Chen Guangbiao issued a statement to respond to the two sides accepted the focus of the interview, Z

Chen Guangbiao issued a statement in response to Zhang Hongde accepted "focusing on people" in an interview with the Sohu news on September 23rd afternoon, Whampoa  renewable resources Co., former general manager Zhang Hongde published "Chen Guangbiao incident a few false official statement", responded on the morning of Chen Guangbiao at a press conference that "on the former general manager of the company Zhang Hongde related description of the problem" content. Today (September 24th) afternoon, Chen Guangbiao contact the focus of people, in response to the statement of Zhang Hongde. This column obtained Chen Guangbiao permission, exclusive release this statement. For the content of the statement, the parties accepted the focus figures, an interview to respond to the controversial issue. A long time, about whether Zhang Hongde served as general manager of the Whampoa  office Chen Guangbiao said in a statement, "from the beginning of 2003, Zhang Hongde has been in Jiangsu, Whampoa  to receive wages, monthly salary is 1000 yuan, and provide a letter of appointment and the 2003 labor contract book cover copy. In addition, Chen Guangbiao provides a commitment letter. I am from 2003 to August 1, 2015 has served as general manager of Jiangsu Whampoa  renewable resources Co., ltd.. During this period, I did not in the name of the Whampoa  foreign financing, lending, providing security behavior. If I have any of the above actions, the resulting debt will be borne by me." The undertaking is inscribed Zhang Hongde, time is March 21, 2016. Zhang Hongde: the 2003 labor contract, is made up. (if any) the contract should be in my hand, not in his hand. But police have not accepted the investigation, he said this point. (proof of labor relations) can not only provide the letter of appointment to the labor contract, to pay social security. About the wages, a general manager will receive 1200 yuan? Too cheap. I signed the letter of commitment. At the time of signature, in March 21st, to discuss the lifting of the agreement on behalf of the shareholding. Why is there such a thing? The purpose of his (Chen Guangbiao) is to sue me for occupation. At that time, he said, what does it matter? The core content is not in the name of the company for loans, in the name of the company’s loan, does the company for you to pay back the money? At that time did not want to make a commitment to the general manager of this problem, I did not expect to be used for official occupation. Chen Guangbiao: 1, the book is signed by Zhang Hongde himself. 2, you can go to the labor bureau to check the labor contract. Now there is only the 2003 contract, the -2015 contract in 2004 he was taken away. 3, the contract is signed by himself, I did not pretend to be his signature. Sign your approval. Two, on the establishment of the company Chen Guangbiao said in a statement, during the Zhang Hongde administration to set up five companies, respectively Jiangsu and Tian building energy saving Technology Development Co. Ltd., Yancheng Hetian building energy-saving technology development Co., Ltd. and Nanjing super Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Su Yinde River Construction of Jiangsu province classical Garden Construction Co. Ltd. Jiangning branch. The statement pointed out that the Bank of Jiangsu Construction Co., Ltd. business scope for housing construction相关的主题文章: