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Daily inventory of the genital shape of bone hurt men "lifeline" change, male penis and clitoris women are small, American scientists Christiern · SONY was surprised to find that a chemical called OHCs pesticides on human genital produced obvious effect. Soon, he published the news in the September issue of the American Journal of environmental science and technology. In early 2005, scientists found that male sperm number in 50 years reduced 10 environmental factor 40%; today, the discovery of Christiern and let us be struck dumb. No.1 Hospital of Peking University andrology center, deputy director of the physician Zhang Zhichao told reporters that China’s clinical experts have similar findings. Today, in a country with a high degree of industrialization, not only the psychological pressure is the "killer" of the adult human nature, but also the external environment will directly hinder the occurrence of sexual desire and sexual ability. 1, chemical agents, the testicular toxicity: away from spraying pesticides according to the flowers and fruits and vegetables "Science Daily" reported that the experts found that long-term exposure to insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, or often eat fruit has a large number of residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, will make in the male reproductive system of high levels of estrogen, the the other testis and gonad will gradually produce toxic reaction. Recently, a study from the Yale University found that a broad spectrum of pesticides, methanol, may affect the development of female genital organs, thereby affecting their sexual function and fertility. They may also have problems with sexual organ dysfunction after exposure to plants and fruits and vegetables sprayed with these pesticides. 2, drug, advice: do not affect sexual desire disorder take health care products and indiscriminate medication in the process of life we are always dealing with drugs and health care products, and more types of herbal ingredients often appear in our defence shall prevent beverage and food. However, there are five kinds of drugs can significantly affect people’s desire and ability: first, hormone drugs including estrogen, adrenal cortical hormone, testosterone, may not only make the male libido, they may even lead to the emergence of ED (erectile dysfunction), ejaculation disorders, serious problems such as low volume of semen. Second, diuretic drugs will make the body of potassium loss, while the decrease in blood potassium concentration will reduce the muscle, nerve sensitivity, vascular smooth muscle relaxation, which may lead to penile erection weakened. Third, some antihypertensive drugs are the most common drugs affecting male sexual function. Among the patients taking antihypertensive drugs, 25% may suffer from ED, and some people will also suffer from ejaculation disorders. Fourth, sedative drugs on the limbic system of the brain has a specific role, can directly reduce or enhance sexual desire and sexual function. Diazepam and other drugs have muscle relaxation, can lead to decreased libido, and even ED. Fifth, some psychotropic drugs can cause male seminal vesicle paralysis, ejaculation ability decline, or can lead to decreased testosterone levels. A survey shows that the incidence of sexual dysfunction caused by a high sulfur can be as high as 60%, while other drugs lead to the possibility of sexual dysfunction in about 25%. 3, physical pollution, let the vagina become dry, lose sexual advice: work in a radiation environment to do.相关的主题文章: