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29Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar gun fans will vote for her – Sohu Sports|Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar gun fans will vote for her – Sohu Sports5

Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar gun fans: will vote for her – Sohu sports Hilary appeared Arsenal theme bar presidential election in the United States by the global attention. Recently, one of the candidates Hilary – Clinton campaign in Miami, appeared in an arsenal theme bar, gun fans said they would consider voting for Hilary. This bar is located in Florida, Miami, the bar inside the Arsenal shirt, flags, scarves and other fans of the product decoration, it is clearly an arsenal theme bar. When Hilary appeared in the bar, can not help but think of Hilary is also a gun fan? Arsenal fans have said they will consider voting for Hilary, just as the fans have been supporting Wenger. So far, however, Hilary has not made it clear that he is an arsenal fan. But in British politics, there is a politician A Senna is loyal, he is the leader of the British Labour Party Corbin, he once had such Madness: in the British Parliament launched a certification to A Senna as "the best team in the world" move, the final vote did not pass, only to give up. (Ma Di)

18Pele harder than Europe I will not regress ball in the super (video)|Pele harder than Europe I will not regress ball in the super (video)4

Pele: in the super ball than Europe also difficult for me will not regress [1-4 Luneng TEDA] battlefield 10 victorious 2 ball sports Tencent Pelle Cisse broke in September 4th recently, Shandong Luneng aid Pelle were recruited into the Italy national team, and scored a goal in the game against france. In the "Republic" in Italy to accept the media interview, Paley revealed his ability will not regress because playing in, because he knew that to keep a player in the conduct of some of the occupation more than money. In addition to Paley also revealed that in the super base is not easy. Luneng striker Pelle "when I came to Chinese play, Paley said," my father told me the first thing is, I can really make a lot of money in Chinese, but this is likely to change my life. I will continue to do what a professional player should do, because I know that for the national team, I am still full of desire, still feel hungry. Of course, the decision in Ventura (Italy coach) hands, but I will give him a reason to call me again." Electric screenshots in Italian, get rid of super low level league hat, this Paley admitted that indeed more than five Super League, but the absolute level is not low. It’s not easy to score goals in the super league. The super team is allowed to have only three (non Asian foreign aid), and each team has its own star: Hulk, Ravitch, Jackson – Martinez, Teixeira, Ramirez – – – – – – on foreign aid, we do in the Super League in Europe and not what is different, but the super is the most yan. As a striker, based on super hard, there are often two defensive players to clip you, so you can hardly get the ball. In terms of defensive intensity, the super is not weaker than in europe." "I realized that there are about 1 billion 500 million of the population in this country, and they want to win in the world. In young people, I have realized this ambition." Pele said. In the European Cup and missed a penalty, is still the biggest regret in Pelle occupation career. In the face of "Republic", Paley also talked about some of the plot at the time: "after the game, Italy fans are disappointed. People have the right to say what they want to say, after all, the players are public figures, will certainly be praised or criticized, this is what I have to accept. But what makes me laugh is that some people say I don’t respect Neuer. Well, I hope the Italians have the same determination to respect others, and in our daily lives, our country will be stronger." "I was pointing to the penalty of a spoon, I want to interfere with Neuer’s judgment, but he noticed this, and guessed my intention. I don’t have time to change, I just have to finish my shot." (Yalugelu)

01Happy Dragon Diamond League points second regret missing the new queen award vault was born|Happy Dragon Diamond League points second regret missing the new queen award vault was born1

Happy Dragon Diamond League points second regret missing the Queen’s birthday happy Dragon Award new vault to 7 meters 98 won fourth (information) Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 10th news, the morning of 2016 IAAF Diamond League Brussels race ending. Chinese happy Dragon with 7 meters long jump champion 98 won the fourth, 30 points behind the second margin to diamond award. Rio Olympic champion, Jamaica sprinter Thompson to 10 seconds to win the women’s 100 meters champion in 72. America’s Maurice to 5 meters 00 results to break a number of records, the new achievements of her vault. And 5 meters in addition to the results of the world’s top second Isinbayeva in addition to the women’s volleyball jump into the 5 meter mark of the 00. The Beijing track and field world champion, Ethiopia’s Ajana to 14 minute 18 seconds 89 won the women’s 5000 meters champion, and broke the tournament record. The Diamond League Brussels station, the Chinese long jump champion will continue to play. Last year Beijing World Championships Gao Xinglong won the men’s long jump fourth good results, in July 16th this year, the Monaco station, happy Dragon 8 meters to 00 for the third grades. This race, happy Dragon total score 24 points ranked first, with Australia’s rappe similar points. The two is also a strong contender for today’s project diamond. This race, happy Dragon first jump 7 meters 92 ranked third, Lapeyre foul line. Second to 7 meters long jump 98 ranked fourth, while the high jump was broke, jumped 8 meters in 17 ranked second, South Africa’s Manyong plus jump 8 meters in 26 first place. Third jump happy Dragon state not only jumped out of the 7 m 57, but still listed in the fourth. The second half of the race, South Africa’s Manjunga continue to erupt, first 8 meters 26, jumped over 20 cm after 48 out of 8 meters, 8 meters far left runner up Lapeyre 17 grades. Happy Dragon fourth jump 7 meters 94, fifth jump on board sixth fouls, jump seems uninterested only 88 out of 5 meters, 7 meters at the end of second jumped 98 best scores fourth, this total score fell to second. In the women’s 100 meters final, the Rio Olympic Games women’s 100 meters, 200 meters Jamaica gold medalist sprinter Thompson by 10 seconds 72 won easily, even senior Fraser created the tournament career record, won the first diamond award. Holland sprinter Speer J to 97 seconds to get runner up in 10 seconds. Isinbayeva is the world’s 6 pole vault queen, she had to jump out of the 5 meter mark, exclusive to the project of the world top six scores. Today, women’s pole vault gave birth to second children 5 meters, the 24 year old American athlete Maurice, first in the 4 meters to break the 88 results of North American record, Diamond League record and tournament record locking champion, after the two hit 5 meters 00 mark of success, but the last three hit 5 meters 07 new world records without success. After the game, Maurice will succeed Isinbayeva (retired) became the new Queen’s pole vault. However, due to the total score of 62 points against the Greek players Stefani Siti, missed the project diamond award. In other women, Beijing at World Championships, Ethiopia’s Ajana to 14 minute 18 seconds 89 won the women’s 5000 meters champion, and broke the tournament record, she)

00In the championship – Liang Wenbo lost 2-6 negative Bingham Murphy cut out in the first round|In the championship – Liang Wenbo lost 2-6 negative Bingham Murphy cut out in the first round4

In the championship – Liang Wenbo lost 2-6 negative Bingham out of the first round of promotion Murphy Liang Wenbo Phoenix sports news 2016 Snooker Championships for the first round of China, facing the Liang Wenbo Bingham 2-6 defeat was eliminated, Murphy faced Perry in the lead 4-0 lost 4 straight games, but to win 6-4 pass. After get the England champion Liang Wenbo, world champion Bingham against last year. Over two people in 6 meetings, Liang Wenbo lost the first 2 times after winning 4 times, prior to the England semi-final had reversed lore Bingham 6-5. Last week the national championships, Liang Wenbo and Bingham, were lost to eventual champion Selby in the 18 finals and semi-finals. The first game of Bingham quickly open situation, feel good a victory, Pobai scored 122 points to win the first board zero closure. The second sides have on the mobile phone will grasp the opportunity, Bingham ball, Qing Taiwan to win 60-36 even won two games. The third game of Liang Wenbo responded, shot a 60 to 62-18 regain a bureau. Fourth Bingham repeatedly started to win 63-18, the first half has the advantage of 3-1. The second half of fifth, Liang Wenbo played in a 54 point lead, ball contest defeated, Bingham ching of Taiwan 4-1 lead to reverse 68-58. Both sides have some mistakes in the sixth game, Liang Wenbo control the situation, to win the game with 65-31. Seventh Bingham snooker, Liang Wenbo met red powder ball penalty 6 minutes. Bingham scored the combination of red, could not connect to the ball. Multi bar defense after the unsuccessful attack Liang Wenbo forced the opportunity to leave. Bingham started after a 49 point lead to 56-0. Two defense tug, Bingham thin red ball turnovers sent 4 points. Liang Wenbo has attacked the red ball turnovers, Bingham to seize the opportunity to get 26 more points to win 82-4, the total score 6-2 win. 14 finals, Bingham will play Robertson and Holt. Murphy against Joe Perry, two people last week Guojin matches were in the final 14 stop. At the beginning of the game, Murphy feel very hot. The first game Murphy played a Pobai, advanced the ball after a Pobai scored 121 points to 122-10 head start. Second Murphy in the case of 0-53 behind, a single point of 80 points to win. Third Murphy is first behind, but staged reverse play again in 0-25, a single shot 83 points to win the catch up from behind. The fourth game Murphy continues to attack the performance of a crazy, a shot hit 85 points and zero seal, the first half of the 4-0 lead. The second half of a sudden change in the situation Perry shot a fifth game, 75 points to win 76-10 horn sounded offensive. Sixth Bureau Perry several times to get started, to win the 87-10 to reduce the difference. The seventh inning Murphy still did not feel, Perry 64-17 win again after a game. The eighth Perry Council efforts to win, win 4 to 4 strong. Ninth Murphy suppressed Perry’s counterattack, took 5-4 to get match point, and in the tenth inning of a 60+ victory, Perry broke into the quarterfinals eliminated a total score of 6-4. 14 finals, Murphy opponent will be China’s Hongkong star Fu Jiajun.

56James 27+10 Knight Loew 14+16 beat the Wizards tops|James 27+10 Knight Loew 14+16 beat the Wizards tops1

James 27+10 Knight Loew 14+16 beat the wizards for top Knight wizards sina sports news Beijing time on November 12th, the knight 105-94 away to beat the wizards. Knight (7-1) alone in the east of the first position, Lebron – James scored 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists, Kaili – Erwin, a total of 29 points and 6 assists, JR-,,, – – 14 points and three rebounds. Wizards (2-6) unable to defend the home. John’s got 28 points and 3 assists, markieff – Maurice 20 points and 5 rebounds, Marcin – he grabbed 15 rebounds. Wizards three points in the cast of 3 in the vote, while the Cavaliers cast 33 in the middle of the cast of 15 points in the game, with a total of $14. Knight came to the White House yesterday to visit president Obama. The White House trip, Knight did not go home, but to stay in Washington for going against the wizards. A knight was lost to the eagles, first defeat of the season. The Wizards in a victory over the Celtics, Potter suddenly angry surprise. The two teams met, the knight wants to get back on the winning track, and the Wizards keep winning, to challenge the championship. Knight is the three largest team in the League voted for the most, while the Wizards on the contrary, the ability is very weak in the three points, the number of shots in the League countdown to the last second. Today, the two sides met to maintain this feature, the Cavaliers in the middle of the first quarter hit 3 points in three minutes, played 11-4, the score will be 21-21. However, after the Cavaliers hit rate dropped nearly 3 minutes failed to score, wizards hit 9-0, to 31-22 exceeded. Loew and Field scored 2 points before the end of the season, and the Cavs were still behind by a score of 5 points for the first time in the last three minutes. The second section there are 8 minutes and 35 seconds, after xiangbote steals dunk, Knight behind with 33-38 only. Then the knight for his shot, and the Wizards by Maurice hit three points, hit 7-0, 45-33 opened the gap. Erwin two consecutive "three" success, Smith hit three points, the knight quickly counterattack, half ahead 58-56. The first two wizards only hit a record three points, but third failed to hit a few shots. Knight from time to time there are three points hit, this section there are 8 minutes and 30 seconds, Erwin scored three points, they lead by 67-62. Wizards a few degrees to narrow the gap to 4 points, the Cavaliers are often free throws to color. In this section there are 1 minutes and 06 seconds, Smith hit three points, the Cavaliers to 84-72 gap. After the Cavaliers shot in a row, Burke even voted with a penalty scored 3 points, wizards in the first three to 75-84 behind. James made his two career milestone in the game. In the first quarter, he surpassed Kobe and became the youngest in the history of the 27000 points. In the fourth quarter, he surpassed the star Alonzo Mourning, to become the top ninety-fourth rebounds. The wizards will recover as the score 87-92, Erwin to a record three points, James break layup, then foul, knight and open the gap. The last 6 minutes and 56 seconds, the Wizards hit only two balls, powerless. [live record] [technical statistics]