China entered a new stage of the automotive Society refused to drink driving imminent e3300

Chinese entered a new stage of the automobile Society refused to drunk driving – Beijing imminent China News Agency, Beijing (reporter Yan Xiaohong) in September 9, a new stage of Chinese has entered the automobile society, as of the end of June 2016, the vehicle population reached 285 million, the motor vehicle driver up to 342 million people, of which 184 million cars, driving 296 million. While enjoying the fast and convenient car era, while increasing the driver’s awareness of safe driving is also increasingly urgent, which is one of the important work to refuse drunk driving. The road traffic safety association secretary Chinese long Wang Jing 9 in 2016 9.9 refused to drunk driving, "stressed the public welfare activities, in this ecosystem against drunk driving, driving on behalf of is an indispensable link, is the ultimate link refused to drunk driving. Reporters from China Road Traffic Safety Association and other E-Drive organized the charity was informed that, in order to better popularize "refused to drunk driving drunk driving on behalf of" the first "national consciousness, refused to drunk driving day" opened in September 9, 2015. Through the establishment of the 9.9 refused to drink driving day normalization Festival, the country in the past year to create an effective denial of drunk driving atmosphere. According to the 2016 China drunk driving released this charity’s "situation report" shows that since the first China refused wine opened in September 2015 to August this year, last year’s national day driving, driving on behalf of the use of more than 100 million times. The 100 million generation of driving, which means reducing the risk of drunk driving 100 million times, to avoid the traffic accidents caused by drunk driving about about 2 million. (end)相关的主题文章: