Chen midnight sun lol record boast degree of fear does not lose Jielun

Chenhe midnight sun LOL record of involvement may not lose Jielun boast active in LOL circle star Jay Chou should belong in addition to Chen, the five anniversary of LOL star on the one hand on the single Russian Lloyd show their strength, although finally lost to South Korea, but Chen in micro-blog said he tried. Received more than 28 thousand comments and four hundred thousand points like comfort. The performance of the star makes Chan has a lot of LOL players fans, we found out that he was also full of private LOL fans ~ for example, last night in the middle of the micro-blog record, said: brother is still very! The sun is up a record of Russian Roy, this guy is not shallow ~ poisoning in private, Chen and Jeong, Zhu also often MISS, dinner dinner time: if the wind still did not forget to mention the game thing: Hey, for love so LOL Chen said: not everyone can not help but shoot, to enter the competition to do! If the wind – run entertainment gaming circles, your entertainment shelf competitive circle, refueling, for two laps regardless – Chen, only, not expansion oh. My brother – badly, it seems that the anniversary is good take hero ah! – dare you give ID? Come on, Sala! Of course there are a lot of things (Zhang Youbao) said: happy together! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: