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Harper Lee, the author of killing a Mockingbird, died at the age of 89 t420s

"To kill a Mockingbird" author Mr Lee died at 89 – Beijing Beijing 2 month 20 Xinhua comprehensive foreign media reports, in the classic novel "to kill a Mockingbird" (To Kill a Mockingbird) famous American writer Harper Lee (Harper Lee) in his hometown of Monroeville died in Alabama enjoy life, at the age of 89. Her family said in a statement that Li had died in her sleep and had been in good health until her death was unexpected, and private funeral and memorial ceremonies were scheduled for later. Harper Lee’s masterpiece is a novel that killed a Mockingbird in 1960, depicting racial discrimination in the southern United States during the great depression, translated into more than 40 languages. In 1961, she won the Pulitzer prize for this novel. Foreign media reported that as of last year, "kill a Mockingbird" global sales of more than 40 million copies. The novel was also adapted to film, 1963, Gregory Peck with the film won the thirty-fifth Oscar Award for best actor award. In 2015, Harper Lee published his second novel Go Set a Watchman in July. The story was about 20 years after the story of killing a mockingbird. In 2007, Harper Lee won the medal of freedom awarded by American president George W. Bush in praise of her achievements in literature. White House spokesman said President Obama paid a high tribute to Harper Lee, referring to her works affecting countless americans.

《杀死一只知更鸟》作者哈珀・李逝世 享年89岁-中新网   中新网2月20日电 综合外媒报道,以经典小说《杀死一只知更鸟》(To Kill a Mockingbird)闻名的美国作家哈珀・李(Harper Lee)在家乡阿拉巴马州门罗维尔逝世,享寿89岁。   她的家人在一份声明中称,李是在睡梦中离世的,生前一直保持良好的健康状态,她的离去是意料之外的,之后将会择期进行私人葬礼和悼念仪式。   哈珀・李的代表作是1960年出版的小说《杀死一只知更鸟》,描绘美国大萧条时期南方种族歧视问题,被翻译成40多种语言。1961年,她凭借这部小说获得普利策奖。外媒报道称,截至去年,《杀死一只知更鸟》全球销量超过4000万册。   这部小说还被改编称电影,1963年,格利高里・派克凭借该片获得第35届奥斯卡奖最佳男主角奖。   2015年,7月哈珀・李才出版第二本小说《设立守望者》(Go Set a Watchman),故事讲述的是《杀死一只知更鸟》故事发生后20年的事情。   2007年,哈珀・李获得美国总统小布什颁发自由勋章,以表扬在她在文学上的成就。白宫发言人说,总统奥巴马对哈珀・李表示崇高敬意,指她的作品影响无数美国人。相关的主题文章:

The girl was bogus college impostor said the United Nations is not afraid to toss imjpmig

The girl was bogus college impostor said the United Nations is not afraid to toss the Zhoukou girl was bogus college impostor to spend 5000 yuan to buy index of the original title: Zhoukou girl was bogus college impostor to spend 5000 yuan to buy index [previously] when false university Luo Caixia had shocked the country, today, Shenqiu County the 33 year old Wang Nana said also suffered the same fate. Wang Nana was born in the West Village of Xin’an Town, Shenqiu county. After the college entrance examination in 2003, failing to receive the admission to the University, thought the exam will go out to work, after getting married. In 2015, she found that she was not failed, but was admitted to the Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, but was replaced read. After finding the replacement, the other side was willing to settle the bill, but was refused by Wang Nana. The first chapter of my university to oral by others: Wang Nana writing: Oriental Daily News reporter Dong Xiaobo I never dreamed that in this world, there is a person, with my ID card, I was admitted to the University, has been a teacher, living in the same provinces. The loan and credit card that I couldn’t get out of the accident, I should have discovered earlier. In 2014, I applied for micro loans, but only the applicant with the same conditions was not approved. Why was it rejected? I don’t care. In May 2015, I applied for a large credit card of Bank of communications, and was refused again. The bank staff who had worked together told me that the reason for the rejection was "false personal information", and the bank found out that I was a junior college diploma when I was reviewing, but my information was filled with high school. The bank staff said, "did I forget that I had been to college?". How can I forget my own information? When I was poor, my parents left three brothers and sisters to drop out of school for me. In order to tuition, mother also went to Zhengzhou to sell vegetables, hard day and night. In 2002, I participated in the college entrance examination in Shenqiu three high, because of remote home, in October only learned not to test, and selected in Shenqiu two high repetition. In 2003, the college entrance examination is not Gufen, I still remember the pain still haven’t received the admission notice, in the face of guilt and parents, brother and sister. How can this be forgotten? I guess my identity and educational information might have been stolen. [verification] Wang Nana on the online learning network is not me. I immediately searched online in Chinese higher education students’ information, and the results confirmed my guess. "Wang Nana", a graduate of Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College, college degree, September 2003 school, graduated in July 2006. ID number is mine, the name is mine, the year of birth is mine, and the picture is not mine. Who is the person who has changed my life? Since October 2015, my mother and I have embarked on the road to finding "Wang Nana". In two months, we went to Shenqiu County Education Bureau, Zhoukou Education Bureau and Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College. Shenqiu County Education Bureau replied: because Shenqiu County admissions office data can only be found in 2007, with the assistance of Zhoukou admissions office, to find Wang Nana in 200 Yi

女孩被冒名上大学 顶替者称折腾到联合国也不怕 周口女孩被冒名上大学 顶替者花5000元买指标   原标题:周口女孩被冒名上大学 顶替者花5000元买指标   [前情提要]   当年,被冒名上大学的罗彩霞曾轰动全国,如今,沈丘县33岁的王娜娜说也遭遇同样命运。王娜娜生于沈丘县新安集镇新西行政村。2003年高考后,因未收到大学录取通知书,以为落榜便外出打工,之后结婚生子。2015年,她发现自己当年并非落榜,而是考上了周口职业技术学院,但被人顶替读了。找到顶替者后,对方愿付钱和解,但被王娜娜拒绝。   第一篇章   我的大学 被别人冒名顶替上了   口述:王娜娜 文字整理:东方今报记者 董小博   我做梦也没想到,在这个世界上,还有一个人,用我的身份证号,上了我考上的大学,一直以一个教师的身份,在同一个省份生活着。   [事发]批不下来的贷款和信用卡   其实我早该发现的。   2014年,申请小额贷款,但同等条件的申请人中,仅有我没有被批准。   为啥被拒?我没在意。2015年5月,我申请交通银行大额信用卡,再次被拒。一直合作的银行工作人员告诉我,被拒原因是“个人信息不实”,银行在审查时查出我是大专学历,而我的资料上填的却是高中。银行工作人员说我是不是忘了曾上过大专。   我蒙了,自己的资料怎能忘记?   小时家穷,父母让三个弟弟妹妹辍学供我上学。为了学费,母亲还跑到郑州卖菜,日夜辛苦。   2002年我在沈丘三高参加高考,因家里地方偏远,10月份才得知没考上,又选在沈丘二高复读。   2003年,高考估分后就杳无音信,我至今还记得迟迟等不到录取通知书的心痛,和面对父母、弟弟妹妹的愧疚。这事哪能忘?   我猜测,自己的身份和教育信息,可能被盗用了。   [核实]学信网上的“王娜娜”不是我   我随即在中国高等教育学生信息网上查询,结果,证实了我的猜测。   “王娜娜”,周口职业技术学院毕业生,大专学历,2003年9月入校,2006年7月毕业。身份证号是我的,姓名是我的,出生年月是我的,照片不是我的。   这个转变了我人生轨迹的人到底是谁?2015年10月起,我和母亲踏上了找寻“王娜娜”的道路。两个月间,我们多次去了沈丘县教体局、周口市教育局以及周口职业技术学院。   沈丘县教体局答复:由于沈丘县招生办数据只能查到2007年,在周口市招生办的协助下,查找到王娜娜在2003年高考的考号、报名序号、高考分数、填报志愿,以及被周口职业技术学院录取的结果。至于如何发放录取通知书,学生有无报到、如何审查等,都建议从周口职业技术学院查询。   我们又来到周口职业技术学院,该校一名赵姓负责人表示,学校各部门领导已换了两批,无从查起了。   我不甘心!随后,同乡的老朋友传来信息,说自己与“王娜娜”是大学同学!“入学前我还以为是你呢,开学一看不是,我想着是重名。”老友抄我7名大学同学的电话,在一个个打电话询问中,我找到了“王娜娜”。   [回应]顶替者:“上了学你也当不了老师”   “王娜娜”的QQ空间里,有她的近照。这十几年间,她也结了婚,当了母亲。根据QQ留言可以看出,现在的她是一名教师。   当一名教师,是我曾经的梦想。三尺讲台的教书育人,稳定踏实的工作环境。对比现在的我,顶着高中学历,没日没夜地接业务。如果当初我上了大学,人生会不一样吧?   如果“王娜娜”顶替我的事情查清了,她的学历不保,她的教师工作还能保得住吗?   抱着纠结的心情,我打通了“王娜娜”的电话,没想到对方这样回复!   “你这样折腾有啥用?”、“你就算当年上了那个学校,你也不一定当得上老师”、“折腾到联合国我们也不怕”!然后,她换了手机号码。她的态度深深刺激了我。   [协商] 对方提出8万元和解   后来的日子里,一直是“王娜娜”的父亲跟我联系。他的态度很不稳定,一会儿说“你折腾也没用”,一会儿又说“我可以赔偿你一笔钱”。他说,可以给我8万元,只要我不再追究。为此,我们还见面谈过。   8万元,能弥补人生错位的遗憾吗?因为学历不符,我连小额贷款都申请不下来,天知道以后还会有多少麻烦事!   我想注销学历,停止“王娜娜”对我身份信息的盗用。   2015年底,在周口市教育局信访办的协调下,周口职业技术学院同意让我与“王娜娜”到学校对证。我当时心想,只要对上身份证号,就能在学校领导面前证明“王娜娜”的假冒身份。   来到学校的是“王娜娜”的父亲,他带着一张“王娜娜”的临时身份证,号码已成为412701开头的周口市民身份证号码,与当时她冒名上大学就读时,用我的412728开头的身份证号已然不同。   更重要的是,这张临时身份证的有效期是“2015.10.28-2016.01.28”,对比时间,正是在我开始寻找“王娜娜”之后!   而周口职业技术学院查到的2006年毕业生档案中,“王娜娜”确实是我的身份证号。   学校领导无奈地说:“你们自己协商吧。”   [无奈]因事情复杂放弃维权吗?   这张临时身份证是真的吗?   我又回到了周口,在周口市公安局太昊路派出所,按照“王娜娜”临时身份证上的号码,警察帮我查到了她的常住人口基本信息,包括曾用名、出生日期等,她比我小了2岁。   如果“王娜娜”已用了不同的身份证号,她为啥还能用我的学籍信息继续工作?她侵犯了我的什么权利,我又该如何维权?身边已有人劝我放弃,说这种事这么复杂,折腾到最后也不会有结果。也有人劝我说,既然人家愿意给你钱,你就收着吧,反正时间也回不去了。   那么,这场人生错位,就该以我的“放弃维权”而了结吗?   来源:东方今报 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章:

The same trend of Paris handicap ball set advantage Dalansi Pingban handicap instability 女f4

The same trend of Paris handicap: Ball Set advantage Dalansi Pingban handicap instability of different teams have different ability to get the ball. Different handicap, represents different strength gap. So, what the team in which bets, benefited in every way? What are the giants, in which bets, frequently slip up? The same historical position, to the Macao "as the standard, from the previous team bets performance, with practical reference for you. (Win: W; D; transport disc: disc: L) dynamic Macao handicap European odds Sina instant lottery channel start time against the history of the history of chupan aocai odds odds 02:45 on the 29 day (Saturday) 01 Rangers   VS  Brent WLW LWL 29 02:30 tie (Saturday) 02 Xing   VS  a WWL LLW 29 00:30 Franks (Saturday) 03 Bilefei   VS  Sander LWL LLL 29 00:30 luxury flat (Saturday) 04 de les   VS  WLW DDL 00:30 Bulunrui tie 29 day (Saturday) 05 Munich   VS& nbsp; LLW LWL 29 flat mine AOE 02:45 (Saturday 06) Laijianei   VS  LWL WLL; social tie 29 day (Saturday) 07 Lille 02:45   VS  LWW WWD; German by a ball on the 29 day (Saturday) 08 grams of 02:00 Aya   VS  WWL 29 02:0 WWW hemisphere Laval 0 (Saturday) 09 boolean lattice   VS  Aya GF LWD WLL 02:00 29 (a Saturday) 10 star Tours St.   VS  LLW WLL 29, 02:00 flat (Saturday) 11 Lance   VS  WLL WWW 29, Havre Pingban 02:00 (Saturday) 12 Orlean   VS  Troyes. WWD LLW 02:00 on the 29 day (Saturday) 13   VS  Xie varens; Nigeria Muping semi WLW WWW 29 02:00 (Saturday) 14 Twente   VS  JC LLW LLW   half rhoda; 相同盘口:巴黎一球盘优势大 兰斯平半盘口走势不稳   不同的球队,具备不同的让球能力。不同的盘口,代表着不同的实力差距。那么,哪些球队在哪些盘口中,无往不利?又有哪些豪门,在哪些盘口里,频频阴沟翻船呢?相同历史盘口,就以当前澳门初盘为准,借鉴球队以往该盘口下的表现,为您带去实用参考。(赢盘:W;走盘:D;输盘:L) 动态澳门盘口  即时欧洲赔率 新浪彩票频道 开赛时间 对阵 澳彩初盘 主队历史盘路 客队历史盘路 29日02:45(周六) 01 巡游者 VS 布伦特 平手 WLW LWL 29日02:30(周六) 02 门 兴 VS 法兰克 半 一 WWL LLW 29日00:30(周六) 03 比勒菲 VS 桑德豪 平 半 LWL LLL 29日00:30(周六) 04 德累斯 VS 布伦瑞 平手 WLW DDL 29日00:30(周六) 05 慕尼黑 VS 奥厄矿 平 半 LLW LWL 29日02:45(周六) 06 莱加内 VS 社 会 平手 LWL WLL 29日02:45(周六) 07 里 尔 VS 日尔曼 受一球 LWW WWD 29日02:00(周六) 08 阿雅克 VS 拉瓦勒 半球 WWW WWL 29日02:00(周六) 09 布尔格 VS 阿雅GF 平手 LWD WLL 29日02:00(周六) 10 圣红星 VS 图尔斯 平 半 LLW WLL 29日02:00(周六) 11 兰 斯 VS 阿弗尔 平 半 WLL WWW 29日02:00(周六) 12 奥尔良 VS 特鲁瓦 平手 WWD LLW 29日02:00(周六) 13 瓦朗谢 VS 尼 姆 平 半 WLW WWW 29日02:00(周六) 14 特温特 VS 罗达JC 半 一 LLW LLW  相关的主题文章:

Late night expedition to Melbourne, Erickson beat players to do a good job defense – Sohu Sports jiqingwuyuetian

On the night of Hong Kong Melbourne expedition Erickson beat players defend well – off Melbourne Shanghai sports video Sohu – Hong Kong Open AFC Champions League race tour this evening, at the AFC Champions League group phase away from Hong Kong Shanghai soldiers in Pudong international airport. They will take the Eastern Airlines MU739 flight group phase the first game of the match in Melbourne. The Hong Kong team flight 0:10 Saturday morning departure from Shanghai, Australia Melbourne local time Saturday arrived at 13:40. Meet next Tuesday before the site before the training, the Hong Kong team on Sunday and Monday will be arranged in the local site for training. The Hong Kong team AFC Champions League group phase show the first time is the local time in Melbourne on Wednesday at 17:45, Beijing time is 16:45 on Wednesday, the opponent is the Melbourne victory. The match ended Thursday, the Hong Kong team will take the Eastern Airlines flight MU738 to fly back to Shanghai, is expected to arrive in time for the Beijing time 19:20. In March 2nd they will soon usher in the second round of the competition AFC Champions League group phase, home court against South Korea club Suwon Samsung bluewings. Then immediately went to Zhengzhou, two games a week, in the first round of the new season in the game against Henan jianye. The defense must do two things for rengaomada, excellent physical condition of the Melbourne victory, the Hong Kong team coach Erickson has repeatedly reminded the players must defend well. The day before the warm-up before the game, he stressed the importance of the Australian team played tough, players are very fierce, so in his own half not mistakes, to do the defensive team unity, "first, do not lose the ball, let the opponent immediately launch a counter attack, he would love to play so the defence; second the team not to close down, thought is not uniform." HD photo: Hong Kong to Ji’an AFC Champions League cool aierkesen good mood

上港深夜远征墨尔本 埃里克森敲打球员做好防守-搜狐体育 视频-出征墨尔本 上海上港开启亚冠正赛之旅   今天晚上,出征亚冠小组赛客场的上海上港将士出现在了浦东国际机场。他们将乘坐东方航空的MU739航班直飞小组赛首场比赛的赛地墨尔本。   上港队的航班周六凌晨0点10分从上海起飞,澳大利亚墨尔本当地时间周六13点40分抵达。在下周二的赛前适应场地训练前,上港队周日和周一会在当地安排场地备战训练。   上港队的亚冠小组赛首秀时间是墨尔本当地时间周三17点45分,也就是北京时间周三16点45分,对手是主队墨尔本胜利。这场比赛一结束,周四上港队就将乘坐东方航空的MU738航班飞回上海,预计抵达时间为北京时间19点20分。   3月2日他们就又将马上迎来亚冠小组赛第二轮的比赛,主场对阵韩国劲旅水原三星蓝翼。之后则是马不停蹄地奔赴郑州,一周双赛,在中超新赛季首轮客场对阵河南建业。   防守必须做好两点   对于人高马大,身体条件出色的墨尔本胜利,上港队主教练埃里克森已经是多次提醒球员们,必须要做好防守。   在前一天的热身赛前,他就强调了澳大利亚的球队踢法彪悍,球员都很凶猛,所以在自己的半场不能出现失误,防守上要做到全队统一,“第一,不要轻易丢球,让对手马上发动反击进攻,他们就喜欢这么踢;第二防守一定要全队一起逼抢,不能思想不统一。” 高清图:上港出征亚冠 吉安摆酷埃尔克森心情好相关的主题文章:

Expert group magic is the crux of the rocket, fear of playoff spectators carmex润唇膏

Experts: the magic board is the crux of fear into the playoffs the Rockets became the experts of modern viewers Tucao focus sina sports news Beijing on February 4th news, according to the official NBA website reported that the Houston rockets poor performance this season, they won just over 50%. The day before, NBA official website experts roundtable discussion on the rocket, experts believe that, compared with Dwight Howard’s temper, now the whole rocket more, and James harden singles is a big problem. David Aldridge: the Rockets have been disappointing this season, and the record will be reflected. When the Rockets seem to turn the corner, will suddenly collapse. Lately, rockets have been terrible. Howard’s character will not change, just like Chris Paul and Tim Duncan will not change the same. They often complain about blows, and Howard does have fouls all the time. As a spectator, you could say that Howard should remain calm, but Howard isn’t winning only 50% reasons, Howard is one of the key factors of the rockets into the playoffs. Steve Asiqiebuna: the Rockets record disappointing. In fact, in the last season into the Western Conference finals, the Rockets have been very sluggish. They fired Kevin – Mchale was an impulsive and useless move. The team’s defense is down, but the Rockets are in the right place. In my opinion, I don’t think harden dominates the ball so that the Rockets will be a strong contender for the championship. Don’t forget that when Carmelo Anthony did it, Nicks was a case in point. Fran brin: Howard’s moods are a response to the Rockets’ bad performance this season. A positioning itself for the championship contender team midway coaching change, they are not defensive, but also not every night with the same as last season’s occupation attitude to the game. Scott – Howard – Cooper: Howard’s problem is serious. Although his data is decent, his role in the attack has shrunk a lot. It’s difficult for the Rockets to make progress this season, and that will be a big event, which will affect the management’s judgment of the future. Sean Powell: so far, Houston has been the most disappointing team of the season, more than wizards and bucks. Yes, Howard isn’t good at controlling emotions, and he’s not very skilled with referees, but that’s not why the Rockets are bad. Rocket defense, Lawson and harden’s chemistry reaction, unstable three points, which is more serious than Howard’s emotional problems. John Schuhmann: the Rockets record is more worrying. Last season in the absence of Howard, rockets 27 wins and 14 losses, Howard is not in, the rocket defense is the league’s top ten levels. This season, when Rockets play, rockets also only 19 wins and 20 losses, their defense is also the last 10 league. There’s only one team in the league, and the defense is worse than the Rockets, and that’s the bucks. Although Howard has problems, his leader lacks temperament, but other problems of rockets are more serious. Saikku – Smith: rocket 50% wins worrying rate. They didn’t make good use of Howard

专家团:魔登是火箭症结所在 恐成季后赛看客 摩登组合成为了专家们吐槽的焦点   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月4日消息,据NBA官方网站报道,休斯顿火箭本赛季表现不佳,他们的胜率刚刚超过了五成。日前,NBA官网组织专家对火箭进行圆桌会议讨论,专家们认为,相较德怀特-霍华德的脾气,火箭如今的整体问题更大,而詹姆斯-哈登的单打也是一大问题。   大卫-阿尔德里奇:火箭本赛季令人十分失望,这一点战绩就能反映出来。每次当火箭看起来要转危为安时,就会突然崩盘。最近,火箭更是糟糕透了。霍华德的性格不会改变,就像克里斯-保罗和蒂姆-邓肯也不会改变一样。他们都经常抱怨吹罚,而霍华德也确实经常遭遇犯规。作为旁观者,你可以说霍华德应该保持冷静,但霍华德不是火箭胜率只有五成的原因,霍华德是火箭杀进季后赛的关键因素之一。   史蒂夫-阿斯切布纳:火箭的战绩令人失望。事实上,在上赛季杀进西区决赛后,火箭就一直很低迷。他们解雇凯文-麦克海尔就是一次冲动而无用的举措。球队的防守也下降了,但火箭现在位置也是他们应得的。在我看来,我不认为哈登这么支配球打下去,火箭会成为总冠军的有力竞争者。别忘了卡梅罗-安东尼这么做的时候,尼克斯也就是现成的例子。   弗兰-布林布里:霍华德的喜怒无常是对火箭本赛季糟糕表现的一种回应。一支将自己定位为总冠军竞争者的球队中途换帅,他们也不防守,而且也不是每晚上都带着跟上赛季一样的职业态度去比赛。   斯科特-霍华德-库珀:霍华德的问题比较严重。虽然他的数据还比较体面,但他的进攻中的作用已经萎缩了很多。火箭难以在本赛季取得什么进展,这会是一件大事,这会影响管理层对未来的判断。   肖恩-鲍威尔:到目前为止,火箭是本赛季最让人失望的球队,超过了奇才、雄鹿。是的,霍华德不擅长控制情绪,跟裁判打交道也不很熟练,但这不是火箭战绩糟糕的原因。火箭的防守,劳森与哈登的化学反应,不稳定的三分,这都比霍华德的情绪问题严重。   约翰-舒曼:火箭的战绩更令人担忧。上赛季在没有霍华德时,火箭27胜14负,霍华德在不在,火箭的防守都是联盟前十级别的。本赛季,火箭出战时,火箭也只有19胜20负,他们的防守也是联盟倒数10位的。全联盟只有一支球队防守比火箭退化严重,那就是雄鹿。霍华德虽然有问题,他的领袖气质不足,但火箭的其他问题更严重。   赛库-史密斯:火箭五成胜率令人担忧。他们没有用好霍华德,他们是全联盟表现最令人失望的球队。火箭的最大问题在于防守,如果他们的防守继续挣扎,那么他们只能成为季后赛的看客,根本无法重返西区决赛。   伊安-托马森:球队的战绩更令人担心。霍华德的问题并不算大,他的爆发对于现在的火箭来说已经不那么重要了。但火箭现在的问题是能不能再拿下50胜。   朗-惠特克:火箭的战绩更令人担心。霍华德和裁判的关系是老问题了,这不新鲜。而火箭的表现远不如去年。这支球队也不是霍华德的球队,如果我是火箭的球迷,我会认为这是哈登的球队,如果有问题,也是哈登该负责,带队冲击西区榜首的,应该是哈登。   (咕哒)相关的主题文章: