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UnCategorized Do you have your dream job right now? How about your dream in.e? Do you think that you can only have one or the other? Or maybe neither? If you believe you can only make peanuts at your dream job, or think a dream in.e requires you to work in a career you can’t stand, think again. It’s really a matter of focus. Let me explain. When we’re just starting out and even into our 40’s and early 50’s, we tend to focus on money. We want to make a lot and keep more of it. We invest it wisely and spend it so that our place in the social structure is recognized and honored. And yet, we don’t want to spend time in a career that doesn’t satisfy. After a number of years, what began as a dream job and rewarding career can seem dull and boring. We grow, reprioritize and sometimes seek out a career change that we hadn’t even thought of years before. And so, if our soul demands that we find a new dream job, we simply have to! This is why people sometimes make a career change from a well-paying job to one that pays less but gives them more satisfaction. On the flip side, others in their youth may choose altruistic but low-paying jobs, and then suddenly make a career change in order to make much more money. No matter where we focus, both areas are important to our overall life satisfaction. It’s wonderful to have the financial freedom to dedicate ourselves to a cause or project that demands all our passion and focus. But we can’t always do that if the money isn’t there. It can be deeply satisfying to have a dream job. But if that job doesn’t support us financially, some of the joy is diminished due to the lack of freedom and worry financial scarcity can bring. That’s why I keep saying, "You can have both – a dream job that gives meaning and purpose, as well as a dream in.e that gives you enough financial freedom to freely choose your dreams." If you are under age 45, by all means, take steps to better your financial position. But make sure you are not ignoring your need to experience purpose and meaning in your career. I recently spoke to a woman who sells assistive devices for Diabetes patients. She said, "I’ve got my dream job!" She is making a real difference in people’s lives. And she is providing a solid financial base for her and her daughter. If you are over 60, you’re nearing the wisdom years. It’s time to think about the significance and meaning of your life. What legacy do you want to leave? Is there some cause or problem you’ve always wanted to help address, but never had the time to devote to it? You may still need to improve your financial position, but remember that meaning trumps money every time. If we begin our careers attending to both the dream job and dream in.e, chances are good we’ll end up having both. If you’ve focused on one area – and not the other – it may be time for a career change to something that fulfills both needs. A dream job can help you do both, no matter what stage of life you are in. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: