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Charter flights to Sri Lanka to drink black tea, buy Precious Stones, about it? Sohu – Embassy of Sri Lanka Tourism Commercial Counsellor Ms. Wanti Ru spoke the afternoon of August 24th, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Conference held in Xi’an haoxianglai Wyndham Vital Hotel, in the promotion conference, Sri Lanka Embassy Commercial Counselor Ru Wanti said: "Xi’an and Sri Lanka, has many ancient relics and modern civilization, it is well worth a visit. I would like to invite the people of Xi’an to discover and explore in Sri lanka!". Senior Sales Manager of sri lanka airline passenger Shen Qin speech in Sri Lanka has multiple lines currently available: in the traditional SPA Island Resort, physiotherapy, rainforest expedition and other one-stop experience, senior sales manager of sri lanka airline passenger Shen Qin said that they plan within two years of the timely opening of Xian Xianyang Airport to the Sri Lankan capital airport route, this will promote bilateral cooperation in tourism, the tourists to Xi’an, Sri Lanka Tourism will be more convenient. Tourism promotion site it is understood that in 2016 the Silk Road Tourism Expo period, Sri Lanka as a guest of honor with travel agencies, destination management companies, hotels and resorts, airlines and other 12 exhibitors in the exhibition to Chinese tourism industry and the public display of the abundant tourism resources, profound historical and cultural heritage and the unique delicacy. Sri Sri Lanka formerly known as "Ceylon", meaning "light of fertile land". It is rich in natural and cultural heritage and unique cultural atmosphere, known as the Pearl of the India ocean". 1330 kilometers of coastline, most pristine beaches, and vibrant animal makes this land full of exotic, hauntingly. Sri Lanka, occupying only 65610 square kilometers, occupies the world heritage site of the UNESCO World Heritage site in 8. In addition, there are 15 Sri Lanka show the rich wildlife National Park, a wild profusion of vegetation tea gardens, botanical garden, and a continuation of the 2500 culture. Sri Lanka is one of the world’s four largest tea producing country, Ceylon Black Tea is the most famous, it is an island rich jewel jewel, five world producer, Sri Lanka Italy in Sinhala is " or " " land; light rich land, " " ", " kingdom of stone; India; ocean pearl " the name was Mark · that is the most beautiful island in the baltic. Sri Lanka Tourism Resources of Elephant Orphanage Elephant Orphanage (Elephant Orphanage) is located in the administrative region cover carat central province of Sri Lanka shore of Nawanacun (Pinnawela), 85 kilometers from the capital city of colombo. It’s a place to protect elephants and a tourist attraction. Simple mine can be seen everywhere in the forests of Sri Lanka abandoned prohibited mining jade, often some elephant fall into these abandoned wells and " was ". In order to save the jade mine.相关的主题文章: