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Aidier last year net profit down 20% push gaosongzhuan by Shenzhen attention (Figure) – Sohu Finance 长江职业学院贴吧

Aidier last year net profit down 20% push gaosongzhuan by Shenzhen attention (Figure) – Sohu financial China Economic Net Beijing on February 23rd news Adel (002740) February 22nd evening released 2015 annual results letters, the company achieved total revenue of 840 million yuan, down 5.13%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 67 million 378 thousand and 800 yuan, down 22.88%. Adel said, because this year the jewelry industry affected by the overall macroeconomic impact, the industry overall performance decline. The company to deal with the challenges of the industry, and actively take big customer credit policy adjustments for quality clients, the annual payment, before purchasing a large quantity of benign, in the jewelry industry regional brand enterprise the high visibility of the implementation of appropriate relaxation of credit policy, the second half of the accounts receivable increase greatly. According to Chinese economic net reporter, Aidier February 18th revealed high transfer plan, intends to shareholders cash dividends every 10 shares 1.10 yuan (including tax), while the capital reserve to all shareholders 10 shares for every 20 shares. From February 18th the disclosure program, Aidier three successive harvest limit, closing at 50.42 yuan in February 22nd. In the share price soared, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued on the 19 February Aidier letters of concern, attention, and the performance of the company’s profit distribution. Shenzhen pointed out that the required combination of the industry characteristics, development stage, business model, profitability, future development strategy and other factors, the specific reasons, the company launched a supplementary disclosure of the profit distribution plan reasonable profit distribution plan and the performance of the company, the specific reasons; and supplementary disclosure the profit distribution plan through financial analysis whether, over the allocation range; supplementary disclosure whether the company in the past 12 months used to raise funds to supplement working capital and in the next 12 months, do you plan to use to raise funds to supplement working capital.

爱迪尔去年净利同比降两成 推高送转被深交所关注(图)-搜狐财经   中国经济网北京2月23日讯 爱迪尔(002740)2月22日晚间发布2015年度业绩快报,公司实现营业总收入8.4亿元,同比减少5.13%;实现归属于上市公司股东的净利润6737.88万元,同比减少22.88%。  爱迪尔表示,因今年珠宝行业受整体宏观经济影响,行业总体业绩下滑。公司为应对行业挑战,积极采取大客户信用政策的调整,对优质大客户,即以前年度采购量大、回款良性、在珠宝行业有很高知名度的区域品牌企业实行适度放宽信用政策,故下半年后应收账款有较大增加。  据中国经济网记者了解,爱迪尔2月18日曾披露高送转预案,拟向全体股东每 10 股派发现金股利 1.10 元(含税),同时以资本公积向全体股东每 10 股转增 20 股。从2月18日方案披露起,爱迪尔接连收获三个涨停,2月22日收盘报50.42元。  就在股价飞涨之际,深交所2月19日向爱迪尔发出关注函,关注公司利润分配与业绩的匹配性。深交所指出,要求结合公司所处行业特点、发展阶段、经营模式、盈利水平、未来发展战略等因素,补充披露公司推出上述利润分配预案的具体理由、合理性,利润分配预案与公司业绩匹配的具体理由;并补充披露上述利润分配预案是否经过财务测算,是否超过可分配范围;补充披露公司在过去 12 个月内是否使用过募集资金补充流动资金,以及在未来 12 个月内是否计划使用募集资金补充流动资金等。相关的主题文章:

See through the lens of fantasy technology in the next 2015 movies 采花堂

From the 2015 movies in the future through the lens of fantasy "Star Wars 7: the force of science and technology in the awakening" opened the 2016 science fiction film China released for the opening this year in high-tech elements in the film is still one of the main means to attract the fans into the cinema. Of course, the so-called science fiction movies are not aimless blind, but the sustenance of people longing for and look forward to the future of high-tech. Many episodes in former science fiction movies have now become reality, even more intelligent than high-end movies. From the 2015 movies in the future through the lens of fantasy technology using technology elements become grossing film is a magic weapon in the hands of producers, and seemingly sophisticated high-end technology are superb use of CG animation and visual effects, which appear in the film reach technology, look so close to the people. All concepts are not imaginary, there are traces in life and work. As the best carrier of dreams, the film carries too many people’s expectations for the future. So, how far away are the high-tech products and scenes in the film from people’s real life? Here, let’s take a look at the conceptual product that is already in its embryonic form or will be coming into existence in the big sci-fi action movie of the 2015. NASA technology to illuminate reality — Mars rescue current can be achieved to the embryonic stage, the short term is difficult to achieve the modern science and technology: for human exploration of outer space and obsession never faded, with the progress of science and technology also gradually realize this ambition. The director is just right about the subject, a high quality space hard science fiction Blockbuster: "Mars rescue". But in most people’s eyes, the film is the film, which uses a number of high-tech is not scientific, so the credibility is not high. But the director of the film has personally discussed to the United States NASA, of which many technologies are NASA research and development of high-tech projects. "Mars" rescue the movie, the hero will be transformed into self-sufficient living space controlled ecological small farms, although suffered heavy losses, but still try to live in the film, the protagonist part of the cabin can be transformed into self controlled ecological small farms, by eating potatoes to maintain life, so as to win the time saved. This may seem absurd, but NASA is now actively exploring the types of crops that can be planted. At the international space station ISS, astronauts have abundant space supplies. But if the hero and similar can be self-sufficient, but it is not difficult to achieve, as long as the use of colored light control, the vegetables will grow, for the astronaut food. The astronauts on the International Space Station Laboratory harvest lettuce, red is a special space specially planted lettuce necessities of future technology: as early as 2008, the U.S. space company has plans to put 80 thousand people on earth to Mars in 20 years. The plan for the first time in recent years the United States space exploration technology company (SpaceX) CEO and founder Elon Musk · certainly. The plan to immigrate to Mars and build communities on Mars seems to have been lifted.

从镜头看穿未来 2015大片中的奇幻科技   《星球大战7:原力觉醒》在中国上映 开启了2016年科幻电影的开篇之作,在今年电影中的高科技元素依旧是吸引影迷进入电影院的主要手段之一。当然,所谓的科幻电影并不是无头无脑的瞎想,而是寄托了人们对于未来高科技的向往和憧憬。众多在以前科幻电影中出现的情节,已经在如今成为现实,甚至比电影中的更为智能高端。 从镜头看穿未来 2015大片中的奇幻科技   利 用科技元素成为电影卖座是制作人手中的法宝,而看似高端复杂的高端科技均高超运用了CG动画和视觉特效,使得这些出现在电影中遥不可及的技术,看起来如此 贴近人们生。所有概念并不是凭空想象,在生活工作中有迹可循。电影作为梦想的最佳载体,承载了了太多的人类对于未来的期望。那么,电影中的高科技产品和场 景,与人们的现实生活距离有多遥远呢?下面,就一起来看看在或已具雏形,或未来即将实现出现在2015年的科幻动作大电影中的概念产品。   NASA科技照亮现实–火星救援   目前能否实现:属于萌芽阶段,短期很难实现   现代科技:人 类对于外太空的探索以及痴迷从未消退,随着科技的进步这一奢望也在逐步实现。导演对这一题材也把握的恰到好处,一部高质量的太空题材硬科幻大片亮相:《火 星救援》。但在多数人眼中,电影就是电影,其中所运用的多项高科技并不科学,因此可信度并不高。但该片的导演曾亲自向美国NASA进行了探讨,其中众多技 术是NASA正在研发的高科技项目。 《火星救援》电影中,主人公将居住舱改造成可自给自足受控生态的小农场,尽管遭受重创,但仍努力活下去   在影片中,主人公把部分居住舱改造成可自给自足受控生态的小农场,通过吃土豆维持了生命,从而为获救赢得了时间。这样看来不免觉得有些荒唐,但目 前,NASA正积极开拓可种植的作物种类。而在国际空间站ISS,航天员拥有丰富的太空补给。但若是与主人公情况相似就只能自给自足,但这并不是难以实 现,只要使用有色光源控制,蔬菜就会地生长,供航天员食用。 航天员正在国际空间站的实验室中收成生菜,特殊红光是专门栽种太空生菜的必需品   未来科技:早 在2008年,美国太空公司已计划在20年内把8万地球人送往火星。这项计划在近几年首次得到了美国宇宙探索技术公司(SpaceX)总裁兼创始人埃隆· 马斯克的肯定。移民火星并在火星建社区的计划似乎已经提上日程,之后有8万多名志愿者申请,但在去年“移民火星”计划被曝是骗局。SpaceX是世上首个 成功发射运载火箭的私营企业,但想轻松实现“移民火星”计划却十分艰难,如此看来该项目在短期内很难实现。然而就像近乎疯狂以及极具叛逆精神的埃隆·马斯 克所坚信的,遨游太空也只是时间问题。 SpaceX公司的火星移民计划,希望在火星上建立社区,成为“火星人”将不再是一句戏谑,而是真实存在的新人类。   电影介绍:人类实现了首次在火星上登陆,美国宇航员马克·沃特尼与其他五位宇航员遭遇巨型风暴,外太空之旅只能提前结束,他被误认为无法生还而留在火星。随后其利用自制的肥料种植土豆,对手头的所有材料物尽其用,并在双方重新取得联系后,火星救援任务由此启动,最后成功获救。   全息影像科技感强–复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元   目前能否实现:基本实现,电影中的暂难实现   现代科技:《复 仇者联盟2》电影中的黑科技众多,在托尼·斯塔克的工作室中,将手中的设备往前面一掷,全息影像将所有数据都出现在眼前,给大家留下了深刻印象,惊艳的表 现让处于触屏时代的我们大呼过瘾。而这项全息影像并非全是杜撰,其已经应用在诸多环境中,在众多场所皆有这项技术的延伸应用。然而现在也处于初级阶段,若 想真正达到电影中的效果可能并不困难,但现在达到电影中的全息影像仍不现实。 托尼·斯塔克的实验室,将手上的设备向前面一掷,全息影像将所有数据展示在眼前   未来科技:全 息投影在现实应用范围较广,在演唱会、发布会等场所屡见不鲜,但与《复仇者联盟2》中托尼·斯塔克家中的豪华实验室相比较而言,这也只是小巫见大巫。如何 将3D全息交互、手势交互技术以及增强现实等多项技术相融合,制造一个拥有交互能力的集合体,才是科学接下来发展的重点。此外,这就不得不提到正在茁壮发 展的虚拟现实技术,或许近乎魔法效果的未来真的能为人们带来智能生活的重大变革,让我们拭目以待。 日本的虚拟歌手“初音未来”是世界上第一个使用全息投影技术举办演唱会的虚拟偶像   电影介绍:钢铁侠试图启动处于休眠状态的维持和平计划时,事情出了差错。于是,在地球面临生死存亡的紧急关头时,强大的超级英雄们挺身而出承担起拯救世界的重任,他们将阻止可怕的人工智能机器人“奥创”制定恐怖计划。   现实版大白全新治愈使者–超能陆战队   目前能否实现:初级阶段,功能不全   现代科技:《超 能陆战队》较为老套的故事却收到了男女老少的喜爱,大白这个健康机器人基本将电影中的萌点和泪点包圆。而在现实生活中,医疗伴侣以及具有简单交互能力的机 器人并不少见。但能够快速扫描,检测出人体的不正常情绪或受伤,并对其治疗,加之大白具有的交互能力以及自主意识,并不是现在普通机器人所能匹敌的。 大白包圆了电影中的萌点,能够对小宏的身体进行扫描,以检测出人体的不正常情绪或受伤   情感机器人Pepper在日本所拥有的人气并不逊色于大白,这是一款能够通过判断人类的面部表情和语调的方式,“读”出人类情感的机器人。当然,“聊天”模 式与大白的“暖男”模式相比较则略显单一,同时不菲的费用也并不面向工薪。而也有众多拥有医学方面的护理型机器人,可以为病人的站立和行走提供支撑,还可 以把病人抱起来。当然,功能也基本仅限于此。 情感机器人Pepper能够通过判断人类的面部表情和语调的方式,读”出人类情感,但这款机器人却受到了马云的青睐,或将在近几年引入国内市场   未来科技:《超 能陆战队》中的大白(BayMax)是作为一款医疗伴侣,亦或称为“私人健康顾问”而存在。尽管之后进行了改造,但仍旧摆脱不了呆萌的形象。而在医学方 面,机器人的作用基本体现诊断、治疗、康复、护理和功能辅助等。当然随着机械手臂、仿真机器人的出现,机器人可以达到临床模拟效果。但具备像大白这类的能 够进行感知、思维、判断的医学机器人则是未来发展方向。 熊护士ROBEAR机器人,能做很多护理工作,可以模拟出人的怀抱感。外表萌萌哒,可以送你一个爱的抱抱   电影介绍:充气机器人大白与天才少年小宏联手菜鸟小伙伴组建超能战队,共同打击犯罪阴谋的故事。   人工智能是威胁还是宝–超能查派   目前能否实现:否,拥有自主意识的短期不存在   现代科技:有关人工智能(AI)的机器人正处于研究发展状态,依托于人类的意识、思维的信息过程来进行模拟,并有望拥有超过人类的智能。然而人工智能在拥有自主意识以及高智商之后的安全性,却成为近些年电影的一大卖点。 人工智能(AI)的发展以及威胁论,成为这类型电影的卖点,人类vs机器人往往能够大卖   尽 管隐患成为不少人所担心的,但从各大科技公司的对人工智能的态度来看,包括谷歌、Facebook以及亚马逊在内都在不断拓展人工智能的外延。目前,各类 型机器人在人们生活、工作中已不算稀奇,但随着机器人的发展,人工智能的诞生以及融入人们生活也只是时间问题,希望在电影中出现的安全隐患不要存在。 类似查派、大白这样的拥有天真可爱性格的机器人,才是人们渴望看到的   未来科技:每 个国家的对机器人技术的研发都格外重视,人们生活对智能化要求的逐步提高也促进了机器人的发展。机器人发展可谓是一日千里,而未来机器人或许在具备了高智 商乃至自我感之后,就像《超能查派》中的查派一样,辅助人类的生活工作,代替人类完成高难度或者高度危险的任务。但被赋予了人类意识的机器人,与人类共存 亦或是取代人类,短期内想见到可能并不容易。 目前的类人机器人不仅外观像人,同时通过智能软件让其能够“思考”。但机器人频频传出“发飙”负面消息,让其安全性受质疑   电影介绍:大型军火公司制造出了全球第一批机器人警察,并派遣它们执行任务。人工智能机器人“查派”是世界上第一个自我觉醒的机器人,他性格天真可爱,有着超乎寻常的天赋。故事便围绕着查派与人类世界的互动和自我成长而展开,而人类与机器之间的大战再度爆发。   15年后出现?未来或引更大争议–碟中谍5   目前能否实现:部分实现,需要更为精准发展   现代科技:在不少特工电影中,隐形眼镜不再局限于传统的用途,可以更进一步显示叠加图层、对现实进行标注分析的隐形眼镜,同时还具有拍照、面部识别等功能。而在现实生 活中,随着智能穿戴在近几年的崛起,使得具备多种能力的隐形眼镜亦或是高科技眼镜有可能成为现实。其中,谷歌眼镜算是最为贴切的产品,但其在发布初期引发 了不小的争议,带来的威胁隐私安全被过分渲染。 更为出色的智能设备,谷歌眼镜未来发展必将看齐(图片来自makeagif) 科幻电影中的智能隐形眼镜有望成为可能,但相信未来仍会饱受争议(图片来自quora)   未来科技:在 《碟中谍5》影片中,类似谷歌眼镜的智能眼镜也是一大亮点。目前,谷歌眼镜尽管在技术方面仍不完善,但已经能够实现部分增强现实类的穿戴体验。而类似影片 中更隐蔽的智能隐形眼镜在短期内可能无法出现在日常生活中,不过,谷歌也仍着手研发隐形智能眼镜,将用于监测糖尿病人的血糖水平;比利时科学家也通过在隐 形眼镜中集成柔性屏幕,来实现手机短信、通知查看应用。帕尔维兹教授层预测称,该项技术可以在眼前形成各种图像,预计将在2030年出现。 谷歌眼镜成为智能穿戴新宠(图片来自hwp)   电影介绍:《碟中谍5:神秘国度》是《碟中谍》系列电影的第五部,该片讲述了伊桑·亨特和他的团队遭遇到与他们同样有技艺高超的一个名为“神秘国度”的组织追杀的故事。   不只有摄像头监控–速度与激情7   目前能否实现:局部实现难度不大,未来或能轻松实现   现代科技:《速 度与激情7》中主要以一套酷炫的“天眼”系统进行争夺,能够成功调用地球上任何位置的摄像头和音频系统,让想要搜索的人或事物无所遁形。这项技术需要庞大 的数据作为依托,其次“人脸识别”技术也是其中最为重要的。而人脸识别这项技术已经在多个领域有所涉及,比如门禁系统、考勤系统亦或是智能手机上。以上这 些应用也只是对人脸识别有了全新的应用,若认为只能应用到这个程度就是个错误。 天眼系统若真实存在,个人隐私泄露将更加无可避免   美 国硅谷有一家利用大数据追踪嫌疑人的高科技公司Palantir,美国很多国家安全机构都在与这家公司合作,网上还有传闻称,拉登的行踪被发现,就和这家 公司有关。但若是利用街道上的监控摄像头识别人脸难度并不低,主要是因为受限于分辨率低导致人脸模糊,而目前有一种名为超分辨率重建的技术,结合人脸结构 等先验知识,可以对模糊的人脸图像进行有效处理,增强其分辨率,大大提升室外人脸识别的精度。这么看来,该项技术若想成功上线并不是十分困难。 《速度与激情7》天眼系统借助监控摄像头以及人脸识别,单纯从摄像头渴望有所突破并不容易   未来科技:物 联网的发展是不少科技公司的业务重点,进一步揭露了未来物联网将成为重中之重。而伴随其中的庞大数据的处理需求,将会进一步促使相应的技术诞生。届时,影 片中的天眼系统将不再是梦,而个人无论在线上还是线下将格外方便被追踪。随之产生的个人隐私泄露的风险将明显上升,其也不再是单纯的技术问题,要从技术、 道德、法律等多个维度来考虑。 see you again!致敬Paul Walker   电影介绍:《速度与激情7》是《速度与激情》系列的第7部,影片剧情将在多米尼克的团队和大反派德卡特·肖之间展开,讲述德卡特·肖为其弟报仇的故事。最后向布莱恩·奥康纳的饰演者保罗·沃克致敬。   全文总结:   科学幻想并不是简单的无中生有,更不是胡说八道。科幻作品亦或是高科技出现在电影中除了吸睛之外,更要在这类电影的未来提出合理的想像。这些高科技元素在未来竟然变成了现实,这些将变成未来人类社会的真实写照。相关的主题文章:

2015年6月私募发行数量依然有220只 混在五代当军阀

Private in January only 6 products issued in 2008 the downturn beyond reporter Qu Hongyan, editor of Pu Hongyi since July 2015, the number of issued private retreat in January this year, the issue of private equity products number is only 6, and in 2015 the average monthly number of private issue at around 200, then it is a star of private equity products, sold out. Analysts believe that, A shares have a "good law is difficult to do, to do good, that is when the difficult issue of the stock market is often the point of purchase, easy money, and private equity products Flocking establishment is precisely the market highs, the money is not easy. In January 2016, the number of private equity issued back to single digits, representing extremely pessimistic market sentiment, at this time the establishment of funds into the market, a higher degree of security. The number of private offerings issued in January fell into the freezing point, forming a big difference with the hot issue in the middle of 2015. Statistics show that in January this year the number of private placement of products is only 6, even beyond the downturn in 2008, part of the bank agency admitted that in addition to fixed income products, the securities investment products are difficult to sell, investors have been intimidated, not only private products to sell, raised funds also face selling don’t go out of the dilemma. In May 2015 and June A shares peaked, the number of private placement were 234 and 220, when a lot of star private offerings issued on one day sold out, the market sentiment rose. A stock market has a strong history of law is "hard to do good, do good attack". Private equity products easy to issue, it is the market sentiment, but not easy to make money, such as the number of private placement in May 2015 reached 234, in June 2015 the number of private placement is still only 220, but the market quickly peaked, then experienced a round of depth adjustment, the new issue of private equity products has not been spared. In 2012, the lack of market confidence at the end of a bear market, the issue of private equity products quantity downturn, January 2012 private placement is only the number of 21, the number for the annual peak of December 2012 private placement, is only 70, but has since ushered in the 2013 open market growth stocks in 2014 and opened the market rally. Senior market participants said that the fund industry "difficult to do good, to do good" law has its profound truth, fund sales easy on behalf of market sentiment, the valuation has been pushed to the high, but participants also expect higher, high market risk is often higher; and the fund products sales difficulties represent market sentiment extremely pessimistic, the valuation has been to low pressure, low income, safety degree is greatly improved, so without leverage its own funds if this point into the market, to buy high-quality stocks, the largest loss of time and cost, the probability of future money is relatively large, now perhaps went to the "to do" point. THE_END into Sina Financial shares bar discussion

私募一月份仅发行6只产品 低迷程度超越2008年   ⊙记者 屈红燕 ○编辑 浦泓毅   自2015年7月以来,私募发行数量节节败退,今年1月份私募产品发行数量更是只有6只,而在2015年私募月均发行数量在200只左右,明星私募产品彼时更是一日售罄。分析人士认为,A股有个规律就是“好发难做,难发好做”,也就是说发行难的时候往往是股市的买入点,赚钱容易,而私募产品蜂拥成立时恰恰是市场高点,赚钱不易。2016年1月私募发行数量回到个位数代表市场情绪极度悲观,此时成立资金入市安全程度更高。   私募产品1月发行数量陷入冰点,与2015年中期火爆发行形成天壤之别。统计数据显示,今年1月私募发行产品数量仅为6只,低迷程度甚至超越2008年,部分银行代销人士坦言,除固定收益类产品之外,目前证券投资类产品很难销售,投资者已经被吓怕了,不仅私募产品难卖,公募基金也同样面临卖不出去的窘境。而在2015年5月和6月A股见顶阶段,私募发行数量分别是234只和220只,当时不少明星私募产品发行一日售罄,市场情绪高涨。   A股市场历史上有个很强的规律是“难发好做,好发难做”。私募产品容易发行时,恰是市场情绪高涨之时,赚钱反而不易,比如2015年5月私募发行数量达到了234只,2015年6月私募发行数量依然有220只,但市场很快见顶,此后经历了一轮深度调整,新发行的私募产品也难以独善其身。   在2012年,熊市末端市场信心匮乏,私募产品发行数量低迷,2012年1月私募发行数量仅为21只,2012年12月私募发行数量为该年度的高峰,也仅为70只,但此后迎来了2013年开启的成长股行情和2014年的开启的全市场上涨行情。   资深市场人士表示,基金行业“好发难做,难发好做”规律有其深刻的道理,基金销售容易代表市场情绪高涨,估值已经推至高位,但参与者还在期望更高,高位入市往往风险更高;而基金产品销售困难时恰恰代表市场情绪极度悲观,估值已经压至低位,低位入市则安全程度大大提高,因此不加杠杆的自有资金如果在此点位入市,买入优质个股,最多损失时间成本,未来赚钱的概率相对较大,现在或许又到了“难发好做”的时点了。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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The unmanned vehicle is far from the bus is on the way to the one from iFanr love fan children mentioned drone, a statement you may think is the industry agree: "2020  years; the driverless car will be officially on the road, there are also some ideas that truly driverless cars also need at least ten years to mature. At present,  , Google , and other giants are developing and testing driverless cars, but when they are still testing driverless cars, driverless buses have quietly come. Recently, the first will be on the road of unmanned bus exposure in the capital city of London, the passenger bus is completed by the electric bus transformation of Heathrow Airport, will not be restricted to special track, it is reported that the unmanned bus is   GATEway& nbsp; project (for testing driverless cars to prove it is one choice the most effective transportation part). A total of seven buses have been modified, which will be tested on Greenwich highway in July this year, and the test route is still in the process of planning. After that, these driverless buses will be used as airport shuttle buses, which can transport   per year; 150  10000 passengers, can reduce about   100  tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The technical director of the GATEway project,   Nick  Reed , said: "if these tests succeed, we think these classic buses will become the most familiar signs in the world’s major cities." In fact, Britain attaches great importance to unmanned technology last year   9  June first unmanned vehicle in the United Kingdom Milton Keynes test; a few days ago, the British Ministry of transportation announced to the road testing self driving cars on the streets of London; another   Engadget& nbsp;   reported recently in the UK; 41  KM connecting corridor "the unmanned vehicle road test engineers wanted to test it can be embedded in the vehicle infrastructure in different connection modes, such as   LTE, Wi-Fi  LTE-V   hot and   DSRC, so when the occurrence of unexpected situations, the car can respond as soon as possible. 无人汽车还远 无人巴士已经在来的路上   本文来自ifanr爱范儿   提到无人驾驶,大家可能想到的就是业内比较认同的一个说法:“2020 年无人驾驶汽车会正式上路”,也有一些观点认为真正的无人驾驶汽车还至少 需要十年才会成熟。目前 Google 等巨头正在研发测试无人驾驶汽车,不过在他们还在测试无人驾驶汽车的时候,无人驾驶巴士已经悄然来了。   近日,英国首款将在公路上行驶的无人驾驶巴士在其首都伦敦曝光,这款载客巴士主要由英国伦敦希思罗机场的电动巴士改造完成,不会被限制在专用轨道上,据悉无人驾驶巴士是 GATEway 项目(用于测试无人驾驶汽车以证明其是英国最有效的运输选择之一)的一部分。   目前共有七辆巴士被改造,它们将于今年七月份在格林威治公路上进行测试,目前测试路线还在规划之中。之后,这些无人驾驶巴士将用做机场的摆渡巴士,每年可运送 150 万乘客,能够减少大约 100 吨的二氧化碳的排放量。   GATEway项目的技术主管 Nick Reed 表示:“如果这些测试成功,我们认为这些经典巴士将成为世界上各大城市中最令人熟悉的标志。”   实际上,英国对无人驾驶技术非常重视,去年 9 月首款无人驾驶汽车在英国米尔顿凯因斯测试;前几天英国交通部还宣布准许自动驾驶汽车在伦敦街头上路测试; 另外 Engadget 报道,英国近日在 41 公里“连接走廊”进行了无人驾驶汽车的上路测试,工程师想要测试一下可以嵌入在汽车基础设施里的不同的 连接方式,像是 LTE、Wi-Fi 热点,LTE-V 和 DSRC,这样做是为了当发生突发状况的时候,汽车可以尽快作出反应。相关的主题文章:

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Day letter investment: NPC and CPPCC manufacturing will gradually do more atmosphere hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client Sina Level2:A shares Sina speed Kanpan finance client: the most profitable investors in investment Tianxin A shares yesterday against the market trend rise, the small gem first rose. Weight plates, colored, aviation, medicine, education and leisure sector gainers, transportation equipment, wine, securities, construction, electricity sector decline in the top. Conceptually, gold, vitamin, holographic, rare earth, sapphire concept gainers, overseas engineering, building energy conservation, ecological agriculture, pork, the concept of governance sand decreases. Today’s news: at the end of the last quarter non-performing rate of commercial banks at the end of the three quarter of 1.67%, compared with an increase of 0.08 percentage points; in January the actual use of foreign investment 88 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 3.2%; in January, foreign trade export pressure relief or reproduce downturn in the two quarter; China confirmed second cases of Zika virus infection cases, Russia reported the first domestic case; the RMB against the U.S. dollar reported 6.4944, the biggest increase since the exchange rate reform in 2005 1 trillion and 700 billion; the central bank [micro-blog] reverse repurchase expires the impact is controllable, liquidity Festival basically no danger; the Commission [micro-blog] to check the ending 25 institutions of securities and futures, or fined. In the executive meeting of the State Council on the first day after the Spring Festival holiday, Premier Li Keqiang said seriously, when Chinese immerse themselves in the traditional festival of the most festive holiday, the global stock market has suffered a "black week, commodity prices continue to fall. The year of a new year, the global economy, especially the stock market fell sharply, China’s economy also bring great challenges and uncertainties, but sometimes, we are not afraid of things, but the nerves stretched tighter, more focus. This is the best way to show our toughness. China’s economy has always grown up in the face of challenges. Every difficulty will be more tough, more challenges will yuezhanyueyong! The prime minister made it clear that in the stock market, currencies to stabilize the market volatilities, the policy is correct, in line with international practice, and removed the "bomb" in a period of time, to avoid the occurrence of systemic financial risks. Yesterday the market can rise abruptly from the periphery fell under the background of timeshare strong anomaly, showed unilateral upward, the retracement is very small, so the trend behind not a firm more funds to do the impossible. The best effect is to support the success in support, then: maintenance of stability attitude, can be more effective, and if you do say, only in vain resources are of no avail. At present, it is sure that after yesterday’s rise, the panic in the market has been greatly weakened, and confidence has been enhanced. The exchange rate and the periphery have achieved short-term stability, and now the future trend is mainly determined by the factors of A shares themselves. I think at the beginning of the March 13th Five-Year planning, NPC and CPPCC will dominate and catalyze the red market in February. Although the volume is still in the doldrums, but also can explain the sell-off in February and less favorable policies more conducive to enhancing the market expectations, the funds to do more than is expected to gradually enter, because of

天信投资:两会将逐步制造做多氛围 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   天信投资   昨日A股逆市崛起,中小创业板率先上涨。权重板块上,有色、航空、医药、文教休闲板块涨幅居前,运输设备、酿酒、证券、建筑、电力板块跌幅居前。概念上,黄金、维生素、全息、稀土、蓝宝石概念涨幅居前,海外工程、建筑节能、生态农业、猪肉、风沙治理概念跌幅居前。   今日消息:去年四季度末商业银行不良率1.67%,较三季度末上升0.08个百分点;1月全国实际使用外资882.5亿元,同比增长3.2%;1月外贸再现低迷 出口压力缓解或在二季度;中国确诊第二例寨卡病毒感染病例,俄罗斯报告出现国内首例病例;在岸人民币兑美元报6.4944,涨幅创2005年汇改以来最大;1.7万亿央行[微博]逆回购到期冲击可控,节后流动性基本无虞;证监会[微博]对25家证券期货机构检查收官,部分或遭罚。   在春节假期后首日的国务院常务会议上,李克强总理严肃说道,当中国人沉浸在自己最喜庆的传统节日春节的假日之中时,全球股市却遭遇了“黑色一周”,大宗商品价格继续下探。猴年一开年,全球经济、特别是各国股市急剧下跌,也给我国经济带来很大的挑战和新的不确定因素,但是有事了,咱也不怕事,反而把神经绷得更紧、注意力更加集中了。这时才最能体现我们的韧性。中国经济从来都是在挑战中成长的。每逢困难会更加坚韧,越遇挑战会越战越勇!   总理明确提出,针对股市、汇市异常波动,采取稳住市场的方针政策是正确的,符合国际惯例,而且在一段时间内拆掉了一些‘炸弹’,避免了系统性金融风险的发生。昨天市场能够从外围大跌的背景下崛地而起,分时图上强势异常,表现为单边上行,回撤很小,这样的走势没有一股坚定做多资金的力挺是无法办到的。护盘的最佳效果是在成功护盘之后,再发表维稳的态度,才能事半功倍,而如果先说后做,只能徒劳资源却无济于事。目前可以肯定是经过了昨天的上涨,市场的恐慌情绪短期已经大大减弱,信心得到了较好的增强。   汇率、外围都取得短期的稳定,现在主要是由A股自身的因素决定未来的走势。笔者以为三月初的十三五规划、两会将会主导并催化二月的红包行情。量能上虽然依旧低迷,但是也可以说明抛压的较少,而二月的政策利好较多,有利于提升市场预期,做多资金也有望逐步入场,因此,本周将迎来做多的黄金周。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: