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Automobiles Are there any gas additives that you can use to improve gas mileage? Well the answer is yes! there seems to be quite a few products on the market that are advertised claiming to be able to give you gas mileage improvements, however they are not all as good as one another and not all of them will give you enough of a fuel saving to actually cover the cost of the product. And as most people do not even take the time to work out how much of a saving they are making compared to how much they are paying for the additive its a bit of a job to tell just how good they are economically speaking. One of the chemical additives that is said to improve gas mileage is Acetone. This seems to help thin the surface tension that is normally found in gasoline. It seems that once the Acetone has thinned the surface tension then the gasoline will burn much more efficiently and with more power and wasting less energy which will then improve gas mileage. Only a couple of ounces of pure Acetone per every 10 gallons of gasoline are needed. However there seems to be a bit of a drawback with using acetone as over a period of time it can cause perishing on rubber hoses and can also be damaging to electrical components. So it would not be advisable to use Acetone for a long period of time. Another interesting product that is said to give you Gas Mileage Improvements of up to 30% is a thing called MPG-caps (or capsules). MPG caps have been said to not only improve your gas mileage but to also significantly cut down on harmful exhaust emissions and even reduce knocking and pinging in the engine giving a much smoother ride overall. MPG-caps are claimed to be an organic engine conditioner that will improve your engines combustion and so give better fuel economy. For the best results you should use two caps for the first two tanks of gasoline then just one cap at every fill up to maintain the full benefits of the product. One of the better and more trusted gas additives you can use to improve gas mileage is simply one of the many fuel injector cleaners available on the market. These obviously do exactly what they say and improve you fuel economy by cleaning out any fuel injectors that have become partially clogged or dirty. A dirty fuel injector could seriously cut down your gas mileage especially if left unchecked for a long period. While all of the above products are said to able to Get more MPG from your engine I have always been a bit sceptical about just putting any old thing I read about into my gas tank without knowing the long term effects and subsequent damage it may be doing to my engine. There are still some old fashioned but very effective ways to get more MPG and improve your fuel economy without any of the risks. Some of these are just common sense like using the right octane grade of fuel specified for your vehicle. Making sure that your car is serviced regularly and kept in good condition is a very effective way of making sure that you are getting the best gas mileage as an engine in good condition is far more economical on fuel than a worn one. So it seems that yes there are quite a few different gas additives you can use to improve gas mileage, some are obviously better than others and some should be used with caution. Whatever type of additive you are thinking of using it is always best to do your homework and find out as much about them as you can. Alternatively talk to a qualified mechanic as the can give you sound advice. Lastly if you are serious about making gas mileage improvements check out the link at the end of this article. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: