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Fashion-Style Amazing dresses are worn by celebrities at important events and functions and these g.eous outfits are now recreated in your size and can be worn by you too. Selena Gomez is a style icon and lovely dresses worn by her have been recreated too. Selena Gomez is a popular celebrity who has a keen sense of fashion and has her own taste and style of clothes. Most of the dresses worn by her at events and functions are true masterpieces which her fans would love to wear as well. Sizzling attires adorned by her have been recreated and are now available for you at extremely affordable prices. These glamorous dresses will ensure you are the center of attraction at whichever event you wear it to. Parties, functions as well as weddings are great occasions to wear these dresses at and allow you to dazzle and shine at every event you wear it in. a variety of dresses have been recreated and can be chosen from according to your choice and desire. Every dress is extremely well tailored and adequate attention has been paid to detail while making them and this makes the finishing excellent. One of the most popular dresses worn by Selena Gomez is the one she wore to the Oscars in 2012 and it was a floor length deep V necked dress which had an elegant appearance. This silver embroidered dress has a very sophisticated look and looks extremely chic on being worn. Chiffon material is used to achieve a fish cut style in this dress and helps in creating a feminine look. Another exquisite dress worn by Selena is at a red carpet function where she wore a train red dress. This vibrant dress had a trailing dress which is symbolic of how you will linger in everyones thoughts once you wear this dress. Spaghetti straps helps in holding this dress in place and a golden detailing at the belt line helps in giving some definition around the waist. Lovely and flowing trail of the dress helps you in making a sweeping appearance and makes you look extremely attractive. Sequined dresses worn by Selena Gomez are very popular and one such dress that has been recreated is a plunging necked floor length dress which is silver in color. This dress will literally make you dazzle and the sequins on the dress make you shine and helps in creating a very bright look. Black Sweetheart dress is a trendy and inspiring dress worn by Selena Gomez which can now be flaunted by you. This black colored chic dress helps in creating a modern look and the cuts and style are extremely fashionable and trendy. Teen Choice Awards 2011 saw Selena Gomez sporting a golden mini dress which is ideal if you are looking to achieve a young and fresh look. Satin fabric has been brilliantly used to craft this dress and has a side trail in white which helps in offsetting the golden color of the dress. Elastic woven satin has been used for crafting a mini dress in Lilac with a V neck which was worn by Selena Gomez Dresses like your favorite stars by mimicking their style and wearing g.eous fashionable dresses and feel as glamorous as a celebrity yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: