Deep autumn Shaoxing what fruit cheap what good sales come onlookers

Deep autumn Shaoxing what fruit cheap what good sales season come onlookers into the late autumn, the season of the year, the market is full of all kinds of new fruits. Watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes gradually fade out, replaced by orange, jujube, grapefruit, apple and pear. With the increasing amount of the original price listed, the autumn fruit also have lowered the price, even some time ago has been "superior" jujube, also began to fall. Seasonal fruit drop to drop nearly 3 worth of apple "Shandong red Fuji 2.99 yuan catty 2.99 yuan fine, Huangguan pear pounds, 2.48 pounds of pomelo." This afternoon, the reporter in Shaoxing, some supermarkets, fruit market visits found that with the gradual increase in the amount of autumn fruit market, fruit prices generally lower. Like watermelon, melon and other some summer season price and selling fruit, now basically down to 2 yuan a catty about some seasonal fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, apples, oranges and jujube also reduces the net worth. Especially apple, prices fell nearly 1/3 over last year. I just a few days ago from Shaanxi, Shandong, Gansu and other major apple producing areas to buy Apple back this year, Apple’s purchase price fell by about 3 compared to last year." In the textile city of fruit wholesale market, Yao root fruit wholesale business manager Wang Yaogen told reporters, such as Shaanxi apple 70MM this year more than the purchase price of 2.5 yuan catty, Shandong apple 80MM this year more than the purchase price of 2.5 yuan, 2.8 yuan a catty, and last year the same specifications of apple’s acquisition price in 3.5 yuan jins. According to reports, the main reason for Apple prices to decline this year on the one hand is the main producing areas of harvest, on the other hand, farmers reluctant to sell to the price last year, causing buyers due to high prices and no interest, local farmers only own storage in the refrigerator, in the new year, Apple has not sold out, only to 1.5 yuan pounds or even lower price to sell. Last year was reluctant to sell the losses caused by the buyers this year out of 2.5 yuan price, they think more reasonable. In addition, the situation is almost pear, such as Shaanxi tribute pear (specification 6 – 8 two), last year’s purchase price of $1.6, only $1.1 this year. But this year the orange prices higher than in previous years, especially in Jiangxi, this year the Orange exposure a Huanglongbing, but once the disease is highly infectious, often into a piece of fruit trees, fruit trees have lost a lot of fruit in the fruit mature before the serious losses caused by production decline. This year, the purchase price of 2.7 yuan catty orange, and last year only 2.2 yuan jins. The navel orange in the wholesale price of 4.5 yuan per catty, retail price basically in more than 5 yuan. General purchase price plus transportation, packaging, storage and other costs of about 1 pounds." Wang Yaogen told reporters, therefore, currently more than 70MM Apple wholesale price of 4 yuan catty about 1.8 yuan catty pear, grapefruit 2.2 yuan catty, jujube 7 yuan catty, 4.5 yuan catty orange, Hunan orange in 4 yuan jin. But reporters found that Shaanxi Dongzao retail price is still 10 yuan catty, the price is still relatively high. Wang Yaogen told reporters, Shaanxi jujube quality is very good, before the wholesale price in 15 yuan or 20 yuan jin,.相关的主题文章: