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Drunk driving Lianzhuang car ride police zhuidu captured 26 kilometers (Figure) – Beijing, the driver was arrested when the taste of wine. Serious damage to the vehicle. The early morning of September 10th, the Kun Chu highway on a drunk driving car way Lianzhuang car collision, and serious damage to the vehicle’s case is still a hurricane, high-speed traffic police besieged in 26 kilometers, finally this car bumper car "intercept. September 12th, high detachment of the brigade informed the case. The three cars collided with one car to see a police car "ran away" in September 10th 1 am 5 pm, police brigade to patrol Shi Ruping Chu Kun Kun Chu highway from Kunming to Chuxiong direction K106+600M (large ground service area) at the time, found 3 cars parked in the fast lane, police immediately view the scene. When set up the protective measures for police vehicle accident when viewing the scene of the accident found the remaining two car accident, a car accident had fled. The scene of the accident truck driver told police: "have a black Buick car hit the door in the central bar, parked in the lane, not set up warning signs, led us to hit the car up, Buick car driver in off to see see the police car, then drove off, it seemed drunk". After preliminary investigation, the police Shi Ruping side to brigade command center report and contact rescue units on-site rescue, while driving vehicle tracking. 1:29 Xu, police patrol to the Kunming high-speed Kunming to Chuxiong direction K115 section found a black Buick car. In the light of the auxiliary, found that Buick car has been seriously damaged, four wheels are damaged, and still continue to drive. The police immediately siren and propaganda require the vehicle to pull over, but the driver did not stop, but accelerated to the direction of travel of Chuxiong. The police drove over the car in the emergency parking zone to stop and get off of a black Buick car parking, the driver can not, still speeding. After blocking 26 kilometers to stop the license plate has disappeared, the 4 wheel blasting…… In order to prevent accidents caused by traffic, Shi Ruping side to the duty on duty instructor Chen Jun report situation, while driving along the rear and warning the car. Along the way, black Buick drove from time to time to hit the central fence. Chen Jun and commander Mao built police organization in Kun Chu high-speed Kunming to Chuxiong direction K131+500M at 2:11, temporary traffic control, police besieged 26 kilometers after the last black Buick car stopped, the car has been distorted license plate has disappeared, 4 wheels have been blasting, two airbags car on the pop-up, the car is a mess. When the police asked the driver to get off for inspection, drunk drivers refused to cooperate, in collaboration with more than the police, the driver brought the car, and the driver’s body exudes a strong wine. Chen Jun immediately organized the police on the scene of the driver of the alcohol breath test, the result is 163mg 100ml, on suspicion of drunken driving. Subsequently, the police will be arrested on suspicion of drunken driver to Chuxiong People’s Hospital for blood collection, and dragged the car accident. Currently, the case is being further processed. Wei相关的主题文章: