Changhua Taiwan factory was stopped Taiwan media group to see the Taiwan authorities energy

Changhua Taiwan factory was stopped   Taiwan media group to see the Taiwan authorities energy policy – Taiwan Channel – original title: Taiwan Taiwan media group Changhua factory was stopped to see the Taiwan authorities energy policy China Taiwan news network October 8th Changhua Taiwan factory boiler stops, hit the island by the local government open cut Cogeneration Equipment First, impact the power spinning of about 0.3%. Taipower said yesterday that the summer has passed". Taiwan’s "Ministry of economy" that will happen in the future "domino effect", coal-fired power plants and Cogeneration Equipment in other cities and counties were cut, affecting the power supply stable energy transformation. Taiwan authorities "Environmental Protection Agency", Changhua county government and the three party consultation platform company broken bureau, said Taiwan will appeal; Xian Fu stressed that the government has all the parking equipment cogeneration yesterday. Taiwan dispute development so far, environmental pollution and administration have a dispute, for further processing. Taiwan’s United Daily News pointed out that there is a more serious issue behind the dispute, that is, after the new government came to power, the core thinking and practice of its energy policy why, still can not see. Taiwan incident, local air pollution is the responsibility of the Taiwan authorities, under the jurisdiction of the clean energy cogeneration is "Environmental Protection Agency" and "Ministry of economy", but the authorities failed to use a clear carbon reduction, environmental protection and the implementation of a nuclear free thinking active surface, active treatment, is also popular question. Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that the new government nuclear free policy is very clear, the energy ratio is also determined "in 2025 20%, renewable energy power 30%, natural gas 50%". In order to meet the energy transformation, now two nuclear power units have been very difficult to use; if the fire was cut, power supply stability will be challenged. Even to the full development of geothermal energy, or fight natural gas, there are environmental disputes and time issues. In order to overcome the problem of tight supply next summer, Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of economic affairs is planning to spend 9 billion (NT, the same below) the introduction of emergency power generation equipment, equipment capacity of four hundred thousand KW to six hundred thousand kw. Taiwan authorities "energy" pointed out that the Changhua Taiwan factory Cogeneration Equipment Capacity of 260 thousand kilowatts, in addition to their own use, and that the peak electricity sales contract power of about 100 thousand kilowatts, of about 0.3%; the power supply is tight, the amount of the acquisition of up to 200 thousand kw. Changhua factory stopped, Taipower will have one less power to support partners in power supply tight little influence. For example, the end of May this year because of Taiwan high temperature soared to 37 degrees, standby capacity only about 1.64%, a record low, the power crisis imminent, then the support is of course important folk cogeneration. The company said that in November, in December, the forecast is also maintained at around 7%, barely higher than the power supply warning line, but next summer, I am afraid it is more difficult. Taiwan Changhua boiler plant shutdown, also hit the island was the first local government Cogeneration Equipment hay. Taiwan authorities, the Ministry of economic affairs, said, Changhua plant impact is still small, but we are worried that there will be a domino effect". Officials, Taichung City and Yunlin county is sensitive to burn coal, if the Yunlin county power plant and follow up, Mailiao in Yunlin)相关的主题文章: