Chen Yunbo, vice president of the United Kingdom before the first appearance of President Yellen

Chen Yunbo: the first stage clients view the latest market today, Jackson Holzer will be held before the British Deputy Governor Yellen, deputy governor of the British summer’s in the first speech, in Yellen tomorrow before speaking "pad performances". Due to the recent GBP bottoming trend today, the Bank of England [micro-blog] vice president’s speech will be more critical, pay attention to the following views on the British economy, boost morale, to appease the market a greater probability, so the pound should continue to be optimistic about the short-term positive bias, the pound. API data yesterday the United States announced the EIA crude oil inventory data and the morning of the week, a substantial increase in the phenomenon of stock, lack of response to market demand, oil prices downward pressure, and Iran yesterday said there is no sure to attend a meeting in September to further suppress the price of commodity money, Canadian and Australian dollar is affected slightly weaker NZ as we the previous analysis is still showing strong, contrary to the overall performance of the commodity currencies. Housing data, the United States announced yesterday is relatively stable, less impact on the dollar index, the market is mainly on Friday Fed chairman Yellen’s speech, at present in the market forecast, most of that speech will be slightly hawkish, suggesting that the years of interest rate with greater probability, but after the rate hike will be slow rhythm. The specific technical aspects, the dollar index rebounded yesterday the daily structure of small candle close, still in the 10 day moving average pressure, close to the Yellen speech, the market should be the main shock, the specific direction of waiting for the final speech results. Bad break below the support began to fall; Dumbledore in support up again. The pound dollar daily structure yesterday to close out a bottom 5 average rise line of small, consistent with the above analysis, there are short-term resistance, but did not arrive at the band of strong resistance, the trend is still too many, investors continue to test the 5 day moving average over the upper rail. Today’s focus on the evening of the Bank of England deputy governor’s speech, may further support the strength of the pound. The euro dollar daily structure pullback Testing 10 day moving average support and close under multiple support, the availability of specific support to rise again, still need to focus on Friday evening Fed chairman Yellen speech. USDJPY yesterday the daily structure within a narrow range, continue to test the 100.6 resistance, the above resistance range is more obvious, in addition to neckline resistance 100.6, and 10 day moving average and above the trend line resistance, concentrated in the vicinity of 101.3, did not break out the long side, but resistance Qingcang empty single layout, breakout stop turn over. Dollar line structure affected by crude oil prices fell yesterday, upward shocks, but above the resistance level is relatively clear, the overall trend of the main shock, investors concerned about the above resistance range of 1.2990-1.3000, is not valid before the break, do not recommend to see, there are still likely to drop in resistance, short interval operation, stop 1.3050. NZ dollar daily short-term structure remains strong side yesterday, back to test the 10 day moving average to obtain the support of early today continue to rise. At present the high breakthrough to catch more operation, or stepped back 10 day moving average, below the rising trend line below the stop to leave. .相关的主题文章: