Chinese dispatched 2455 passengers to the largest peacekeeping police police in Beijing-super bass

Chinese dispatched 2455 passengers to the largest peacekeeping police police in Beijing in October this year, the film "the Mekong" hot action on both sides of the Changjiang River win people wonder and admiration, the anti drug police in the film, it is many years to the world China police outstanding representative. Since the last century since 90s, Chinese police to develop with other countries in the world and pragmatic cooperation in law enforcement, continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the International Criminal Police Organization, the United Nations, the Shanghai cooperation organization, ASEAN, the European police agency and other international and regional organizations, and countries with annual bilateral and multilateral bank to carry out joint enforcement actions over a hundred times, played an important role in counter-terrorism, narcotics, network security, combating transnational crimes and the pursuit of stolen goods and other fields, playing an increasingly important role in maintaining regional and world peace and development. 33 countries and regions to send police liaison officers, and earnestly safeguard the majority of overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese interests; to the United Nations mission to send peacekeeping police 2455 people, police in China become the largest permanent member of the Security Council, the initiative to undertake the first systematic formation of United Nations peacekeeping task force standing…… Chinese police, China has increasingly become an image of the world and the strength of a beautiful card. The International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of public security China responsible person told the reporter: "for many years, China police on safeguarding national security and social stability and combating transnational crimes such as a central task in the international law enforcement cooperation, continue to broaden the channels of cooperation, enrich cooperation, enhance cooperation level, and achieved remarkable results. China’s public security organs have gradually become a highly open, deeply integrated into the global cooperation in law enforcement police agencies. Chinese police are willing to assume greater responsibility for the security and development of the region and the world, and is willing to contribute more to the establishment of a more just and harmonious international police family." The morning of October 25th this year to expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation, a law enforcement patrol ship slowly sailed out of Yunnan Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture of Xishuangbanna province guanlei dock for 4 days in the old Burma fifty-first Mekong joint patrol enforcement officially launched. In 2011 the Mekong "10? 5" after the tragedy, in China’s efforts to promote the old Burma and Thailand, law enforcement departments to establish a law enforcement security cooperation mechanism in the Mekong River Basin, sent law enforcement forces to guard the lifeline of Mekong River in the hearts of the people". Over the past 5 years, the Mekong River Basin law enforcement security cooperation mechanism has become a successful example of international police cooperation. In recent years, the Ministry of public security attaches great importance to and vigorously promote international cooperation in law enforcement work, give full play to the leading role of high-level visits, the effective use of the regular meeting mechanism platform, candid and in-depth discussions with foreign law enforcement departments and relevant international organizations, effective consensus, control differences, and played an important role in deepening the bilateral and multilateral cooperation in law enforcement pragmatic and mutually beneficial. In June 14th this year, the second Sino US joint fight against cyber crime and related matters held in Beijing high level; in June 13th this year, China and Britain held the first high-level security dialogue…… In recent years, the Chinese police and various national and regional police work meetings, work meetings, hotline contact, signed cooperation documents and other forms of continuous hearing相关的主题文章: