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China Youth Daily: do a job – what a fish escaped through the Seine Beijing recently I’ve been chasing TVB classic war drama "Genesis", the story is very exciting, distinct personality, filled with a positive spirit, the image of Hongkong is consistent with the last century in 80s and 90s, Sturm und drang. Compared to the protagonist Ye Rongtian "win justice" many gold sentence, my impression of his father Ye Xiaoqin said more profound — "Hongkong man, you know what chance did not work hard, looked up at the night sky." This sentence pierced the noisy appearance, let us see the bustling behind the barren spirit. That is the golden age of Hongkong, "one of the top East Asian Tigers" name, the "Oriental Pearl" with fame spreading far and wide rapid rise of the financial industry, estate, and all the gold rush. Ye Rongtian and Xu Wenbiao are in a hurry to depart, don’t waste a second, get rich quick and sudden bankruptcy, eventually, in these so-called successful people, will inevitably be coated with tragic color. In a typical "fast times", "Genesis" tells the story of several young people get rich quick start empty-handed but lost emotion story. Watching this drama, I have a very strong feeling that a similar story Ye Rongtian and Xu Wenbiao and the mainland young people? After graduating from college, they can not afford to breathe, eager to find a good job in a big city, or to seize the air to achieve entrepreneurial dream. So, when the concept of slow employment and the media for this endorsement, it was immediately ridiculed: slow employment is unemployed, subtext is escapism and neet". The public is more sarcastic than understanding. If the concept of "slow employment", we can find the public opinion misreading of "slow employment": "slow employment" is not the graduates can not find work, but take the initiative to choose the temporary unemployment". They are in the process of unemployment, or travel, or continue to charge, and empty; preparing for postgraduate or civil service exam; there are also some people looking for better job opportunities, and never compromise. Slow employment is a neutral concept, it is neither humble nor noble, is a common choice of life. Without excessive praise for it, also do not have to deliberately belittle. Young people have chosen what kind of road, after careful consideration, will not easily capricious. A concept to be popular, must in some way to a group of hidden psychological. The Internet has grown up and the market economy under the generation, get rid of the values of the planned economy era, a single rigid, they pay more attention to personal experience and the quality of life of their own, some people do not rush to employment and unemployment, is actually responsible for their own future. As long as the "slow employment" is serious and serious, it is blameless. When the values of young people become more and more open and diverse, the community may give full respect for their choice. Some graduates choose slow employment and employment pressure is not unrelated. Can not find a job, or do not want to engage in their own do not like the job, after graduation to build their own is not too late. It may take some time, but a person’s career.相关的主题文章: