Cos adds rookie Wang Likun incarnation of Bobbi spirit – on the entertainment Sohu-yezimei

COS adds rookie Wang Likun "Bobbi spirit" on the incarnation of Wang Likun Sohu – Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news on Saturday, "my new clothes" (the original "my new clothes", season third) will usher in the two dimension theme fashion show, the "goddess makeup" to bring a surprise — the Cosplay silver Bobbi new for everyone! The first attempt to Cosplay silver form of Bobbi Wang Likun is pocketed the eye, two dimensional modelling beautiful song over the entertainment actress cos added rookie! "The goddess makeup" "new clothes" cosplay, "Bobbi spirit" on the incarnation of the stage show, Wang Likun offered a gentle and elegant dance. The screen background is "building the most classic circular Tujia fish" in the floor around the Begonia, Begonia flowers flourishes, Begonia petals breeze drifting in the beautiful girl singing softly, the stage into a sea of blue, undulating waves, and Wang Likun is the ocean that lonely girl, beautiful. The first challenge to Cosplay’s "goddess makeup" Wang Likun a head of silver hair pretty remarkable, in the middle of the stage to dance the beautiful clever, like "Bobbi fairy fall on the earth". The whole Bobbi styling with designer partner design of the "Bobbi" series of clothing, bring a strong visual impact of the two dimension. In order to meet the overall shape of a pink "Bobbi dress" Wang Likun hand the same dress Bobbi doll made her debut on the catwalk! The size of Bobbi on the same stage, screen Su fried girl heart! Too blunt! Wang Likun "new clothes" exposes the first time to play Bobbi doll access links in the host, the upright character Wang Likun admit this is her life for the first time to play Bobbi doll, "we may not believe, I’ve not played Bobbi doll. I grew up is a kind of natural, nature, all play things are life like, there are mountains and water, and then go to climb trees, to catch the fish, the kind of natural things to all you think, I will go to play, but this is the doll I’ve never played and this should be my first time to play Bobbi doll." Delicate fresh "goddess makeup" upright up exclaim so cute! Have deep dance skills near the body, continue to adhere to the challenge, full of sincerity to make "the work of Wang Likun, a clothing salesman" in each of the "new clothes" on the stage will bring you not like surprises, whether other breakthroughs or talent on the show. In this episode, Wang Likun will continue to bring a breakthrough performance. You want to see the "goddess makeup" Cosplay stunning debut, please lock this Saturday at ten p.m. Eastern TV broadcast of "my new clothes"!相关的主题文章: