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Business CO2 Gas or carbon dioxide gas is colorless, odorless, nonflammable & liquefied gas. Carbon dioxide is an considered to be a significant part of the life process in both animals and plants. Carbon dioxide is produced by .bustion & biological processes including de.position of organic material, fermentation and digestion. The Process of CO2 Gas Plants : Generating Plants : Generating Plants are basically based on the .bustion of various fossil fuels. This category mainly includes diesel oil, heavy oil, kerosene or natural gas. The CO2 gas plants tries to meet the set quality standard by adopting stringent procedure of .bustion of the fuel, scrubbing, stripping and separation technology. A special control panel constantly ensures the plant a trouble-free operation. Installation of instruments on skids, wired to junction boxes are done prior to shipment, thus, saving installation & .missioning time. Recovery Plants : Boilers, turbines, .bustion engines, chemical processes & natural sources, all help the CO2 extraction plants to sustain its existence primarily based on the presence of CO2 in the gas sources. This carbon dioxide gas plants are seen as a great option than a conventional one for raw gas sources having relatively low CO2 content. Application of CO2 Gas Plants : In the chemical industry Carbon dioxide Plants are used for the production purpose of urea and methanol. The automobile industry makes use of CO2 for shrink fitting. Equipment & Accessories for CO2 Application : The various equipment & accessories applicable for CO2 gas plants are as following : Dry Ice Manufacturing Machine : They can be in cylindrical, tablet as well as pallet forms. It is applicable for refrigeration process, food preservation, shaving blades’ tempering & cryogenic grinding. . Advantages of CO2 Gas Plants : CO2 is by-product based, utilizes waste and is absolutely pollution free. CO2 gas plants are cost-effective, much cheaper as .pared to other gases. Carbon Dioxide Gas Plants is essentially used for industrial bye-product utilization and CO2 extraction, without changing the environmental balance forms gas extraction plant CO2 gas plants is used as a technology to generate CO2 from waste by extracting carbon dioxide from biomass bye products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: