shoes are not off, they swim, followed by Xiao Cao also took off his shirt, pants water play, some people play about an hour in the water, the small Xin Xiao Cao and started chasing the play in the water, after he jokingly said: "this is not your death is my death!" , suddenly, a small Xin from the back of the small Cao embrace, dragged to the depths of the water, not the general assembly of the small Cao Yi sank to the bottom of the water, under panic, Cao shouted "help!" And, hard water, standing on the shore of the sun upon seeing this, quickly ran over to pull him, which was pulled down by Xiao Cao, panic, Xiao Cao actually stepping on the small sun surfaced shoulders, took a deep breath, the sun also surfaced, forced to drag the small Cao the shore. After landing, we suddenly found that Xin Xin disappeared. So the little sun and Xiaoyan hurriedly go fishing, the fishing for 10 minutes, laozhuo. There are farmers in the farm at nearby, as long as someone shouted for help, someone will come to rescue. Unfortunately, when 5 children in front of the scene is estimated to be petrified, people don’t even think around to help, there is a mobile phone also did not think the police. See Xin Xin has not surfaced, a few people actually on the shore waiting for more than 1 hours. The 3 Boys 2 girls returned to the town after the spring city, returned to the scene again, you can come up with small Xin dream. Can not see the small Xin, 3 people had to go home, because of fear, the 5 people actually did not talk about the matter to parents. At 12 o’clock, Xiao Cao’s father was also a parent’s phone, asking whether his son to the reservoir to swim, because he heard another parent said, there are several classmates to the reservoir to swim, a person has not come up, carefully asked, that is seen in the students WeChat group. Xiao Cao’s father quickly asked the son, Xiao Cao had to Zhecai.相关的主题文章:

Durant has been regarded as idol he is far more than I am!

Westbrook had seen Durant Idol: he tried more than me! –   sports Sohu; Beijing on September 2nd news, although the relationship has changed, but Russell Westbrook revealed that he had Kevin Durant as an idol, and said to the extent of KD far more than their own. The interview, from KD decided to join the warriors before. "Kevin (Durant) is one of the friendliest and most unselfish people I’ve ever met," said Wei. "Yes, he’s one of the best players in the world. He is willing to give up everything to help me and other teammates, which makes him more like, but also let me appreciate him." In KD, which attracts less attention? Wei Min mentioned Durant’s professionalism. "In many ways, he has a height of 2 meters, and he can do what he wants to do at any time," said Wei. "But I think his professionalism leaves the deepest impression on the people of the world.". I think he might have worked harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, and, of course, more than I did." Wei has always been confident. At the time of his words, Graham, the host of the scene, interrupted, and said, "really, Singer? Do you think KD really works harder than you?" Wei nodded. "He never took the offseason as a holiday," Westbrook said, "he is always trying to train, keep in good condition." "He’s efforts have shown out, I can see it every day," Westbrook said, "every day he is doing the same thing, whether he won MVP, or the night before scored 60 points, he will not stop training." But now, Wei Min and KD is no longer a teammate, the two will be on the pitch to become competitors. (Jim)相关的主题文章:

Ride is no longer a pain in the ass 5 coup riding habits and posture adjustment-thinkpad s230u

Ride is no longer a pain in the ass 5 coup riding habits and posture adjustment of global Triathlon information many iron three newcomers in practice when riding a bicycle, will encounter an awkward problem — the pain in the ass…… Especially for not practice iron butt or master iron friends long distance riding tips, every time you finish cycling have pain for a while. Today, from the medical and actual riding angle, let you understand and prevent pain in the ass, without painful have iron butt, can easily grasp the pain free riding tips. Easy to pain in the long time of riding, the lower half riders are most likely to occur in pain, is nothing more than the ischial tuberosity, perineum, hip of the 3 places. The ischial tuberosity when riding sat on the seat cushion, the ischial tuberosity is the main part of the body weight take place, if riding habit is not good, no right to sit in the seat, or leave the seat timely, reduce the ischial tuberosity under oppression, soon produce pain. Perineum from the genitals to the middle part of the anus called perineal. When sitting in the seat, the body weight in a small area, and have very great pressure, affecting blood circulation, plus the stampede lead to the body in the seat slightly swaying, friction, will soon produce skin injury and pain. Strictly speaking, crotch crotch pain is not a pain in the ass, but it is usually accompanied by the sciatic nerve and perineal pain together, almost inseparable, so they introduced together, bike enthusiasts are more accustomed to call it called "burn files". The reason is that the inside of the thigh continues to rub the edges of both sides of the cushion. To ease the pain of 5 recipe long time riding down the ass is certain there will be pain, but how to ease the pain or pain that delayed, as long as the master some skills, can make you happier and enjoy the ride. First trick riding posture adjustment of the riding posture is not correct will cause gravity pressure falls on the bottom, the correct posture will let the pressure fall in the hand, foot and dispersed on the cushion. During the ride, the abdomen to output, don’t pedal when eight or eight, slightly in parallel, can let the power fall on the right foot, reduce the pressure of ass. Most of the riding habit adjustment second recruit friends are used to sit in the seat, as if it had been pegged as long oppression is prone to pressure sore, so riding to timely make ass leave the seat, every 3~5 minutes a car, let the ass out of the seat cushion. Then you can occasionally replace the seat on the seat cushion, even if it is just moving 0.5cm, so that the pressure point transfer, to help smooth flow of blood, you can slow down the occurrence of pressure sores. Some other riders in the riding, setting speed stampede is too high, too much on the air, leads to an increase in friction, will also accelerate the pain. The third strokes are suitable for each person’s hip shape is not the same, so there is no cushion can be suitable for all people. The width of cushion to support itself could just meet the pelvis width, too wide, too narrow, too soft or too hard cushion are likely to cause discomfort. No)相关的主题文章:

Three players scored 20 bench 73 points the fire siege – Sports Sohu heavy

Three players scored 20 bench 73 points the fire siege – Sports Sohu > adequate eyebrows; > data point shooting record of Beijing time on 2016, the Lakers 126-99 win the pelican. The game, the Lakers team flowers, especially the bench lineup, but also more than the main score. Rely on adequate firepower, the Lakers in the second half to obtain one two digit lead to victory. After coach Walton entered the staples, the Lakers were reborn as. The whole team broke out a new vitality, in not being optimistic about the case, the opener on the victory over the Rockets, but also gave the warriors a fiasco, it is quietly climbed the eighth position in the west. Now the Lakers, with Deng, Mozgov and Black such a veteran, there are Russell, Ingram, Randall this young talent. Although coach Walton said that Russell is the leader of this team, but it is difficult to say exactly which players absolutely control the team. There is no absolute core, more players dare to play their own characteristics, but the Lakers advantage. Like today’s game, the Lakers team to get 126 points, the bench is more than the main anti cut by 73 points, Lewis – Williams and have cut 20+. So far this season, the Lakers have not averaged 20 of the players in the field. But there are 5 players scoring 15 points or so, this is not Ingram, Nancy and don’t have the status of Deng, these have averaged 10 potential. In contrast, pelicans, still rely on Davies to score. Especially during the injury due to Davies during the end, the team suffered a loss of scores, the Lakers seize the opportunity to play a wave of 14-0, directly open the difference. Although Hilde distal small outbreak, but it was too late. The two teams play the main game, be roughly the same. But the Lakers thanks to ample firepower and open attack system, bench is almost rolling Pelican bench, also be not at all surprising away victory over the pelican.相关的主题文章:

The most beautiful wild the Great Wall was smooth questioned foreign ” “; the Great Wall; how -g-area meru

The most beautiful wild the Great Wall was smooth questioned foreign " " the Great Wall; how to repair? – public channel Hadrian the Great Wall, the ancient city wall of Jerusalem the last few days, one of the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall is disappearing" news is the major site reproduced, although the parties have repeatedly stressed that the influence of the aesthetic repair is made according to the maintenance plan of science, but it is still difficult to heal people’s anger. This also caused a number of foreign media, including BBC, including reports. In fact, in addition to Chinese outside the the Great Wall, in other countries there are many similar "the Great Wall", including the British Hadrian the Great Wall, with "Wailing Wall" is famous for the ancient city wall of Jerusalem and so on. Weathered, rain erosion is almost all of the ancient city walls have to face the fate, and therefore, their repair has become a problem, this difficulty not only from the technical. Technical staff are with the best intentions, but at the same time have to face limited practical conditions." Professor, School of art and culture, University of Newcastle, Peter ·, Stone said in an interview with reporters. The workers in the repair of Hadrian: Hadrian Hadrian of the the Great Wall the Great Wall the Great Wall is located in the British island, built in the Empire of Rome, from the east coast to the west coast of the Tyne estuary, across the Solway Firth, Britain’s neck, a total length of 118 km, including walls, towers and castles? Li Bao, fully represents the frontier Rome empire. According to public information, in the year 122, Rome emperor Hadrian as defense North Pickett counterattack, protection has control of England’s economy, began in England in the north of the border to build a series of fortifications, later known as the Hadrian the Great Wall. Most of the walls of Hadrian’s the Great Wall were made of limestone, but in the West it was made of grass mud, because there was no limestone nearby. Hadrian is now the most popular scenic spot in northern England, and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987 by the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the Great Wall. Every 5 years to develop a management plan according to the British University of Newcastle art culture college professor Peter · Stone, the British government since 1880s, began to intervene to protect the work of Hadrian in the Great Wall. By 1920s, the British government enacted the "law of Antiquities and archaeological districts", and in 1928 the Hadrian the Great Wall under the protection of the law. Hadrian the Great Wall has three notable features: every 5 years to develop a unified planning and management, not only to determine the medium-term goal within 5 years to achieve, but also established for the next 30 years work of the protection and management of long-term guiding principles. The plan also confirmed the four basic requirements of protection work, these four requirements are: first, the protection of archaeological sites in and around the unique natural and cultural landscape; second, promote with the development of world heritage conservation farming system, in order to avoid changing the mode of modern agriculture or animal husbandry landscape; third, rational planning of public tours route and travel mode, promote the sustainable development of tourism; fourth, the heritage management to promote the region and even the whole newspaper相关的主题文章: