Chongqing District high altitude parabolic incident occurred with condoms sanitary napkins-mmhouse

Chongqing high altitude parabolic incident occurred with condoms sanitary napkins – Pei Popo said that the garbage thrown upstairs can be seen everywhere. Mess everywhere. In November 25th, members of the public to reflect the Yongchuan reader, Yongchuan Crystal City 5 a quality tenants is too low, every day there are rubbish in the room on the platform outside the building 1-7. Small cigarette butts, paper towels, used condoms, is used in sanitary napkins, not eating noodles, baby diapers, there are garbage. The height of parabolic incident on 26 in the afternoon, reporters came to the Yongchuan reader 5 1-7 households Pei Popo understand the situation of the family. The reporter can see a lot of rubbish outside Pei mother-in-law kitchen, protect the outdoor gas outside the tube are garbage smashed. Pei Popo told reporters that she had lived in the area for more than 4 years, the original was also someone to throw garbage, but not often throw things down. From the beginning of last year, almost every day someone down the trash, and throw some toilet paper diapers, are these things. Since Pei mother after the death of his wife, she is a person living in 1-7, upstairs litter only by one person to clean the mother-in-law pei. "They throw some condoms, these sanitary napkins down, I am a 73 year old man gave them to clean up, they lost not." In May this year, Pei mother to clean the garbage, stepped down the upstairs noodles, accidentally slipped, causing the waist was broken. Pei Popo has spent 3 months in the hospital, spent 20 thousand yuan of money Caizhi, but still leave sequela, can not do heavy work. "We wanted to find out who was thrown, but my mother lived in this building, a total of 25 layers, so many people how to find it." When it comes to fall in Pei mother-in-law, mother-in-law Pei daughter very angry. On the night of November 17th, Pei’s mother was taking a bath. Suddenly heard a loud "bang", she called her grandson Mr. Liu went to see what was the matter. Mr. Liu to the house only to find that someone threw a bag of garbage, sanitary napkins, diapers and other bones, scattered over the ground. It found that people who litter on the evening of 21 10, and someone downstairs threw a bag of garbage, there is also some diapers and sanitary napkins. Xianci, Mr. Liu called Crystal City Property Management Manager Jiang said this situation, let the security manager Jiang with Mr. Liu, who threw garbage together. Mr. Liu took the garbage in the urine as evidence from the 2 floor to find from door to door. At 17-7’s home, there was only one mother and two children at home. "The big one is a daughter, 9 years old, the little one for about 7 months." Mr. Liu is suspected to be lost by 17-7 households. "Several types of diapers to get, but she said she could not be thrown, a sanitary napkin to throw the rubbish, they weren’t home for sanitary napkins." Liu had to continue with the security and inventory. Has been to the top floor, did not find a house to throw. So they came to the home of the 17-7. In Mr. Liu’s repeated inquiries, 17.相关的主题文章: