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Religion The death of a loved one can be really devastating and painful for the surviving family and friends and the best way to pay tribute to their deceased loved one is through memorialization. This process helps the family members to remember the life lived and the memories they shared with the deceased. There are several ways to establish a permanent memorial for a departed loved one and this would take careful planning and considerations. Contrary to what most people believe, cremation is not the final process. The process of cremation is just a preparation for memorialization. The truth is there are many options for the final disposition of the ashes or cremated remains. A beautiful and meaningful memorial can only happen if the family plans in advance. If they do this, they will have an easy time to choose which type of memorialization suits best. But for those who already purchased a memorial prior to the event, they would have to be familiar with other types of memorials as well. This would provide them more options than what they have already planned. Some cemeteries and chapels have columbarium niche. This is a special indoor or outdoor place or .partment designed to hold urns. Columbariums are sometimes as big as an entire building or a series of special alcoves or halls. The fronts of these niches can be made of glass, marble, bronze, granite or mosaics. Some cemeteries also have Urn Gardens specially made for cremated remains. The remains can either be interned on ground or above-ground. In this setting, families may choose an individual urn burial plot with a marker or an unmarked plot but with adjacent walls or work of art used as markers. Your local memorial park or cemetery may have this type of memorialization. Another type of memorialization is the scattering of the cremated remains in Scattering Gardens. Some cemeteries have recently opened areas or gardens where the remains can be scattered. A special memorial plaque or wall is placed as a marker. Scattering the remains of the deceased is now the one of the popular options for families. Some scatter the remains in lakes or seas while some would choose to spread the ashes by air. Scattering the ashes by air definitely requires a lot of preparations and this is usually done by families who are ready to take the final step in their grieving process. Some however still prefers to keep the ashes in special urns in their homes. Urns .e in so many designs, sizes and materials. Families can personalize it by choosing an urn that reflects the unique character of their loved one who had assed away. Losing someone you love through death can be painful, but having a beautiful permanent memorial will give your loved one special place for remembrance. 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