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UnCategorized The largest and longest nerves in the body are the two sciatic nerves. They are located on both sides of the body. They run from the bottom of the spine to the lower part of the leg. The nerves travel through the hip and buttock area and continue to the back of the knee. When these nerves reach the knee area, they divide into small branches that continue to the foot. When the sciatic nerve is damaged, pinched or inflamed, the painful results it causes, is known as Sciatica. It usually affects one side of the body at a time. The pain rarely goes away on its own. If left untreated, the discomfort will continue. It is important to point out that Sciatica is what the symptoms are called, rather than the diagnosis of the pain itself. The cause of these symptoms could be a herniated disk, spinal stenosis, subluxation, injury or fracture of the pelvic area or Piriformis syndrome. In most people there is a physical cause to their sciatica. The symptoms can range anywhere from numbness in the leg or foot, to sharp nagging sensations. Activity such as walking, running, or climbing stairs can make the pain worse. Straightening out the leg can also increase the discomfort. Sitting down or bending the back can bring some relief. However, this relief is only temporary. Pain medication and anti-inflammatory medications are commonly used. However, as soon as they wear off, the pain returns. The same limitation also happens when taking the approach to get relief by lying on your side with legs bent with a pillow between the knees. Heat or cold compresses applied to the area may only work for a short time, but have no negative side effects. Sciatica can affect the quality of life because it can limit the activities you can do. The symptoms usually escalate as time goes on. Sometimes, if not treated, more damage to the sciatic nerves can occur. This may result in partial or total loss of sensation, and movement of the leg. Treatment of Sciatica depends on the cause of the diagnosis. In rare cases, resulting from severe injuries, surgery may be required. Surgery also may be required if the sciatica was caused by a deformity. Following surgery, physical therapy might be implemented for rehabilitation. Physicians may suggest spinal or hip injections. However, this treatment would most likely need to be repeated over a period of time. Surgery is the right option for a vast majority of cases. This can leave a patient frustrated, and with a feeling of hopelessness. Because so many sciatica patients were left in this predicament, and a remedy was urgently needed, these concerns have been recognized by our chiropractors. You will be met by a professional team member. They will obtain important information that will be useful in your care. The evaluation will be followed by a thorough exam. This will allow us to determine the individualized treatment plan that would best suit your needs. Our team of skillful chiropractors, licensed Massage Therapist, and other professional staff members, offer a team approach referred to as Progressive Rehab. We have found that offering chiropractor adjustments combined with physical therapy and other pain relieving therapies, allows us to provide the quality care that will get you back to enjoy your life again. Our chiropractors will help you find relief and enable you to return to the activities you enjoyed before you became a sciatica pain sufferer. The active care approach they provide is natural and painless and will last for years to come. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: