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The central dense mobilize 50 officials cause the original here – Sohu news | Liu Liu wrote in August, a number of our young cadres in office communication bureau news has been reported. Chang’an Avenue governor APP previously described, a new round of central exchange of cadres has started, after carding found there are nearly 50 cadres.   the original position is to the central position of the local party secretary of Tongren Xia Qingfeng state appointed mayor of Beihai Lin Shan National Marine Bureau deputy director Xu Anliang, vice mayor of Shenzhen PICC investment limited liability company president Xiong Maoping, the mayor of Yingtan, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce private economy supervision Secretary Zhu Chengqing vice mayor of Dalian, the Ministry of water resources water diversion planning administration secretary Zhang Wenbing Hefei University Dean of quality inspection of product quality supervision department director Xiao Zhuo Yunnan Provincial High Court vice president of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate deputy director of the Political Department of the Soviet Union in the north as director of the office of housing, the Ministry of housing and Building Energy Technology Secretary Xu Qiang Chongqing Municipal Foreign Economic and Trade Committee Director of the national energy conservation center director Wu Dejin white mayor of the Department of Transportation Highway director Lan Yujie of Anhui science and Technology Department of science and technology the Ministry of science and technology in rural areas, beam Zhi Feng Hunan provincial government development research center, director of the Ministry of Zhang Bo, deputy director of the general office of the Shandong environmental protection department of the Ministry of environmental protection of water environment management Secretary Tang Congyuan, the mayor of Qinzhou, the State Administration of work safety supervision two Secretary Jiang Huaan Agriculture Department of Hainan Province, director of the State Oceanic Administration Education Center Director Huang Wenjun in Qinghai Province Economic and Information Technology Commission of the people’s court. President He Shihai of Qinghai provincial audit department audit auditor general, deputy director of the division of central and local tax Cao Shumin Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute, director of Yingtan city mayor Li Yuede on behalf of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the social management legal secretary of Guiyang municipal Party committee deputy secretary Liu Nanchang SASAC comprehensive Secretary of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee secretary Wang Qiyao vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenyang branch deputy secretary of state Gao Yuchao grew up. Quality inspection administration office director Shandong entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau director Gong Xiaofeng, the Ministry of international economic and technical cooperation center director of the Hebei provincial industry and information office party secretary Li Wanchun saws statistics, Guangxi Guigang municipal Party committee deputy secretary Ouyang Zehua listed company Supervision Commission Director of the Sichuan provincial government finance office director Mei Jianhua administration of quality inspection of product quality supervision and the Secretary of Laiwu mayor Liu Junwen on behalf of the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office of director of the information center of Sichuan Standing Committee of Liangshan Zhang Yi Justice Department Deputy Secretary of Party committee of Jilin judicial bureau Party Secretary Wang Xiaohan central state organs Research Office of Shanghai Fengxian District Secretary Jiang Tianbo director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Chongqing District of Qijiang City, deputy secretary, Deputy Secretary General of the people’s Government of Chongqing city mayor candidate Zheng Liwei director of NDRC price monitoring center Wang A gull northwest ministry of environmental protection of nuclear and radiation safety supervision station director of Hunan Province Environmental Protection Bureau deputy party secretary, chairman of the candidates of Lushan Built Railway Co. Ltd. of Hunan province SASAC party secretary and vice principal.相关的主题文章: