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64At the age of 15 – to China brilliant enterprise holding us second business|At the age of 15 – to China brilliant enterprise holding us second business0

At the age of 15 – to China brilliant enterprise holding us second business through overseas mergers and control channels and resources, as a shortcut to China enterprises "going out". The domestic A-share listed companies with A interaction yesterday announced that the United States intends to acquire second major electricity supplier Newegg to 1 billion 770 million yuan (Newegg), after the completion of the acquisition of interaction will hold 55.7% equity Newegg, Newegg as interaction subsidiary will become the user to expand the entrance. 1 billion 770 million yuan sold in Newegg announcements, interaction plans through the payment of cash to buy – 55.7% of the equity investment price of about 1 billion 770 million yuan. Interaction said that after the completion of the transaction – will become a subsidiary of the listed company. Based on the complementary interaction will continue to operate independently, with new network advantages, the two sides will achieve better cooperation in development strategy, brand promotion, technology development, sales channels and other resources. Interaction said that after the completion of the transaction, the listed company’s total assets, operating income scale will be improved, at the same time the ability to improve the competitive ability of listed companies, market development ability, the ability to control resources and sustainable development. But the interaction has also said that because Newegg belongs to the electricity supplier industry, after the completion of the transaction interaction need to be integrated in many aspects of organization, personnel, business, finance, management, there is a certain risk of acquisition and integration. Data show that the interaction is called Hangzhou interaction information Polytron Technologies Inc, the predecessor of the Beijing digital horizon technology limited liability company. In October 2014, digital tamrac listed company and Hangzhou new century information technology Limited by Share Ltd asset restructuring application approved by the sfc. After the completion of the reorganization, the listed entity to become the first interactive contact with the real sense of the mobile Internet listed companies. As the target of trade enterprises, new network is consumer e-commerce professional service website, in 2001 by the Chinese entrepreneur Fred Chang founded in the United States, with computer, consumer electronics, communications and other 3C products online sales for the main business. It is understood that the new network business has expanded to North America, China, Britain and other countries and regions worldwide, known as the second B2C business platform. Business performance pressure four years ago – also acted in the country, but experienced a decline from 2012-2014 years of scandals and business, now the new egg net drop out from the electricity supplier mainstream camp in Chinese already. Login Newegg website can see, the Internet, mobile phone sales in addition to Newegg computer, household appliances and other products, as well as furniture, clothing, such as maternal and child department store goods. Overseas direct purchase program is the main direction of the force of the new network in recent years, and the creation of the British pavilion main mother, beauty supplies. Management of commodity category has expanded, but the sales of goods is not optimistic. The notebook products as an example, search through the official web page notebook category, the quantity of the goods is only 143, while in the hundreds of pieces of notebook products, more than 85% of the product user comment number zero, and the number of the most beneficial comments

82Armored storm beta millions of dollars to build a modern war movie|Armored storm beta millions of dollars to build a modern war movie2

"Armored storm" beta millions of dollars to build a modern war movie is clearing air network competitive gaming "armored storm", today (October 28th) the official beta sword. "Armored storm" is a modern war by the country’s top war game development — ink technology "Cobra" studio spent 5 years developing carrier TPS, unique space linkage, secondary weapon, fast-paced combat to give you a new experience, the more complete modern China carrier tree, today the beta fire open, welcome to download the client, let us together for the motherland. In addition, the whole platform live "armored storm" award, there are 8 points late at night, Zhang Zhaozhong’s wonderful live, not to find the seat of the plane. The storm of war movie armored millions of dollars to build China modern war movie in "armored storm" on the occasion of the beta, the official release of millions of dollars to build China modern war movie. The CG movie tells the story of a series of armed conflicts in the Chinese armed forces of the armor, the force and other camps. Among them, the game or the upcoming debut of vehicles have photographed, showing a strong power system in vehicle. The film also outlines a blueprint for the future of the sea battle, indicating the development of a new battlefield. In the movie the movie 9 WZ WZ 10 film 99 film fly from flame in Liaoning aircraft carrier battle group, unique gameplay space linkage armed helicopter attack "armored storm" is the first truly "space linkage play carrier class TPS game, for the first time in armored Marines joined the armed helicopter, and formed a unique model of air ground joint operations. "Armored storm" the exclusive carrier armed helicopters, both in the game has a unique position, and other types of vehicles to fight together, not too many restrictions. From the beginning of the birth of the armed helicopter model, to the latest equipment in top armed helicopter "armored storm", and ground vehicles constitute a "armored storm" the one and only the modern battlefield space linkage. S C Wu beta debut straight 9 armed helicopter beta debut card -50 helicopters most professional Chinese technology line Chinese quest ace army as a complete team from the domestic research and development of the modern vehicle TPS, "armored storm" has the most professional in the Department of vehicle technology line. R & D personnel to carry out the first line of the vehicle in the barracks of first-hand data acquisition, which was born in the game in a detailed understanding of the carrier modeling and data. From the first generation to the third generation of 59 tanks, 99 tanks, and then to the Wu and Wu 10 straight 9 straight game, in strict accordance with the time and carrying out the inheritance relationship between development, advanced equipment and intensity factors such as grade, mode of production. Beta, just a part in the tree to see the game player, in the near future, there are more new vehicles waiting for you personally driving. Department of science and technology in the beta beta tree Tier 6 Premium 9910 project PVE mode open play fully upgraded "armored storm" sword beta, open a new PVE mode. Map environment built on the basis of "DY island", driving the Chinese carrier against invaders (computer AI) battle is about to start. Armor wind.