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86The battle of Vera storm scuffle on-line popularity skin lit Halloween – storm hero website cooperat|The battle of Vera storm scuffle on-line popularity skin lit Halloween – storm hero website cooperat7

The battle of Vera storm scuffle on-line popularity skin lit Halloween – storm hero website cooperation area – Halloween hero download – storm hero database – Sina game – once a year storm coming, storm hero in the game for you to prepare rich festivals. Halloween on October 28th approaching, the new storm – tank on the map will all end tower expansion. But Halloween and Halloween gifts are already in the game on the line. Tank war propaganda figure [Tankedaizhan first] storm struck scuffle mutation pattern first mutation pattern scuffle scuffle officially unveiled. At the beginning of the concern of the tank will meet with you at this Halloween announced in the scuffle mode. Ten at the end of the tower will hammer sergeant in order to compete for the big shot gun, bell tower, pumpkin skull Knight Dark Tower, the soldiers will launch what weight to compete in this mutation on the map? While the end tower will happen in melee mode mutation? Have the longest range and powerful attack firepower sergeant aholibamah · Kowalski, nicknamed "the hammer". Even the most hardened soldier, loud roaring in her shock when the siege tank gun will shiver all over though not cold…… And sometimes even her allies. This week in the scuffle, the propeller will remain open! I believe it will help you get to the end of time and occupy a favorable terrain. Of course, you can also run over the enemy, to the side in the formation of kill. The first team to use the tower to destroy the enemy’s core! Complete the three battle of the game to get the 1000 gold coins and precious Avatar reward. Tankedaizhan Picture award [pink Vera Halloween gifts, Halloween activities have been launched in October 26th to November 8th, in addition to training and custom game mode can get 50% experience bonus. At the same time, deputy head of Vera won 15 games in addition to training, you can customize the game and storm melee game mode. The deputy sheriff Vera skin, with the Scarecrow and flat mounts have magic eye skin Joel at the mall on the line. The new release will be of broad deputy sheriff Vera skin as a part of the game player on the ultimate Halloween package will be sold in half off forms, so love the skin buddies do not miss oh! Youku: Tencent: 17173: B station: SkyDrive: quickly login password: ha88 storm hero game website, detailed information about the new package, scuffle and halloween! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

01Brose China held public student activities in Qinghai|Brose China held public student activities in Qinghai5

Brose Chinese held in Qinghai Shanghai public student activities (November 7, 2016) from November 4th to 6, for the first time to join the western student Ge Sanghua Brose Chinese, in Qinghai city of Xining province to carry out student tour public welfare activities. "Education drives social development and technological progress. As a global family enterprise, Brose has always insisted on the systematic training of young people. We support the surrounding areas of the education project, to assume corresponding social responsibilities, "said Xiang Jie China Brose president", at the same time, we start from the training mechanism, benefits, employee care and other aspects, focus on internal talent development." During the three days, six people visited the Xining City Brose Huangnan Tongren County, take practical action to support the "West Ge Sanghua student" project. The donation for the school with 30 students, and six students in depth visits home, so as to establish the first "Bozeban in the school". "I am honored to represent our participation in this event. We deeply feel the lack of education conditions in the western youth, which also encourages us to support the students to complete their studies to illuminate their dream of learning." Brose Taicang factory personnel commissioner Chen Xiaoru said. "Ge Sanghua western student" project for people of Ma Jie Brose public student also expressed highly: "Brose actively organize and participate in student welfare, which reflects their talents in the next generation of love and determination. We sincerely hope that in the next few years, to be able to see more like this Brose socially responsible companies to join our project." Brose Shanghai headquarters carry out charity Brose China since February 2016, on a monthly basis to carry out charitable gift charity activities to raise public welfare funds. In addition, employees are also involved in books, sports or tuition donations. All of the proceeds are used for this charity program. As a part of Ge Sanghua long-term education sponsor, next year will be carried out Chinese Brose mentoring program, invited the Qinghai local students came to Shanghai headquarters, one-on-one exchanges and Brose volunteers. Students can further understand and close experience Brose, laboratory products and production workshop. About Zeboze Bo is the fifth largest family enterprise global auto parts industry, for the door, seat and motor business, research and provide innovative mechatronic system solutions. The company has 60 employees in 23 countries, with about 24000 employees, the current turnover of EUR 6 billion 100 million. The world every two new cars, there is a car equipped with at least one Brose products. About Ge Sanghua’s western study, the Western aid of was founded in 2005, which was organized by the volunteers of the west. Ge Sanghua western student to the network as a platform to support poor students, material donations, western education etc. more comprehensive student. The purpose of Ge Sanghua’s Western aid is to support the western education through the interaction between the network and the real society. Brose China held public student activities in Qinghai