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Admiral Liu Yazhou called on soldiers dead don’t tearful talk about love (Figure) – Sohu Military Ch 法拉利599gto

Admiral Liu Yazhou called for tears: don’t wait to talk about caring for the dead soldier (Figure) – Sohu Military Channel text with map: National Defense University teacher Xu Ruyan died. According to National Defense University in September 8, 2016, celebrating the thirty-second teachers’ day after the event, Liu Yazhou, political commissar of the podium, from a school teacher Xu Ruyan’s untimely death, talked about the army of young cadres pressure and difficulties. During the political commissar Liu Yazhou tears several times, loudly called for each department to improve the style, strengthen the humanistic care of young cadres, to have effective measures to have practical action to have visible effect. On humanistic care — political commissar Liu Yazhou speech today to celebrate Teacher’s day, teacher’s day once a year here. This is a happy day, but my mood is very heavy. There should have been a young woman who came to the party, but she didn’t come. She’ll never come! She is the training center platform lecturer Xu Ruyan. The morning of August 30th, reported to the cadre Department of Comrade Xu Ruyan was dying in hospital, and I immediately put down the hands of president Zhang, to the hospital to visit. The 31 day at 4:30 in the afternoon, comrade Xu Ruyan died. These days, my heart has been very not the taste, feel that there are a lot of words to say. This should cause us all to reflect. A life so young, so quietly gone, too sad. To tell the truth, in the hospital to see such as Comrade Yan so strong, so unwilling to fall like, I and the president can not say a word, only with the eyes and her parents. To the way, still so strong, so that the presence of all the people moved. She was a little conscious, struggling to get up and shake hands with the headmaster and me. Hold her skinny and weak, frail hand, my tears poured out. I don’t know much about Comrade Yan, but I think she went with deep regret. She must be reconciled. Her parents and my age, it is when you need her filial. She hasn’t married yet. There are many good things in life, she has not experienced. Forty years old, is the most beautiful age of life. Everything is just beginning, but suddenly ended by illness. White haired people who send black hair! An organ of the comrades to me, such as Yan comrades very dedicated, often late to eat in the cafeteria. In the canteen to meet each other, she was just a little bit head, shy smile, very inconspicuous. To the hospital after her return to the cafeteria to eat, see what streams of people busily coming and going in the cafeteria, seems to have never been such a person, no one seems to know what she walked quietly. I confessed Wu, deputy political commissar, director Li, to arrange for school leaders to go to the hospital to visit condolences. But when the standing committee went to see her, she had left the world she loved. This incident, as party secretary, political commissar, I have a responsibility. First, a forty year old female cadres, or single, why no one cares about her marriage? Secondly, a young cadre, sick to this extent, I actually do not know. I feel deep remorse. Such as yan!相关的主题文章:

Send a circle of friends earn 20 yuan Girls to win 20 yuan cheated $200 – China Network dataload

Send a circle of friends earn 20 yuan? Girls to win 20 yuan cheated $200 – Chongqing evening news yesterday, Beibei district police informed the case of a circle of friends scam. A girl to share Taobao link, in order to win 20 yuan a day red envelopes, she paid a deposit of $200, the result was cheated. At the beginning of October, studying at a university in Beibei, Mei Mei, idle boring brush circle of friends, a friend hair attracted her. Friends said that every day to share the 3 Taobao friends circle, you can get 20 yuan reward. Hair circle of friends is easy, the premise is to pay 200 yuan deposit, because it is the recommendation of a friend, and pay a screenshot of the Meixin mei. Recommended by a friend, Mei Mei added a call financial people, pay a deposit of 200 yuan, was pulled into a called Taobao part-time group of WeChat group. "Finance" said, second days can do the task, in the day to send the Taobao link forwarded to the circle of friends, you can get a salary. The second day, the group released the task, Mei Mei did a good job early, and was pulled into the wages of 8 groups". She didn’t wait until the night. Later, Mei Mei has been removed from the group chat, but also financial black. According to the survey, the victims of this scam is not only in Chongqing, as well as the group of friends across the country, they do not know the true identity of the financial. Police analysis, due to the amount of only 200 yuan cheated, a single victim is difficult to meet criminal filing standards, many victims are considered unlucky. Liar is the use of this mentality, continue to succeed. Police advise, whether it is a circle of friends or in reality, please remember that all the time to pay a deposit may be fraud. Do not send money to strangers, even if it is a friend recommended not to believe. Police introduced, in addition to sharing links scam, WeChat circle of friends and the following eight scam. In addition to this is a APP development test marketing link sharing circle of friends there are eight police fraud scam scam (1 character has been shut down), need to fill in your name and date of birth, with their WeChat login, eventually leaked privacy. Similar scam free design signature, the other half of the test looks, how many people love you, measure your name value. Scam 2 voting this kind of voting is often required to pay attention to the first account or bind the phone, providing family real information. Once the master liar to the user information, will invent a car accident, illness trap deception. Scam 3 set of praise for a lot of prizes set like activities under the banner name of free cash, but still have all kinds of consumption, many lip-service cash is difficult, also may disclose information or fakes. Scam 4 fund-raising treatment of this kind of fraud against the object is not clear, even transnational crime locations, property difficult to recover. Scam 5 fight groups to buy fruit this spell is mainly for businesses to increase APP downloads and collect consumer information, if they are criminals grasp the mobile phone number, bank cards, ID card information, bank card funds may be taking. Scam 6 help bargain this island相关的主题文章:

Beijing 141 departments focused on the number of open account information for the calendar year up t

Beijing 141 departments focus sun accounts information disclosure for the calendar year maximum number – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yin Li) in August 25, in addition to the classified department, Beijing 141 municipal departments in 25 focused on drying out 2015 annual accounts for the Department of public information, the number of years the most. Data show that in 2015 the Beijing municipal government agencies and full funding institutions three financial allocation accounts for 642 million 450 thousand yuan (RMB, same below), down 22.3% over the beginning of the budget, record the largest decline. According to the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau responsible person, this year will be the first Beijing public sector accounts expanded to all departments and sectors other than the secret of the realization of public accounts department for the calendar year up to the number of. In the open content, the final accounts of the information disclosure of government procurement expenditure in the first place, the occupation of state-owned assets, operating expenses and other content of the Department, transparency significantly enhanced. In the details of the public, the report data for the first time will be classified as the basic financial allocation of financial expenses from the class level subjects to the section level subjects, the basic expenditure of financial allocations more detailed, clear. Three funds specifically for the allocation of financial expenditure abroad (border) costs, vehicle purchase and operating costs, official hospitality expenses of these three funds. China News Agency reporter noted that in this year, the Department of drying out of the final accounts, the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the transportation committee, the procuratorate and other departments of the official car purchase costs are displayed as 0 yuan. Among them, this year, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau three financial allocation accounts for the number of 95 million 308 thousand and 100 yuan, compared with the budget to reduce the number of about 14 million 180 thousand yuan, the bus purchase costs 0 yuan; Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau "funding accounts for three funding for 4 million 313 thousand and 800 yuan, compared with the pre count reduced by about 440 thousand yuan, the purchase of buses fee is 0 yuan; Beijing City Board of education this year three financial allocation accounts for the number of 63 million 607 thousand and 300 yuan, compared with the budget to reduce the number of about 12 million 950 thousand yuan, the decline is mainly due to going abroad (border) fees and official hospitality. It is worth mentioning that the Department’s accounts for the first time in the country’s state-owned assets accounted for. Data show that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission announced a total of more than 38 billion 300 million yuan of fixed assets, including the car of 1234, about $330 million; unit price of more than 2 million yuan of equipment (sets), about $1 billion 140 million. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau total fixed assets of more than 8 billion 800 million yuan, including the car of 3333, about $800 million; unit price of more than 2 million yuan of equipment (sets), about $650 million. (end)相关的主题文章:

918 Jiangsu province a warning of Chinese and foreign tourists mourning the victims of the Nanjing M masa-c

"918" Jiangsu province a warning of Chinese and foreign tourists mourning the victims of the Nanjing Massacre – Beijing, Beijing, Nanjing, September 18, (Shen ran Yang Yanci) on September 18th at ten o’clock in the morning, the air raid siren to shrill pass over the city of Nanjing of Jiangsu province. The Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall (hereinafter referred to as Ji, Jiangdong gate Memorial Hall) from the Chinese and foreign tourists have stopped, silently for the people who died in the war of mourning. 18, is the "918" incident broke out on the anniversary of the 85. In 1931 September 18th, Japan launched a brutal war of aggression against this incident. 14 years of war, a prairie fire, China occupied large tracts of land, Nanjing city suffered the massacres, 35 million civilian casualties, become the Chinese nation in the history of the most painful period of history. According to the "People’s Republic of China people’s air defense law" and the Jiangsu provincial civil defense bureau "on the" 9? 18 "air defense warning notice" Ming trial activities, 18 on the morning of 10 to 10:19, the alarm of three minutes to Jiangsu province’s three consecutive blasts: 10: 00: 10: 03. Pre alarm; 10: 08 – 10: 11. Air raid alarm: 16 to 10: 10; 19. Allclear. Although the local government according to the requirements of the "air raid siren, please the majority of people to maintain normal life and work order", however, when the alarm sounded, a city rhythm still for the moment the dignified and solemn and stop. In Nanjing Jiangdong gate memorial hall, when the alarm sounded, visiting tourists from home and abroad to consciously stop and bow for those who died in the war. Maria, a tourist from Mexico, is the first time to Chinese, is also the first time to carefully understand the Nanjing massacre in the history of this period, she told reporters, very rare in such a day here, for this period of history of war himself did not know much, but when the alarm rang, standing here, I have a, and personally on the scene with the feeling of suffering people. I’m going to take this painful history back to my friends and family." On the streets of the city, people stop doing what they are doing and how they are moving. A young mother holding a child told reporters, the day before the "918" history has told her in the hope that the alarm sounded the moment, the children feel is not fear, but vigilance against war. In the morning, including Nanjing, including 12 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions at the same time held an air raid alert activities. (end)相关的主题文章:

Hebei unearthed more than 110 Warring States urn burial urn burial 107 children explore splitit

Hebei unearthed more than 110 Warring States urn burial urn burial 107 children discover Xinhua Shijiazhuang October 7th news (reporter Wang Min) Hebei city of Huanghua province in May this year for the first time in the vicinity of Fudi urn burial sites found, after several months of continuous excavation, has been found more than 110 urn burial tombs, and the scale is very rare in china. The archaeological site in large and small grave, grave in the urn, burial pottery basin, 2 or 3 are buckled together become a coffin. From the Hebei Provincial Institute of cultural relics, Huanghua Museum archaeologists excavated 107 adult children burial urn, urn burial block 6. Huanghua City Museum curator Zhang Baogang said, "due to the 2000 years of River Mining and destruction of natural environment, we found just the whole part of the urn burial sites. According to the scene, in the excavation point 150 meters south are within the scope of relics found that adult urn burial zone would be larger than many current." According to archaeologists preliminary statistics, has excavated 113 urn burial, as many as 20 kinds of shapes, and identified as the Warring States period artifacts, 6 of which by the Frontier Archaeology Research Center of Jilin University identified as adults and a burial urn, burial. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Archaeological Research Institute deputy director Bai Yunxiang said that the excavation of the cemetery urn burial types, intensive distribution, in the clear, the size of the same type in the country in large tombs, which plays an important role in the study of more than 2000 years ago, the city of funeral customs. Fudi site is located in the northwest of Huanghua City, in the historical records and related research, much as war military defense city of Han dynasty. Local history scholars believe that the burial urn is actually part of the cemetery of Fudi, large-scale children’s tomb found reflects the city’s prosperity, but also the ancient city is a purely military city question.相关的主题文章: