Curb the new energy vehicles, cheat fill not only rely on fines-ca1810

Containment of new energy vehicles "cheat fill" not only depends on the penalty in September 8th, the Ministry of Finance announced a special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds, public exposure of the 5 typical cases, including the dragon, Chery and other famous enterprises. Some of these enterprises more than 1000 cars of false information, the intention to cheat up 500 million yuan, some production car is still in the factory, was completed in accordance with the apply for subsidies to 500 million yuan. New energy vehicle manufacturing enterprise cheat up, so in a flagrant way to such a large amount, surprising. For such bad behavior should be severely as an example. And in recent days, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document on the detailed provisions of 2015 new energy vehicles do cheat up punishment, specifically for these "cheat fill" car prices to recover, through subsidies and penalties, cancel subsidy eligibility, cancel its vehicle production qualification other means of punishment. These penalties are rather powerful, but in reality, the punishment of someone’s car companies, but also for the subsidies audit departments and officials of accountability: the number of car companies can cheat up, they blame, should be investigated for their dereliction of duty. Some vehicles are not completed, but for motor vehicle driving license, the existence of corruption behind, is worth studying. Check the "cheat fill" should not have the slightest mercy, regardless of whether it is a well-known brand, whether it is local key support object, when it comes to "cheat fill", should be completely lifted the lid to taxpayer account. At present, 5 typical cases, as well as how many car companies involved cheat fill, I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to give the community a detailed list of accountability. "Cheat fill" phenomenon of flooding, in fact, also exposed some drawbacks of the new energy vehicle subsidy policy. The relevant departments also suggested that subsidies will improve the access threshold, and start the subsidy standard "fall" system, the subsidy policy gradually withdraw. These are necessary, in addition, to promote the refinement of subsidies, precision, the relevant policies still need to improve. For example, some car prices often through false battery, and a battery pack multiple vehicles "to obtain subsidies, and even some enterprises will remove the battery repeat sales, repeat for subsidies. As a major component of the new energy vehicles, the battery can not be traced only, which is undoubtedly a big loophole. Therefore, the battery should be established as soon as possible the uniqueness of the coding system, so that the battery serial number associated with the frame number. In addition, we subsidies for new energy vehicles, the main focus on the consumer sector, which brings great convenience to cheat cheat subsidies. In foreign countries, subsidies for new energy vehicles, often the same consumption and use of links. For example, France to the electric vehicle users issued electricity subsidies, the German electric car can not only exempt from tax for 10 years running, but with the home of another car sharing license plate, in order to save the cost of insurance. Norway’s electric vehicle can free parking, free highway tolls and toll free ferry. In fact, in order to change the habits of consumers, recognition of new energy vehicles, the price alone is not enough, the use of convenience, cheap, which is an important factor in consumer considerations. Thus, the future may be part of the subsidy from the consumer link to the use of links. For example, to increase the charging pile construction.相关的主题文章: