Eat lotus not called ugly game cold knowledge Wonderwoman in those games happynewyear

Eat lotus not called ugly game: the strange woman cold knowledge in the game when it comes to this may have a buddy to ask, said above are some European games, the Japanese game will not appear on the "evil" general woman? Don’t worry, wait for the king slowly. To say the Japanese game in the "gods", mark first mentioned is the "silent hill" in the little nurse sister. Although the little nurse sister figure and beautiful, sexy legs and her chest is a gentleman’s love, but it’s unclear whether people bandage or flesh face, plus a steel knife, let the gentlemen will think of a cold sweat…… Don’t know how much buddy had been frightened by the nurse sister, actually controlled Jun admits that forced the nurse sister used to make up the numbers this kind of thing is wrong. But in recent years, the Japanese game in the United States more and more refined girl, more and more favored by gentlemen is an indisputable fact. But this does not mean that the Japanese game is no Nabuchushou "cthulhu". "Production", "the hero legend", "the track" series of Japanese famous commercial old factory space, so there is a section known as the "gods" in history. In 1983, Falcom launched an adult computer game called Private, a female college student. Do not say how the content of the game, just look at the cover will be difficult to evoke the player’s desire to buy a wood. At that time, the function of the computer, control Jun also do not insist on how good the game screen, just…… Painted such a sister…… Match the cover…… Pharaoh control you really do not deceive consumers…… "Private" game picture of female college students "female college students’ Private" picture of the game when it comes to deceive consumers, it would have to say another 11 of the game ("Fist", so, do not). This work was launched in 1996 in the PS platform with luxurious and comparable seiyuu lineup sailor style deceived many game player. Saying that the game is not buried in the game is not lost in the cover of the game, you can see the beauty of the 2D, in the game interface, you can see the beautiful girl 2D, after you enter the game…… WTF…… What the hell is this…… Meng sister just how can become this virtue…… See this adorable girl let control Jun suddenly thought of kamichama karin…… The Fist cover is a beautiful girl like this when the selection screen animated titles of beautiful girls is that what you see is like this beautiful girl in the game is like this…… Well, this period of cold knowledge of the game is over. Although there are mount and the girl, maraudon Princess such famous gods did not introduce their name, but presumably you also had to hear, you control here will say no more. If you want to share with the readers of the master, you can leave a message below or directly in the micro-blog game control. If you are not satisfied, please forgive me to say. If you have any comments and suggestions, you can also leave a message below, or direct micro-blog @ game control. We play next week.相关的主题文章: