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the remedies to solve the problem and what it will cost to undertaken the whole job. This is critical as you want to ensure that you are making the best decision and not just having someone make some quick buck by taking short cuts. So if your trees are a problem

Branding Stainless steel tube is used for preparing .ponents requiring rigid materials to facilitate potable water conveyance. Owing to its quality to maintain clean water, it is preferred over many man-made materials. They also form structural support for many buildings and vehicles. Based on method of manufacture, these tubes are of three types-the stainless steel seamless tube, the welded or electric resistant welded (ERW) variety and the drawn-over-mandrel variety. With each of these methods, tubes of varying shapes and sizes can be formed. Their size takes into consideration, the inside and outside diameter as well as the wall thickness. People often consider steel pipes and tubes as one and interchangeable, but there lies a difference between the two. Pipes are mainly used for transportation of fluids like oil or water and hence their capacity or the inside diameter is the most important consideration. In contrast, the most important consideration for tubes is their outside diameter. Stainless steel tube is also have higher tolerances than pipes and thus have greater usage. Stainless steel tube is known to be the best choice when it .es to maintaining the cleanliness of potable water. Hence, it is used in water conveyance applications that require dependable mechanisms. These products also provide support in the structural making of buildings and vehicles. These products are manufactured in three ways and classified accordingly. The Seamless Tubes are products of extrusion where tubes are formed in hot/cold process. Steel bar sections are pushed through a die that blocks out a tubes intended shape. Electric Resistant Welded tubes involve weld rollers, electricity and a sheet of steel. When the sheet passes through rollers, electricity welds the seam closed. Drawn-over-mandrel tubes have a mandrel inserted to prevent de-shaping. The hold makes it wrinkle-free during drawing. A tube is passed through a die with a small diameter and shrinks when drawn. Tubes are preferred over pipes as they handle custom-requirement in terms of sizes and gain better engineering leverage. The outside diameter of a tube determine its dimensions while the gauge affects the inside diameter. Stainless Steel Tube is more expensive than pipes for natural reasons. The tolerance, longevity and strength make it a better choice for all kinds of work pertaining to industries. 。

Customer Service Trees are very beneficial. They control the temperature in and around our houses and also provide shade where we hang out. They are a home to the many animals that make our homes great like birds certain animals. They likewise have a powerful effect on the value of a house and over all they just make the pla. better. So it’s very to important to take excellent care of them. You take care of them and they in turn take care of you; its as simple as that. One way to do this is to keep them healthy by obtaining a tree care service according to one sydney arborist who says its not just about trimming. There are many other factors you might possibly not be familiar with that affect the longevity and health of one’s trees. And all this will depend on the expert you choose. So if you are out looking for tree care services then opt for a .pany that has qualified arborists; one that has been trained in the science and art of maintaining and planting trees. If you have a property that has a broad variety of tree species, it’s essential to get tree professionals that have a good understanding of current arboriculture methods. This will ensure that the expert you hire can handle every plant that is growing in your .pound. Look for wide-ranging services that are offered by a tree care .pany. Some houses have bushes so overgrown with leaves that wind up being a security problem for the area. Some trees stand the risk of falling over the house. Some have overgrown roots that are threatening the houses foundation. A tree removal job might be needed to battle this problem. Therefore select a tree care firm that also does this kind of service, along side tree pruning and cutting, tree transplanting and stump milling. This way, you will simply need one .pany for the tree maintenance and growth needs. Finally, think about the tree care .pany’s experience too. Choose tree services that have been in existence for a long time. This shows that they are not just great in supplying a great degree of service their clients, but are also deeply experienced in the very best tree care solutions for each situation. A good arborist should be able to do a good report. I know the value of this because I have an arborist report Sydney and its quite informative. It tells you the findings of the initial consultancy, the remedies to solve the problem and what it will cost to undertaken the whole job. This is critical as you want to ensure that you are making the best decision and not just having someone make some quick buck by taking short cuts. So if your trees are a problem, an Arborist might be needed by you to supply you with the best guidance with regards to professional tree pruning or perhaps a full tree removal. 。

thanks to the diverse range of crafts for kids

Arts-and-Entertainment The moment you first give a toddler a crayon and a piece of paper, you’re giving that child a step up to a world of creativity, learning, entertainment and accomplishment. It’s the world of Arts and Crafts. A small phrase for such an important part of a child’s development. Children are interested in Arts & Crafts from an early age. Toddlers love to scribble on pieces of paper with chunky crayons. Later, when they understand not to eat it, play dough is a fascinating medium. They can squish it, use plastic tools on it, blend the colors together, and press out shapes from it. Everything get in a mess – play dough gets mashed into clothes, hair, shoes, the floor…but of course that’s part of the fun for pre-schoolers. The messier the better! And what could be messier than paint? Give a small child a pot of thick paint, scrap paper and a chunky paintbrush, and they’re happy. If you can’t bear to have paint on everything, take it outdoors. Using playdough and painting materials, kids are learning about form and substance, improving their motor skills and enhancing their imaginations. As they grow, there will be more and more crafts to choose from, and, thanks to the diverse range of crafts for kids, there’s something for everyone, whether 2 or 12 years old. If you join in, you’ll be giving your kids happy memories to store away. So, encourage your kids to express themselves with arts and crafts. Never force them – it has to be an enjoyable pursuit. Similarly, don’t ever disparage your child’s work of art. Don’t be discouraged if your child lacks interest – just explore different options. Be imaginative. Do crafts outdoors as well as in. Use different materials or seasonal themes. In this age of mindless TV watching and video games, the ability to something creative is an amazing skill for a child to have. You’ll be so glad you encouraged them. About the Author:


沪媒:球员薪金10倍于常人合理 中超或引工资帽   本报记者 陈华   18日战罢的亚冠联赛小组赛第三轮,广州恒大[微博]队主场险胜日本鹿岛鹿角队,佩戴队长袖标的郑智表现稳定。郑智也是中国职业足球的“吸金第一人”:据国内一专业体育媒体发布的数据,35岁的郑智以1100万元年收入,列2014年中国体坛财富榜第七位,是国内收入最高的足球选手。   日前推出的 《中国足球改革发展总体方案》中,第十二条特别提及:“探索实行球队和球员薪金总额管理,有效防止球员身价虚高、无序竞争等问题”。球队的薪水总额要封顶,是否意味着中超球星年薪千万元的黄金时代悄然结束?采取NBA式的资金“工资帽”制度,会否让“绿茵自有黄金屋”的示范效应成为绝唱?   个体限薪 并不成功   为何要对中超球队进行薪水总额管理?进行一番历史回顾,才能得到客观答案。   十多年前,中国男足职业联赛对球员个人转会费、年薪进行“双限”:球员的最高转会费绝不能超过500万元、球员年薪最高不得超过100万元。这一文件出台的背景,主要是当时国家体育总局觉得足球水平低、球员收入高。有关人士当年甚至公开表示,职业男足选手赚钱多但成绩差,让举重等在奥运争金夺银的冷门项目选手情何以堪?   只是,这种用行政手段强行干预的管理思维,和崇尚竞争、自由选择的市场思维背道而驰。上有政策,下有对策,有些俱乐部干脆采取“阴阳合同”:给中国足协备份的阳合同严格遵守限薪令,不见光的阴合同才是球员转会费和年薪的真实数字。由于缺乏监管,欠薪违约等乱象层出不穷,去年的“刘健案”就把中国足协逼得颇为狼狈。显然,中国足协此前对球员个人收入和转会费的限薪,是阴阳合同乱象的始作俑者,完全不符合市场规律。   2009年“打假扫黑”的风暴涤荡中国足坛,尤其是广州恒大以高举高打姿态杀入后,早先的限薪令彻底名存实亡,以郑智领衔恒大的国脚们逐步跨入“千万元收入俱乐部”,不少国脚更迎来事业黄金期。3年前,记者曾向恒大俱乐部负责人刘永灼提问:“恒大买内援的转会费都超过1000万元,这样的转会费是否虚高?”他的回答掷地有声:“只有当中国球员的身价,甚至是年薪超过1000万元,中国足球才算真正迎来大变革、大发展。”   球员年薪 辩证看待   中超球员薪水到底高不高?需要辩证看待。根据福布斯世界体坛财富榜,2014年收入最高者是美国拳王梅威瑟,足球明星 C罗、梅西排在第二、三位。在中国体坛财富榜上,足球选手地位并不高:2014年李娜[微博]年收入8000万元,列第一,羽毛球[微博]林丹[微博]3000万元、网球彭帅2000万元、拳击邹市明[微博]1600万元、篮球易建联[微博]1500万元和高尔夫[微博]冯珊珊[微博]1400万元,都排在郑智前面。   在欧洲,一线队职业球员的平均年薪约是国民平均收入的10倍,这是足球圈公认的合理区间。据国家统计局相关数据,2014年上海城镇居民人均可支配收入为47710元,以欧洲足球标准推断,上海职业球员的平均年薪在50万元左右,较为合理。   以上海上港[微博]队为例,这批球员们过去赚得并不多。2009年徐根宝率领球队征战中甲,球员每月工资只有1800元,单场赢球奖金约5000元。2013年球队首战中超,也只有武磊[微博]和王?超两人税前年薪达到100万元。随着上港集团去年全资收购足球俱乐部,这批队员才算苦尽甘来,迎来年薪大幅度上涨的好日子。和其他体育项目一样,足球吃的是青春饭,10年要把一辈子的钱挣完,所以给外界感觉收入较高。   其实,由于中国足球此前的形象一落千丈,中国球员的收入都不高,更频繁遭遇欠薪,如今才算再遇好时代。没有国家层面的高度重视,没有恒大投入的示范效应,没有中超联赛的趋向繁荣,中国球员绝无可能拿到千万元年薪。显然,球员群体需要用更好的表现,不辜负社会各界的投入。   总额限制 防范风险   在恒大大资金投入的示范效应下,中超其余15家俱乐部纷纷发力,中超联赛在2015新赛季的总投入,已占全球第二位。然而,中超在迎来繁荣发展的背后,隐藏着巨大风险。   中超俱乐部的运营,存在先天的结构性缺陷。整个中超俱乐部90%的薪资,都用于给主帅、球员发薪水??但在欧洲俱乐部,将帅薪水投入一旦超过俱乐部总投入的60%,被认为很可能导致俱乐部破产。显然,有关方面把薪水总额管理写入足球改革方案,恰恰是对中超可持续发展的一种政策护航。   俱乐部“工资帽”的模板,是近期接连夺得亚冠和亚洲杯冠军的澳大利亚足球。澳超联赛借鉴了NBA模式,推行限定俱乐部薪资总额的“工资帽”制度。澳超每家俱乐部用于球员教练的“工资帽”在250万澳元左右,这笔工资开销占俱乐部总投入三分之一。为了确保票房,每家俱乐部允许有一名超级球星的薪水在“工资帽”之外,且上不封顶。意大利球星德尔?皮耶罗[微博]、英格兰[微博]的罗比?福勒等,都曾是这样的特权球员。   中超如今不计成本的大投入并不可持续,但价格畸高的问题在于供求失衡:中超本土的好球员太少。想要平抑价格,关键还是培养更多有能力有潜力的青少年选手,好球员多了,成本自然下降。俱乐部设立“工资帽”的最大好处,是防范俱乐部的运营风险,鼓励俱乐部培养本土年轻球员。以澳大利亚为例,本土球员的收入都不高,冒尖的好球员都前往欧洲赚大钱,澳超演化成年轻本土人才不断涌现的舞台。   显然,未来工资帽制度的推出,对于培养本土选手有着积极的意义,对于中超健康发展也是利好。


美国3名海军上将受贿2亿美元?翻译有误-搜狐新闻  美国3名海军上将受贿2亿美元?若是真的可能要创造美国纪录了。但这是真的吗?弧度君找来原文一看,发现是个翻译错误,当事人确实受贿被查,但数额实在没有那么恐怖,跟2亿美元远远不在一个数量级上。 涉案的三名美国海军军官,从左至右为迈克•米勒中将、特里•克拉夫特少将和大卫•平波少将 图片来自《华盛顿邮报》网站   今天(7月21日),一篇译自路透社的稿件广泛传播,称美国海军于当地时间20日确认,三名海军上将曾接受一家新加坡公司超过2亿美元(约合人民币12.4亿)的贿赂。   弧度找到路透原文查证,报道导语写的是:“美国海军指责三名将领陷入贿赂丑闻,这则丑闻涉及一家新加坡公司,该公司与第七舰队签有清洁和补给舰船的合同,合同总金额超过2亿美元。”(The U.S. Navy censured three admirals in connection with a bribery scandal involving a Singapore company that held more than $200 million in contracts to clean and supply ships from the Seventh Fleet, Navy officials confirmed on Monday.)此外,三名涉案军官分别是迈克•米勒中将、特里•克拉夫特少将和大卫•平波少将,而不像上述译文说的三名“上将”。   原来,贿赂案所牵涉的新加坡亚洲格兰海上防务公司(Glenn Defense Marine Asia)与美国海军合同总额为2亿美元,而不是这三名将领直接收受2亿美元贿款。   据美国《华盛顿邮报》报道,这起受贿调查在2013年已被公众所知,联邦特工将涉案公司总裁伦纳德•弗朗西斯引诱到美国本土后将其逮捕。   弗朗西斯已认罪,承认通过为海军官员招妓、提供奢华食宿旅游、塞小额红包或礼品等方式,换取内部船舶调动、商业运行等敏感信息。此外,在美国海军在亚洲港口逗留期间,该公司提供舰船补给服务时还故意抬高价格,滥收金额达到1000万美元。   能说出直接金额的,目前可见的证据是两餐奢华晚宴和一个航母模型。   根据调查文件显示,2007年,涉案海军将领大卫•平波(时任里根号航母上负责供应的军官)曾两次参加在新加坡举办的奢华晚宴。其中一餐饭就花了23061美元,这顿饭一共有30人参加,实际人均为768.72美元。为规避职业伦理规则,先由海军圈里人称“肥伦纳德”的弗朗西斯掏钱,军官们再把饭钱补给他,但补给他的只是50-70美元不等的个人支票。   平波和另一位将领迈克•米勒还分别收受了估价约870美元一个的航母模型,但只象征性地付给弗朗西斯一点钱。 本文来源:弧度(微信公众号:hudunews)未经许可请勿转载

has become the best player of the match. Replace huireqi featuring the main attack Jiangsu girl Zhang Changning scored 18 points

Scared a cold sweat! Women’s volleyball team to reverse victory nest a stomach fire! CCTV broadcast device yesterday, 2015 women’s Volleyball World Cup in Japan started, China opener against the Serbia women’s volleyball team. China team first backward from first to last, fans scared out in a cold sweat, but Lang Jiajun eventually reversed 3:1. However, CCTV set of five live in to fourth 8:7 and enter the technical suspension, say hello to play a sound pinch out the signal, changed into advertising and world track and field championship cushion field programs, so many fans very Wohuo. Attack! Attack! & nbsp; faster offensive to suppress the opponent played in the World Cup before, Chinese women’s volleyball team captain huireqi because the heart is not temporary exit list, perceptual Lang Ping because even distressed Xiaohui shed tears. This accident, also let China women’s Volleyball World Cup is more or less affected. Serbia women’s volleyball team started the game, the other soon showed the strong attack. First Mikhailovich and Stewart Aganovich’s attack to make the Chinese team struggling to cope, the start of the Chinese team to 0:3 behind. Subsequently, lacidipine odd break, auger in Norwich serve and Bosco Albion’s back, let the girls caught unprepared. 19:25, the Chinese women’s volleyball team, even without a first lead, soon hand over the game. Girls are not satisfactory performance is huireqi absence brings strength because of, or because of the world championship opener tension caused by? Plus second China’s team was once again behind 5 points, fans of the heart to the heart of the eye. Qiongzesibian! Lang Ping of the plight of the continuous transformation field lineup: font Yan Ni is taken to the threshing ground, Ding Xia backup setter for main setter quiet thinking and reinforce the position including Liu Yan also replace the Zeng Chunlei… Change! Change! Change to the Chinese women’s volleyball team is more rapid, effective attack, the defense of the one to become a girl in Serbia. And in front of Chinese team "flower", the Serbia women’s volleyball team offensive significantly suppressed, Lang Jiajun also can organize the defense and block more calmly. 25:23 and 25:15 and 25:19, Chinese women’s volleyball team even win three innings, achieved a high score of 3:1 reversal — such a victory, also to ensure that girls opener to take all three points. Throughout the game, the Chinese team main Zhu Ting scored 24 points, in was awarded the "scoring" at the same time, has become the best player of the match. Replace huireqi featuring the main attack Jiangsu girl Zhang Changning scored 18 points, font yuan heart? Harvest 10 points, substitute font Yan Ni also 6 points for Houston. Serbia, the main Mihajlovic contribution 21 points, Boskovich collusion also won 14 points, add 10 points of font Laci points and 13 and captain nikolich, attack and many. However, the Serbia women’s volleyball team sent 23 points, the Chinese team only 12 points. The block score, Chinese volleyball 14:3 to be way ahead. Challenge! Dekaron An important challenge Hawkeye change situation in the tennis match, the players and the fans are already very accustomed to on-site challenge Hawkeye, the fans even rhythmic clapping and look forward to a successful challenge. However, the challenge of the volleyball match


辽媒:闵鹿蕾儿子任技术官员 辽篮已向篮协申请回避 总决赛第4场结束时 本报北京电(记者马骋)记者从辽宁药都本溪男篮处了解到,其中一名庆祝的技术官员是闵鹿蕾的儿子闵伟凡。老子指挥比赛,儿子在技术台出任技术官员,这种安排让辽篮很是担心。 一位辽篮人士表示:“技术台的官员负责计时,记录比分、犯规次数,以及技术统计等工作,按照惯例,在哪比赛,就由哪个地区篮协的工作人员来担任。中国篮协的确没有规定不允许球员、教练的直系亲属出任技术官员,但以前也没遇到过这样的情况,所以没什么问题。不过这次闵鹿蕾的儿子出任技术官员,我们还是很有顾虑。如果真要是在比赛的关键时刻,出现了问题,我们再来质问这个事情恐怕就晚了。” 据悉,辽宁男篮已经向中国篮协提出,能否让闵鹿蕾儿子在今晚的比赛中进行回避,不再出任技术官员。截至记者发稿时,中国篮协并未对此作出回应。


赴韩考驾照调查:中介伪造资料 驾照全球公信力低-中新网   “只需13小时培训”“费用是国内一半”“闭着眼睛也能过”……随着中介和驾校的卖力宣传,一股到韩国考驾照的风潮越刮越猛。截至今年5月,数万名中国人获得韩国驾照,而在韩国旅游重镇济州岛,“观光+考驾照”的商业营销模式更是令很多中国游客趋之若鹜。2013年,中国出台“史上最严驾照新规”,与此同时,韩国进一步放宽驾考程序,这“一紧一松”被认为是中国人出国“曲线快速拿驾照”的现实土壤。如今,上海交管部门率先表示不承认“韩国速成驾照”,韩国国内也传出“国家丢脸”的反思声音。吃着泡菜整着容也能顺便拿个驾照?如此轻松得来的驾照到底靠不靠谱?《环球时报》记者就此进行了调查。   中介的承诺很吸引人   “首尔街头到处是中国游客,吸引他们的是韩国奢华的百货商店、魅力动人的明星??如今还有驾校。”英国《金融时报》以“中国人踊跃赴韩考驾照”为题报道说,由于韩国驾照考试难度较低,因此在韩国拿到驾照后,在中国转换为中国驾照的中国人大幅增多。而近些年来在中国掀起的“私家车”购买热潮也对此起到了推波助澜的作用。   2013年,中国大幅提高了驾照考取的门槛。韩国国际广播电台报道称,根据规定,中国驾考应考者在接受78小时的驾驶安全教育后,才有资格参加很多人无法通过的考试。随着需要接受教育的时间增加,相应的学费增加至4000元人民币,相当于68万韩元,且参加考试的程序也变得更复杂。与此相反,韩国于2011年放宽了针对韩国人和外国人的驾照考取所需条件。教育时间仅为13个小时,教育费用也仅约45万韩元。而且考试难度也不大,外国人可以比较容易拿到驾照。   韩国道路交通公团和济州岛地方警察厅的最新数据显示,在济州岛获得驾照的中国人4年内猛增15倍。2010年仅有67名中国人在当地考取驾照,2014年达到991人。今年1至5月,已有1204名中国人在济州岛考取驾照。《韩国时报》估计,2015年这个数字将突破2000人。韩国《亚洲经济》评论称,“济州岛已经成为最适合驾照游的地区”。   英国广播公司21日称,风靡多年的赴韩整容风方兴未艾,时下又刮起赴韩“考驾照”风,按当事人的说法:“在韩国考驾照手续简便、学费低、拿证快。简单到‘闭着眼睛也能通过’!”既领略了异国风情,又办好考证这件烦心事,可谓“一箭双雕、一举两得”。   “倒没有‘闭着眼睛都能过’如此夸张,但确实比国内驾考容易。”21日,《环球时报》记者以咨询者身份致电国内一家经营济州岛驾考业务的中介机构,对方极力向记者推销“考驾照+旅游”产品的优势。   “7天旅游同时拿驾照”“保证全程翻译陪同”……《环球时报》记者登录中国一家购物网站,输入“韩国驾照”关键词后,中介代理机构的承诺非常吸引眼球。山东日照的赖女士刚从济州岛旅游回来,并且顺利拿到韩国驾照,总共花了约1万元人民币。她21日对《环球时报》说,在韩国考驾照的确容易些,考试系统有中文版本,题目也非常简单。赖女士表示,尽管驾校是韩语教学,但校方提供中文课件和资料,上路时有中文翻译在副驾驶位置指导。   考证须有“外国人登录证”   赖女士的经历正是济州岛“旅游考驾照”的缩影。据韩国《京乡新闻》报道,济州岛一家航空旅行社正在考虑开发用专机接送想在韩国考驾照的团体游客项目。而另一家旅行社推出了价值9700元人民币的5日游产品,包括驾照日程。还有一家企业专营面向中国游客的驾照游,记者在该公司的网站上看到,其营业项目中单列了“韩国驾照”一项,该项目的5日游包括三天半的驾照考试日程和一天半的自由日程。该公司还打出“一次通过率保证99%,两次保证100%”的广告,并开通了微博和微信账号。   受中国人到济州岛考驾照风潮的影响,韩国其他地方也跃跃欲试。韩联社报道说,除了面向上海、沈阳、大连、哈尔滨和武汉等地的游客进行宣传之外,忠清北道政府还推出能够创收的婚纱摄影和驾照考取等多项服务,以让中国游客在当地多待几日,拉动当地经济。在首尔,现代驾校一处教学点的负责人朴正恩表示,该校中国学员的数量已经超过韩国人,比例达到7:3,其中大多是在附近工厂工作的中国旅韩居民。朴正恩还说,2012年以来“驾照旅游者”的数量不断增加,去年8月以来增幅尤其强劲。《环球时报》从首尔其他一些驾校也了解到同样的趋势。   据中国公安部统计,2013年中国共办理持境外驾驶证换领中国驾驶证82140本,国内公民换证53681本,占65.4%。持韩国驾驶证换领中国驾驶证占境外驾驶证换证总数的8.7%,其中内地居民换证3135本,占43.8%。据负责驾照考试的韩国道路交通公团统计,2013年在韩国考取驾照的中国人有24687名,比2010年增加两倍。   根据韩国道路交通公团介绍,韩国驾驶执照考试2011年改革后确实难度有所降低。以小型手动汽车驾驶执照为例,驾校学员需要通过笔试、技能、上路三次考试。首先学员需要接受约1小时的免费考前教育,之后是体检和笔试,费用合计约1万韩元(约合58.6元人民币),笔试前需要接受5小时课程教育,笔试有中英等外语。技能考试之前需要接受2小时课程,之后上车在场地内考试。费用为1.5万韩元。路考前有6小时课程,之后按两种路线图的任意一条考试。   《环球时报》记者曾参加过韩国驾照考试,感觉变线、压线、转向灯等细节要求非常严格,不听考官指挥、不系安全带等6种情况会直接失去考试资格。理想情况下在驾校接受13个小时培训的确可以拿到驾照,但如果没有熟练的车技和韩文基础,十多个小时拿驾照并非易事。韩国《济州日报》报道称,随着前往济州岛驾考人数的增加,部分驾校甚至都不能保证13小时的正规教育。   韩国道路交通公团网站显示,外国人在韩国考驾照,需要外国人登录证或外国国籍同胞国内居所证明、护照、3张近期彩色证件照和1万韩元手续费。其中“外国人登录证”等同于国内的临时身份证,在韩国需要滞留90天以上的签证才能申请该证。香港《南华早报》报道说,因为韩国济州岛为免签地,在济州岛考驾照不需要登录证,因此之前成为了监管漏洞。“外国人在韩考驾照必须要有韩国的外国人登录证。”韩国道路交通公团相关负责人21日对《环球时报》记者强调。此前,记者也曾询问没有登录证的外国游客能否参加驾照考试,对方表示有护照和韩国国内地址就可以参加。   韩国一名不愿透露姓名的业内人士21日对《环球时报》表示,新手仅用不到一周时间就考取驾照,很可能是中介或者一些驾校帮游客造假,获取登录证,如果是通过非法渠道获得的,考取驾照的人在韩国和中国都会面临风险和隐患。这名业内人士说,游客签证上都有出入境日期记录,假登录证很难进行“漂白”。此外,在韩国申领的驾照到中国可能会“水土不服”,比如临时驾照,无法在中国使用。   韩国将提驾考修正草案   赴韩国旅游考驾照人员较多的上海已经采取措施。《南华早报》报道称,从7月开始,上海停止办理没有“外国人登录证”的韩国驾照换证业务。这意味着之前有民众以为可以通过去韩国取得驾照后回来“曲线”换证的空子在上海没法钻了。按照公安部发布的《机动车驾驶证申领和使用规定》,中国公民在外国取得驾照之后,回国即可办理转换国内当地的驾照,只要递交相关材料,之后参加笔试,考试合格之后就可以领取国内驾照。   《济州日报》称,随着在韩国取得驾照的人数增加,中国国内对韩国“驾考太容易,事故风险也会增加”的忧虑也在增加。2014年12月,中国政府向韩国警察厅发送公文,要求韩方禁止短期逗留的中国人在韩国考取驾照。济州地方警察厅表示,“据现行法律规定,很难禁止短期逗留的外国人在韩考取驾照。不能将中国人视为例外”。不过,韩国警察厅驾驶执照股股长曹禺钟表示,将针对过去出现的问题提出对策。据悉,经过听证会后,韩国有望尽早提出对驾照考试修正草案。   实际上,2011年韩国降低驾照考试难度后,新手事故发生率也在增加。据报道,领取驾照一年的韩国司机事故率同比增加了23%。持临时驾照者的事故率也增加了83.5%。韩国有意延长内路训练时间、提高路考难度等。与此同时,韩国《朝鲜日报》报道说,中国“史上最严交规”管理驾照考试制度的效果明显,仅以新驾驶人驾车数据为例,2013年,按新令培训考试取得驾驶证、驾龄1年以内新驾驶人被查处的违法起数同比下降72.9%;驾龄1年以内新驾驶人引发的交通事故起数、死亡人数,同比分别下降16.3%、14.9%。   英国《每日电讯报》引述澳大利亚“资本比较”网站的研究数据显示,在22个国家和地区的调查中,英国的驾照是全球最有公信力的驾照,之后是法国、德国;驾照公信力最糟糕的三个国家分别为:韩国、墨西哥和俄罗斯。“资本比较”网站根据这22个国家和地区的驾照在全球其他国家转换情况难易程度,得出一个综合分数,其中英国以97分排名第一,而韩国和墨西哥以65分排名倒数第二。   “韩国驾照变成全球最容易考取的驾照,这是让国家丢脸的事。”新加坡《联合早报》引述韩国亚洲大学交通系统工程系教授李哲基的话说。李哲基认为,政府应该加强驾照考试制度,这才是唯一的解决方案。(环球时报驻韩国特派记者 万宇 陈尚文 环球时报记者 李小飞 李莉)

in a game for the wounded

Women’s football captain: injured finish game at the end of the war could play doubt – Sohu sports HD: Women’s soccer team preparing for the group match the relaxed atmosphere of the players talking and laughing (Sohu sports Zhang Liang June 13 Winnipeg reported) the Chinese women’s football team moved to Winnipeg and they will be here to host the World Cup group match the last opponent in New Zealand, the second game in our goalkeeper Wangfei injured to finished the race. 13 they arrived in Winnipeg’s first formal training, the team captain, Wu Haiyan, in a game for the wounded, injured finish game. She is currently unable to normal training, end hits New Zealand can play is problematic. After the Chinese women’s football team arrived in the Winnipeg’s first formal training, the team captain Wu Haiyan, only one person present to jogging, she in Dutch Chinese game in first half injury, but she insisted that she finished the game, Wu Haiyan told reporters: "in the sky before the semi field is twisted about, still recovering hope can not influence now walk good, yesterday, some turn, should the game no problem…… Now did not think about it, to think is to hurry." Speaking of the injured, Wu Haiyan said she is after watching the video didn’t know what happened, she said: "I didn’t know how to sprain, watching the opponent to be shot is blocked for a while, I thought it was a block that about injuries, did not expect is landing, come back to see the slow motion to know how to return a responsibility." After the arrival of the Winnipeg, local weather confront uncertain, for two consecutive days of rain, 13 training even before it began to hail, Wu Haiyan said: "it rains, I think should be won’t have too big problem, I wish to let us adapt to the rain, we consider is a ball how to do, we and they have played, personal ability analysis, or prepared." China’s last World Cup group match last game is to win New Zealand will play, the results of their 2-0 defeat opponents, but Wu Haiyan said: "we face every opponent is to build our own confidence, the history of the record without thought, the game is not affected. New Zealand is not particularly prominent, compared with the previous play no change, more important or the first to our own good, we cooperate with our feet, more than to show their own personal ability." (source: Sohu sports)