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22 countries and regions will participate in the martial arts master of the first World Cup martial doat

22 countries and regions will participate in the martial arts master the world cup Wushu Competition – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in November 1, (Yan Xu) the first World Cup Wushu competition news conference held in Fuzhou 1, the organizing committee revealed that the event will be in November 18 to 20, held in Fuzhou, there will be nearly the top 200 martial arts master from 22 countries and regions participating. According to the director of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau Wang Weichuan introduced the design competition for men and women each 11, a total of 22 individual matchups, including Changquan, Taijiquan, guns, sticks, sticks, knives, swords, South South knife sparring. Are now eligible to participate in the world cup for the Chinese athletes, Fujian man tai chi chen Zhouli, Henan men’s Taiji Sword of Ma Jianchao, Shandong’s Sun Peiyuan and Zhejiang’s men’s Changquan, Nanquan king etc.. This event is one of the world’s highest level of martial arts competitions, the highest level sports event is now held in Fujian, athletes must get players individual top eight World Wushu championships. The event is organized by the International Wushu Federation, the Fujian Provincial People’s government, the Chinese Wushu Association, the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, the Fuzhou Municipal People’s government. Wang Weichuan said that Fujian is one of the birthplace of Wu Yi, martial arts has a long history, profound, public participation is high, wide influence, martial arts is a cultural exchange between Fujian and Taiwan’s name card. As of now, a total of 7 people in Fujian won the world champion, has outstanding Ceng Nailiang, Wei Dantong, Chen Jiamin, such as high Weinstein coaches and athletes. "This event through more public participation, promote different regions, different styles of cultural exchanges, will be conducive to further promote the Chinese culture as the origin of martial arts into the Olympic family." Wang Weichuan said. (end)相关的主题文章:

The width of the car can be moved into Taiyuan to start building Shanxi’s first underground pipe gal face gossip

The width of the car can be moved into Taiyuan to start building Shanxi’s first underground pipe gallery of a newly built road, often disembowelling engage in pipeline maintenance, in the future, such a "road zipper" will be less and less. Last October, the general office of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government on promoting the implementation of the views of the city’s underground pipe gallery construction, the introduction of the Shanxi urban underground pipe gallery five years of construction blueprint. Taiyuan, Shanxi science and technology innovation city was named to take the lead in the implementation of integrated pipe gallery. This year, the urban and Rural Committee in the city of Taiyuan city road construction was first introduced in the high standard pipeline covering the underground pipe gallery project. In September, our province’s first underground pipe gallery in Jinyuan City District of Taiyuan city construction. 17, the reporter visited the district’s first comprehensive pipe gallery project construction. The inner wall of 19 meters at its widest point on September 17th morning, the reporters came to the ancient city of Taiyuan city street Jinyuan district road construction site to see the ancient city street Jinci intersection has enclosure layout. As the ancient city of underground pipe network project, the ancient city of the main pipe gallery project has entered the construction phase. Accompanied by bursts of mechanical roar, a type of hydraulic walking pile frame is the ancient city street on the south side of steel piling, a 18.5 meter long steel plates were scored with underground, concrete pouring, supporting wall forming underground excavation. "Construction site equipment level is relatively high, dropping 1 meters will be able to dig into the water, so we need to build the underground construction of waterproof curtain. This machine is used for drilling and cementing, only 1 to 3 drill bits, in order to speed up the progress of the construction, we have developed a drilling pile machine, the construction efficiency is greatly improved." Construction site, a mechanical operator said. Integrity of the city of Taiyuan municipal comprehensive management of the Department of the project department official: "the construction of the integrated pipe gallery project, pipe cross section area, according to the needs of different sizes. Generally, the upper section is small and the lower section is large. The depth of the pipe gallery is 8 to 10 meters underground, and the width of the inner wall is in the range of 12 meters to 19 meters. The interior of the pipe gallery is divided into 3.7 parts, the height of the cabin is meters, and the width of the cabin is more than 1.8 meters. It is worth mentioning that, this comprehensive pipe gallery project will be incorporated into the rain sewer Taiyuan corridor, diversion design standards, in the country is very advanced." Due to the use of sub module design, different types of pipelines do not interfere with each other, no matter what kind of pipeline problems, the staff can quickly enter the pipe gallery to lock and solve the problem. In addition, the entire corridor throughout the monitoring, ventilation equipment, convenient daily maintenance after. To finish the task, the current construction by two shifts of 24 hours of construction, the entire project is expected to completed by the end of this year. It is understood that the Taiyuan City East Jinyuan comprehensive pipe gallery project covers Gucheng Street (New Jinci Road, Riverside Road); experimental road (weft three road – City Street); the two road (three weft road – City Street); the three road (three weft road – the ancient city streets; weft three road (New) Jinci Road, Riverside Road). After the completion of the project, 5 integrated pipe gallery will achieve interoperability. The pipeline includes water supply, reclaimed water, heat and gas,.相关的主题文章:

Xiamen 7 thousand soldiers into the emergency rescue and disaster relief for the reconstruction of c

Xiamen 7 thousand soldiers into the emergency rescue and disaster relief for the reconstruction of continuous fighting the day before yesterday morning, the strong typhoon "Meranti" landing in the city, the typhoon brought strong wind and heavy rain caused enormous damage to Xiamen, the city’s serious disaster. In Fujian Province, armed police and armed police officers for the first time response, quickly put into the city’s anti taiwan rescue work to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. Reporters from the municipal double support office was informed that, as of yesterday morning at 7, a total of 7367 soldiers in the anti taiwan disaster relief. The rapid reaction the first time anti typhoon rescue newspaper news (reporter Jiang Haiping) 15 days after the typhoon landed, thirty-first army, 1220 soldiers, 98 vehicles, 2 boats, 1440 soldiers and 700 militiamen, 85 vehicles, 5 sets of machinery Xiamen garrison, more than 400 soldiers stationed in Xiamen Navy in Xiamen, Xiamen armed police detachment, border detachment, fire brigade, police detachment, Hydropower Troops and more than 2700 police officers first time into the anti typhoon rescue. The provincial armed forces organizations in Fuzhou, Zhangzhou more than 760 soldiers to support disaster relief work in xiamen. On the same day, 6247 people were killed in the disaster relief, the vehicle was equipped with 672 units, and the assault boat was equipped with a total of 2 vessels and mechanical equipment of 5 units. On the evening of 15 to 16 am, according to the provincial flood control headquarters, directly under the Provincial Armed Police Corps detachment of 400 soldiers, Armed Police Corps of forests from Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming, Longyan and other places to mobilize 220 soldiers, Armed Police Corps of two hydropower from Jiangxi Nanchang and Xinyu to mobilize 500 officers and soldiers to rush to the rescue of Xiamen, they went to Xiamen into the anti typhoon rescue work. During the typhoon period, to participate in the anti typhoon rescue forces regardless of their own safety, and actively carry out the transfer of waterlogging risk, rescue trapped people, rescue the wounded etc.. After the typhoon, they immediately put rescue, carry out wrecker, loading garbage, support work such as lodging trees in the main road downtown, I pay for reconstruction of hard work. A lot of continuous fighting soldier hand grind Xuepao newspaper news (reporter Jiang Haiping correspondent Gao Min Lai Bingming) typhoon "Meranti" Xiamen caused by a large number of trees, billboards were blown down, the city’s main traffic roads, schools and stranded many branches of garbage, cleaning tasks. The Xiamen garrison dispatched more than 2000 people more than 50 vehicles to the streets, schools and other places to rescue. 16, continue to organize forces and militia into cleaning up Xiamen garrison troops were deployed 1450 people, 700 people militia, command vehicles, transport vehicles and equipment a total of more than 50 units, to distinguish between the 12 directions to rescue in the city of Xiamen, while the number of bulldozer, excavator, loader, pumps, dump truck and other mechanical equipment in the camp on standby, ready to participate in the rescue. In the Siming District of Datong High School, in order to ensure that students in the class after the smooth return to school, the Xiamen garrison organized cadres and units directly under a total of more than 100 soldiers, to enter the campus of campus road cleaning and dredging, excluding some sections of the water, clean up and down from the trees, returned to normal order of the school, the teachers and students praise; in the North Hubin Road, Siming Road, coastal defense regiment soldiers in the rain they will clean up the branches, branches cut with a chainsaw, transported from the loading, many soldiers hand;相关的主题文章:

90 beauty student experience that is a liar money

90 beauty student "experience" that is a liar money from the Yubei District Public Security Bureau News: "from the beginning I know that he is a liar." November 4th, Yubei, a beautiful 90 little beauty Xiaowen (a pseudonym) to the Yubei District Public Security Bureau Baosheng Lake police station said they were cheated. Knowing that it is a liar, why do you want to transfer to each other? At the police station, to the police about Xiaowen calm cheated after. Xiaowen said, while she was playing a very popular game interface, Mobile Games, information pop-up saying you can buy "Sapphire" props, the cost of 100 yuan, other receivables account is QQ mailbox, Xiaowen is top school of law, she immediately knew that all this is "routine", the other is definitely a liar. Never met a liar and cheater Xiaowen holding a play, accumulated experience and attitude to pay 100 yuan, she wanted to see the next liar how to operate. Subsequently, the other said to pay 280 yuan deposit, known as the brush back to small props. Xiaowen smiling without a word, and the other to "play the game", she passed the Alipay account to the other Alipay account to pay 280 yuan, did not see the small expected, she did not receive the game props, Xiaowen request refund, the other said to me to pay 500 yuan to apply for a refund, the other is to determine the small text liar, understanding the routine, decisively to Baosheng Lake police station. Police advise: small practices police think not worth promoting, timely alarm, prevent the loss of property on the range of the best.相关的主题文章:

Seafood with veterinary drugs! Nanchang aquatic market insider exposure 追踪309

Seafood with veterinary drugs! Nanchang aquatic market shaking insider exposure Nanchang news network seafood vendors to profit, using sodium hydroxide (commonly known as use unscrupulous divisive tactics of toxic and caustic soda) and processed seafood, seafood sales to consumers. The day before, East Lake BaiHuaZhou police station after a period of unannounced visits Mopai, finally mastered the evidence of illegal traders, in September 13th the successful detection of the province’s first "poisonous seafood" case, is suspected of selling poisonous and harmful food crime suspect Zhu mouyun criminal detention. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the East Lake police, mid August BaiHuaZhou police station in the seafood market investigations, found illegal traders in the seafood production and sales process, add the illegal veterinary drugs (Department of banned). Police subsequently purchased some seafood products sent to the relevant departments for testing, the test report came out, the display of seafood does contain a lot of additives. In August 26th, BaiHuaZhou police station in East Lake Bureau order brigade, East Lake market and Quality Supervision Management Bureau of joint law enforcement, for allegedly producing and selling poisonous seafood "a seafood wholesale department for public inspection, and in the shop toilet scene seized 2 bottles of pure sodium hydroxide and white plastic bucket with a solvent is unknown. Through expert analysis, Department of chemical pure sodium hydroxide, is prohibited by the state to add non food substances, with strong corrosion resistance, great harm to human body, will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, there are carcinogenic potential damage and gene mutation induced by the deformity. The inspection team immediately to the shop in the sale of 60, cuttlefish, squid, sea cucumber, jellyfish head, crab legs to carry out spot checks. In September 12th, released on the submission of the 6 samples identification results of inspection agencies, confirmed the sixtieth, squid, crab legs, sea cucumbers are unqualified, veterinary drug residues and the pH value is very high. September 13th, the East Lake District People’s Procuratorate in accordance with the law to supervise the case. On the same day, Zhu Mouyun suspects in custody. After the interrogation, the suspect confessed Zhu Mouyun, in order to avoid selling sea cucumber spoilage, she to the sea cucumber illegally added in pure sodium hydroxide, and in order to make the crab legs (white crab legs was originally black) and anti-corrosion, she also has to crab legs illegally added sodium hydroxide. At present, the suspect Zhu Mouyun has been under criminal detention according to law. At present, other issues involved in the case are digging in check. (chief reporter Zhang Ningjiang)相关的主题文章: