Changsha, 10, the lowest temperature fell to 7 degrees C, 11, began to pick up (video)

Changsha, 10, the lowest temperature fell to 7 degrees C, 11, began to pick up the original title: Changsha this morning, only at 7 degrees c! Fortunately, tomorrow start fully warmed the Changsha evening news yesterday (November 9th) morning, people continue to enjoy a "cold wind cooling + +" package, 8 when the temperature is only 8 degrees, a record low since the second half of this year. However, this is not the bottom of the cold air temperature in the process, is expected to be the lowest temperature in the morning today will fall to 7 degrees C. With the cold air away, today, the temperature gradually rebounded in the daytime, tomorrow began to pick up. This cold air is really powerful, yesterday to the average elevation of 1400 meters of the Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain national Forest Park sent the first snowfall this winter. Yesterday the temperature of Tianmenshan Mountain is only 0 degrees Celsius, began early in the morning snow flying, tall windward trees formed rime shapes in the picturesque, visitors have their pictures taken in the snow. According to meteorological records, the first snowfall this winter after the Tianmenshan Mountain scenic area, half a month earlier than last year. Yesterday, pedestrians on the streets of Changsha have emotion: it is too cold, like the feeling of snow, in fact, the temperature and the standard of snow in Changsha is still far. Meteorological experts said that the recent downturn in the temperature at the same time, rain and wind are awesome, "both wet and cold" and "cold", the body temperature will be much lower than the actual temperature. Weather experts from a large number of scientific experiments, summed up the size of the wind speed and the relationship between the human body warm and cold feeling: when the temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius, the wind every increase of 2, the cold feeling of the people will fall to 3 degrees celsius. Today, the influence of cold air tends to end, cloudy to sunny, temperatures rebound, the highest temperature rose to 14 degrees, early morning fog, the driver friend must drive carefully; tomorrow cloudy to rain, the highest temperature rose to 18 degrees; although the weekend rain showers to disturbance, temperatures continue to rise, the highest temperature reached 20 or Sunday C. (Changsha evening news reporter Peng Fang) recommended Video: winter warm feet start相关的主题文章: