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SONY is expected to profit more than $3 billion 300 million increase in market value of Tencent technology news in February 1st, according to Bloomberg, SONY recently released as of December 31st 2015 fiscal third quarter earnings. Reported in the Hollywood movies, music and games business to help, SONY third quarter net profit of up to 120 billion 100 million yen ($989 million), more than the estimated Bloomberg expected 91 billion 100 million yen. Excited by the good news, SONY’s market value increased by $3 billion 300 million. Today, at the Tokyo stock exchange, SONY shares rose 12%, while the Nikkei 225 Stock Average rose by only 2%, this is the biggest since October 2008 SONY shares rose. SONY profit increased, thanks to the 007 series twenty-fourth movie "Spectre" and hit Adele new album "25" sales record, the latter also did not appear in the streaming media service Spotify and apple Apple Music. The game is the largest SONY Sales Department, by selling more PlayStation 4 consoles and software, such as apple and Samsung to help offset the loss of the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers orders crash sensor. Mika Nishimura, an analyst at the Credit Suisse Group in Tokyo, said: "SONY has mixed financial results, but overall it is more likely to be positive. Games, music, and other businesses are active, showing that SONY’s mobile structure is making steady progress." SONY earnings report, despite the depreciation of the yen brought many negative effects, but compared with a year earlier, the third quarter mobile business profit doubled to 24 billion 100 million yen. SONY is now in a phase of transition, that is, the end of high-value end mode, while cutting costs. On the whole, SONY’s annual forecast remains unchanged, and its operating income is still 320 billion yen. But SONY predicts that its game network sales will grow, and sales of its image sensors and other devices are expected to drop. With the saturation of the market and China’s economic slowdown, the rapid decline in demand for smart phones, SONY chip sector suffered heavy losses. (sailing) promotion: WeChat search for "BI Chinese station" to listen to the public, from Silicon Valley’s fresh information technology and cutting-edge business model, the most fun story circle.

盈利超过预期 索尼市值增加33亿美元腾讯科技讯 2月1日,据彭博社报道,索尼日前发布了截至12月31日的2015财年第三季度财报。财报显示,在好莱坞电影、音乐以及游戏业务大力帮助下,索尼第三季度净利润高达1201亿日元(约合9.89亿美元),超过彭博社预估的911亿日元预期。受此好消息刺激,索尼市值增长了33亿美元。今天,在东京证交所,索尼股价上涨了12%,而日经225股票平均指数上涨幅度仅为2%,这是2008年10月份以来索尼股价上涨的最大幅度。索尼盈利增加,需要感谢007系列电影第24部《Spectre》热映和Adele新专辑《25》的销量打破纪录,后者还没有出现在流媒体服务Spotify和苹果Apple Music中。游戏是索尼最大销售部门,通过出售更多PlayStation 4游戏机和软件,帮助抵消苹果和三星等智能手机制造商传感器订单暴跌的损失。瑞士信贷集团驻东京分析师Mika Nishimura表示:“索尼财报中喜忧参半,但总体来说更倾向于积极方面。游戏、音乐以及其他业务都相当活跃,显示索尼移动端的结构调整正取得稳步进展。”索尼财报中称,尽管日元贬值带来很多负面影响,但与一年前同期相比,其第三季度移动业务利润翻了一倍,达到241亿日元。索尼目前正处于转型阶段,即结束高价值端模式,同时削减成本。从整体来看,索尼全年预测未变,其运营收入依然为3200亿日元。但索尼预测其游戏网络销售将会增长,同时其图像传感器等设备销量预期会下降。随着市场饱和和中国经济减缓,智能手机需求急速下滑,索尼的芯片部门受到重创。(风帆)推广:微信搜索“BI中文站”公众号,收听来自硅谷最新鲜的科技资讯、最前沿的创业模式、最好玩的圈内故事。相关的主题文章: