Dark ice ambush high-speed province traffic control department released the latest dark ice map mycoolboy

Dark ice "ambush" high-speed province traffic control department released the latest "dark ice map" and "dark winter ice" has become the biggest threat to the highway. In November 12th, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau official website of Shanxi traffic police network, has released its latest "dark ice map in our province". What is the dark dark ice ice, refers to the naked eye can not distinguish very thin ice, the car is easy to slip up, and the snow melting agent is also very difficult to melt, and generally not pay attention to, did not take timely measures such as reduction can easily lead to accidents. Especially on the highway, the speed of the vehicle, when the dark ice breeding, the greater the risk. The highway is easy to form the dark ice road is generally low, the shady side of road, bridge, in addition, many trucks to vehicles with "winter water shower", during the late autumn and early winter season in the mountainous area highway, some long distance downhill road ice road always marks. What are the dark ice sections of a high-speed traffic police detachment under the jurisdiction of sections: Tel: 0351-5692110 G2001 Taiyuan Beltway northwest, West, east ring Changfeng Yeyu line in the left lane; G2001 Taiyuan East Ring Expressway north to South (North Taiyuan service area of about 1.7KM to K4) in the left lane at 5KM+700M, (Zhang Zi tou Dong toll station K10 near the left lane, (9KM+800M) Zhang Zi tou Dong toll station near K10 10KM+300M) at the left lane (Changfeng toll station near K22 22KM+500M) at the left lane; G2001 northwest of Taiyuan Ring Expressway south to north direction (Changfeng West toll station between K53 and K56 54KM+900 at West toll station), north to south direction (near east the toll station, north to south direction (61KM) near the toll station east, South to north direction (61KM+900KM) at West toll station near 55KM+300) KM, welcome West Xiangyang toll station, turn to the direction of Lvliang East Interchange Ramp, Ying West toll station (ancient communication Ying west direction) off ramp; G2001 high speed (Taiyuan South Binhe West toll station to the City camp toll station) 39KM, 41KM G20; Yinchuan Expressway (crow tunnel to Liu Lindong toll station) 1025KM 1028KM G20 road; Yinchuan Expressway in the cross direction (Lishi West Toll Station East K1010 1KM) below 1009KM at the bridge, Taiyuan direction (Wu Cheng service area K964 West 4KM 968KM G20); Yinchuan expressway section of Qingyin direction (Lishi Lishi East West toll station K1000 1001KM+900M (about 1.9KM), Lishi East toll station K1000 1013KM+0M (Wu Cheng), West toll station west K974 about 2.8KM 976KM+800M), silver green direction (East K1000 East Lishi toll station about 1.7KM 998KM+300M G20); Yinchuan expressway is too old Shijiazhuang direction (North West toll station of Shanxi K466 about 4KM) 470KM, 366KM) in the left lane相关的主题文章: