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Early picture books is an important part of family education is what early maternal Sohu picture book? This is one of the early types of picture books. Also known as early picture books. Is a set of pictures, text and education and cognitive function in a 0-6 year old young children’s books. What are the characteristics of early picture books? Compared with the common one, the story picture books, picture books and early functional orientation, more readers age and position more clearly, more detailed classification, children’s reading can get more intuitive and practical knowledge. Two, generally the story is simple, short, concise style of life. Three, most of them are in the form of a multi book. The type of early picture books by age: 0-3 years old 3-6 years old baby book divided by subject: cognitive enlightenment intellectual development habits character training of scientific moral education knowledge of safe sex education is divided into forms: ordinary paper book board book toy book (including book books, books, stickers, stereo audio books, book cloth etc.) 1 this is the meaning of existence: early childhood picture meaning, it can give children a more direct, practical education. But it is different from learning books, often with easy language or story with pictures to attract children’s penetration of knowledge. Early childhood reading picture books is to provide a good early education, cultivate interest in reading for children. It has laid a good foundation for the later children’s learning and growth from many aspects, such as the Enlightenment of literacy, the development of intelligence, the popularization of science, the habits of life, emotional intelligence, personality, aesthetic and even safety. This is also an important part of early childhood family education, parents can help in a relaxed, warm way for children to educate their children, compared with the traditional preaching, children will be more willing to accept. Early picture books can help parents understand their children, help children to observe themselves, to promote parent-child relationship. Early picture book reading is focused on parent-child reading". When parents read picture books for children, children of parents warm ears listening to the familiar voice, the eyes looked at the pictures, the hands can also flip the pages of this several dimensions in children in mind to construct the world he is reading, watching any literature, art works are not long after. That is to say, using picture books as the medium, to help parents and children with heart, is also important significance of early picture books. The first original picture books: YY rabbit preschool brand. Some excellent works: "Tom rabbit" series "look inside" series "rat boy" series of "crooked rabbit" series "frog frog" series "rabbit" series of "warm heart Miffy" series of "chicken balls" series相关的主题文章: