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Dubai match Djokovic strong has 700 wins small test case Wawrinka quarter finals (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on February 25th news, the total prize money of $2249215 for the ATP500 season Dubai open to start the second round of the contest. The number one seed, four time champion Djokovic beat jazzreen to 6-1 6-2 strong, the quarter finals at the same time to harvest the occupation 700th career wins. No. 2 seed Valinka in the first small test case, successfully with 7-5 6-1 win over the Croatia giants SKOOG also broke into the finals, 14. The 32 year old jazzreen ranked only 121, but he played cards outside the first round to beat Youzhny remarkable performance. De Jouko Vecchi and jazzreen very well, after the start of the game both look quite polite, issued their own security after the small German 2-1 prevailed. Began to force the first in the world with high quality groundstrokes forced jazzreen backhand error after the break, takes the Serving Bureau established the 4-1 leading. Although tenacious Jaziri saved four break points in the sixth game, the Tunisian veteran gave up the serve again because of the double mistake. In an ace, Djokovic Paul made the first victory in 6-1. Although Jaziri in the first game to resolve the crisis of five break completed Baofa, but the scene the obvious advantage of Djokovic or in the third inning to break the deadlock. After an active attack, the number one seed established 3-1 of the lead. Withstand the pressure break point Paul made Jaziri hold the position. However, Djokovic didn’t give him a chance, and he kept leading by 4-2. Increased jazzreen failure demoralized, let’s start the game again on a ball out of bounds. With the wide serves to resolve the break point, Djokovic 6-2 in the final pass, won the 700th victory of occupation career. Today’s number one round of 14 finals will encounter the Philippines – Lopez, the latter by 6-3 7-6 (7) out of the Czech people rosol. Valinka today’s opponent is ranked 188 in the world, reached the height of 203cm Croatia artillery schugge. Firepower against Schug, Wawrinka dare not neglect, the formation of mutual balance of power in the first ten games with opponents, the score to 5-5. Hold the eleventh inning of the Swiss Zhandexianji 6-5, then with beautiful backhand aces, 2 Seed by 7-5 xianbatouchou. Chase the Wahlin card in the second set the first receiving machine made a break, in a high pressure smash then, he got a 3-0. Then the two sides issued their own security, Schug at the end of the disk error increase, even under two Stanislas to 6-1 win, into the quarterfinals. Valinka in the next round of opponents is C Hirschi Leiber, the latter with 6-2, 7-6 (5) beat Croatia rookie Churidge. 3 seed Bertic eliminated Fabiano with two 6-2, and suffered J Jerzy Goss, Australia rookie eliminated Cu Cush Kim by 6-3 6-2. No. 4 seed Agut strong to 6-0 6-1 swept South Korean star Zheng Xuan; former Australian Open finalist Marcos Baghdatis to 6-4)

迪拜赛小德强势获700胜 瓦林卡小遇考验晋级八强 (点击观看高清组图)   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日消息,总奖金为2,249,215美元的ATP500赛迪拜公开赛展开第二轮的较量。头号种子、四届赛会冠军德约科维奇以6-1 6-2强势击败贾兹里,晋级八强的同时收获职业生涯第700胜。2号种子瓦林卡在首盘小遇考验,顺利以7-5 6-1击败克罗地亚巨人斯库格,同样闯入1 4决赛。   32岁的贾兹里世界排名只有121位,不过以外卡出战的他首轮击败尤兹尼,表现可圈可点。德约科维奇与贾兹里私交不错,比赛开始后两人也显得相当客气,各自保发后小德以2-1稍占上风。开始发力的世界第一凭借高质量的底线击球逼出贾兹里的反手失误后实现了破发,拿下发球局就确立了4-1的领先。虽然顽强的贾兹里在第六局一度挽救了四个破发点,但突尼斯老将还是因双误再次交出了发球局。在一次发球直接得分后,德约科维奇保发以6-1收下首盘胜利。   贾兹里虽然在次盘首局化解五次破发危机完成保发,但场面优势明显的德约科维奇还是在第三局打破僵局。在一次主动进攻得手后,头号种子就确立了3-1的领先。顶住破发点压力保发,贾兹里稳住了阵脚。不过德约科维奇没有给他机会,轻松保发后继续以4-2领先。士气受挫的贾兹里失误增多,在一次击球出界后再次让出发球局。凭借外角发球化解破发点,德约科维奇最终以6-2过关,拿下职业生涯第700场胜利。晋级1 4决赛的当今球王将遭遇菲-洛佩兹,后者以6-3 7-6(7)淘汰捷克人罗索尔。   瓦林卡今天的对手是世界排名188位,身高达到203cm的克罗地亚大炮斯库格。对阵火力十足的斯库格,瓦林卡不敢怠慢,在前十局与对手形成互保的均势,比分来到5-5平。守住第十一局的瑞士人以6-5占得先机,随后凭借漂亮的反手接发球直接得分,2号种子就以7-5先拔头筹。趁胜追击的瓦林卡在次盘首个接发球机就取得了破发,在一次高压扣杀得手后,他就取得了3-0的开局。双方随后各自保发,斯库格在盘末失误增多,连下两局的瓦林卡就以6-1取胜,闯入八强。   瓦林卡在下一轮的对手是科赫尔斯奇雷伯,后者以6-2 7-6(5)击败了克罗地亚新秀丘里奇。3号种子伯蒂奇以两个6-2淘汰了法比亚诺后讲遭遇克耶高斯,澳洲新秀以6-3 6-2淘汰库库什金。4号种子阿古特强势以6-0 6-1横扫韩国新星郑泫;前澳网亚军巴格达蒂斯以6-4 6-2击败波斯皮希尔。取胜双方将争夺一个半决赛席位。   (Benson)相关的主题文章: