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21Create a security barrier water heater product upgrade era – Sohu Technology|Create a security barrier water heater product upgrade era – Sohu Technology4

Create a "safe" barrier: water heater products upgrade landmark – Sohu technology media reported in August 25th the camp Zhao Shuping water heater safety and service industry and has been the focus of user attention, home appliance manufacturers are also changing the pattern to solve the pain points of safety. The traditional safety of the bath is an increasingly prominent problem, to solve the biggest problem has become an urgent task of the water heater industry. From the water heater industry growth point of view, although the first half of the overall size of the overall domestic appliance market declined by 0.2%, but the water heater sales of $29 billion 200 million, an increase of 12%. In August 23rd, Haier water heater combined with the Chinese Standards Association, China household electrical appliance Institute, China household electrical appliances association and other authoritative bodies, issued the water heater industry, "bath water quality safety standards". Enhance the safety awareness of users, enhance the safety performance of the industry, but also for the production of water heaters and consumers to buy safe and healthy water heater to provide a reference. Safety is the antidote to user pain points according to the Haier water heater user survey data show that users buy electric water heater, the safe choice rate is as high as 74%, security has become the most important factors. The results also showed that the current water heater product development direction is clear, fast heat, maintenance, safety, temperature and other selling products around the health, health and safety or will become the next outlet. The beginning of 2001, Haier to prevent leakage of electric wall technology to solve the electric water heater, the 2014 launch of carbon monoxide poisoning prevention gas leakage, gas water heater, the solar water heater, heat pump water heater, Haier water heater has been a security key for. Haier water heater’s chief engineer Cao Guanzhong revealed that the anti electric wall technology Haier is equivalent to between the water heater and the body with a large resistance, even if you put the 250V line in water, then the voltage will not exceed 12V. After the successful development of this technology, it has been incorporated into the national safety standards and international IEC standards. 2015, the country will be anti wall technical standards from the recommended standard upgrade to mandatory standards". According to the statistics of industry online 2015, there are 7 sets of electric water heaters sold in China, there are 10 sets of Haier electric wall technology. Haier water heater security technology behind the escalating Haier invested heavily to build an open research and development platform. It is reported that after the construction of the platform to have 380 thousand of the resources in the above interaction, only the safety of the water heater there are more than 2 thousand interactive, the world’s most advanced technology for the first time in the Haier open research and development platform to share. In addition, Haier Internet factory manufacturing capacity, so we did 73 million Haier water heater zero electric shock, safety rate of one hundred percent." Cao Guanzhong said. The water heater of the year "survival situation" according to the PRC data show that the first quarter of 2016, water heater market retail volume reached 8 million 480 thousand units, an increase of 9.3%, retail sales of 12 billion 600 million yuan, up 8.9%. 2016 a quarter of the water heater market has exceeded the industry expected results. 2.

62Tesla for the first time in 3 years after the profit jumped 5%- technology Sohu|Tesla for the first time in 3 years after the profit jumped 5%- technology Sohu6

Tesla for the first time in 3 years after the profit jumped 5%- Sohu in U.S. stocks Wednesday Tesla technology announced late before the quarter earnings, the result was contrary to expectation the pay out profit report, for the first time in 3 years, after the stock price rose incentive. Tesla reiterated the second half of the 50 thousand electric vehicle output target unchanged, and will enhance the commitment to improve gross margin. Musk (Elon Musk) CEO is also optimistic about the seasons will continue to profit. (Reuters), according to Tesla, said the parity of electric vehicles Model 3 production progress on the track, will be in the second half of the year in order to pay the car, get rid of the Model 3 production progress may be lagging behind the market rumors that the progress of the production of. Model 3 is priced from $35 thousand off, only about half of the Model S, a publishing that the influx of a large number of pre orders. Tesla quarter net profit earned $21 million 900 thousand, or equivalent to earnings per share (EPS) $0.14, compared to a loss of $1.78 per share last year. Such results are mainly sold by Tesla California zero emission vehicle points, profit $139 million. (Source: Tesla) in the basis of adjustment, the third quarter of EPS came to $0.71, much higher than the Reuters survey estimated $0.54 per share loss. Revenue $2 billion 300 million, also higher than analysts estimate $1 billion 980 million. Tesla earnings brisk performance, will be beneficial to shareholders voted on November 17th to decide whether to approve the merger SolarCity. In addition, Tesla will also be released on Friday jointly developed with SolarCity solar roof products. Tesla stocks normal trading hours on Wednesday fell 0.05%, rose 5.05%, after it is temporarily reported $212.46. (the authorized by MoneyDJ news reprint) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News