China Air Force Flying Leopard fighter combat complex battlefield environment comprehensive ability

China Air Force Flying Leopard fighter combat complex battlefield environment to achieve comprehensive ability – Beijing News Agency in Urumqi on 25 August, (Yang Jin Wang Li) Chinese manufactured by supersonic Flying Leopard fighter equipped air force aviation, flying out of the country and foreign military aircraft with wings to sharp sword, sea, desert plateau, to carry out combat with training, implementation of complex battlefield environment comprehensive combat capability. August 25th, is equipped with leopard fighter of the China Air Force stationed in Xinjiang aviation brigade flying day. Just in Russia to participate in aviation Darts – 2016 international military competition in the "Mountain Eagle", visual reconnaissance training organization. In the international military competition, China Air Force Flying Leopard fighter and Su -24 Su -27 Su -30 Su -34, the world famous fighters compete, participated in air navigation, ball attack, complex stunts, physical evaluation, visual reconnaissance 5 projects for overall unit second which was bombed, battle of the target gains out of competition, 4 Rockets all hit the target, is a team of all the participating countries only a rocket hit all. Brigadier Shen Yuanzhong said, over the Tianshan flying out of the country to the international military stage, not only shows the Chinese Army Air Force and self-confidence, learning from each other and learn from foreign air broaden their horizons, to see the short board, more clear, to carry out combat training of more targeted. At 10 in the morning, at the foot of the Tianshan, an Aircraft Flying Leopard fighter soar. Leopard is China manufactured by supersonic fighter bomber, mainly responsible for sea battle, tactical depth attack task. Has a good performance in low altitude, day and night and all kinds of weather conditions, with air defense, combat and survival ability. According to the brigade political commissar Ling Gang introduction, in 70s, the air force to perform a scientific experiment in the cloud sampling task, SheShengWangSi "28 warriors" annals. The new historical period, they dress up Flying Leopard fighter after the war, on the desert plateau, to the sea, the Air Force stationed in more than and 10 airports, the mission 30 times, filling the "Flying Leopard" high altitude combat blank, was named "the army military training units". The air force "golden dart" contest, Flying Leopard fighter skill. The "golden dart" is the air force penetration assault competition and assessment of the brand, mainly responsible for the land, in the sea assault task air force air offensive organization, deepen key issues research practice, is the highest penetration of air assault force Chinese contest. The summer of 2014, "Mountain Eagle" to the northwest desert, and a plurality of air giants compete. The 8 units in 6 sorties of successful penetration. Among them, Feng Jinqiang, Jiang Wei won the pilot unit "golden dart". The following year battles, the examination room moved to the sea, the pilot, Zhang Tingli set a light road raid, destroyed sea targets, once again won the "golden dart". In 2015, the aviation brigade Qingzhan in Pakistan Air Force joint training. In recent months, with their rival, the Pakistan Air Force combat contest, coordinated operations, mixed initiative, with technical and tactical)相关的主题文章: