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Sales Hogan ( Hogan sito ufficiale ) is the one of the leader in leather industry. As the global president of Hogan, Wat are the thoughts of Andrea Della Valle in his mind? Here are the questions and his answers. Q: The Future Roots series of Hogan are shooting exhibition world tour. Where does the inspiration .e from? A: Hogan invited many world-renowned architect to walked together into the lens. They express the "Future Roots in their way. Every architect has its own masterpiece to retained the world, creating the benefit for the public. And concept of Hogan is to explore the balance between the design and the practical, which is our .mon. What is more important in .mon that is we are concerned about the future. "Future Roots" aims to promote everyone that we cannot forget our own traditions, and not forget the "root". Only to remember our roots, can we create more fashion to meet a better future. Q: Hogan ( Hogan Interactive )and Karl Lagerfeld have cooperation before. Would you please talk about the opportunity for cooperation? A: We are very fortunate to invite the fashion artist Karl Lagerfeld for Hogan Interactive, the most prestigious leisure series. Karl Lagerfeld makes a new interpretation. Karl Lagerfeld is a detail control. He paid great attention to detail. As the .mon we have with him, I think that is the luxury life we interpret with modern and contemporary design perspective. At the same time, we all focus on innovation. Q: You are sensitive to fashion, and would you like to share the experience under clothes? A: I like the softer style of dress, in both fashion and more relaxed. When at work, I like the dark blue Peuterey jacket ( Peuterey giubbotti )with light-colored pants, and then coupled with the Hogan Interactive shoes. This match is not very formal, but this Italian style is my favorite. If you wear light-colored T-shirt and pants, I will be with cream-colored shoes. Overall, I like these relaxed fashion style of dress, and I also like the mix of the various single accessories. Q: What is the difference between the European fashion with other fashions? Could you describe it in detail? A: For me, the American fashion is .parison of partial .mercialization some, and European designers are of the more stringent. Italian designers are more creative with less .mercialized. We hope that regardless of a boy or a girl who wear Hogan and Woolrich ( Woolrich parka ), they are will not be blind obedience to fashion. We should focus on fashion but without losing our own styles. Q: Your brother is a fan of President Kennedy, or even buy a used yacht. Do you also have your own idols? A: My brother remembers that when he happens to be the time of the Kennedy served as President of the United States, so he was very fond of Kennedy’s lifestyle, political philosophy, as well as some of his style. My idol is my father, who is the father of Hogan(Hogan scarpe). He is also my spiritual mentor. Then it is Clinton. There are a lot of important political ideas on his former one term. The other is Gorbachev, because the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Europe has also ushered in the trend of opening up. So I like them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: