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Explain the 2016 China intelligent vehicle challenge (multi points) – 1 new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan recommended source: wisdom eye observation [new] 2016 "Chinese Zhi Yuan introduction intelligent vehicle challenge" 13 in Jiangsu, Changshu successfully concluded, after fierce competition, from the Academy of military transportation "army of the lion No. 2" and "army of lion No. 1" comprehensive performance out of the first, two. The challenge is divided into two parts of urban roads and high-speed roads, road simulation reality set multiple obstacles, including U-turn, identify the red and green light, to avoid identification dummy, stationary vehicle car overtaking, and so on, this paper made a detailed challenge to each subject game. In 2016 eighth "Chinese intelligent vehicle challenge" 13 November 10th held in Changshu, 23 teams from various colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises at the tournament. After fierce competition, from the Academy of military transportation, the army to pay the lion 2 and the army to pay the lion lion, No. 1, the overall score of the first, the two. The following is a high-speed road and urban road specific score. 2016 Chinese intelligent vehicle challenge score Chinese 2016 highway intelligent vehicle challenge score for urban road intelligent car competition, many people are not very understand. Is this the same speed as a regular car? In fact, not exactly like this, the game is divided into two parts of urban roads and high-speed roads, high-speed road traffic than urban roads are more complex, it is reported that "set multiple barriers to simulate the real road" game squares the middle of the track, today let us know about it! This is the starting point to start to start the smart car competition, the organizing committee will send the first network file teams, the smart car has to do is wait for the identification and analysis of network file, in front of traffic lights instructions, a bright green light smart car will automatically recognize and departure. U_turn starting point after the first task is U-turn, smart cars need to identify the road signs, after the identification of path planning. This requires a good integration of vehicle camera data and radar data, vehicle control can not be deviation, the requirements of the smart car is still high. Identification of traffic lights is very important for intelligent vehicles, it is an important part of the smart car can go on the road. All the teams have their own identification methods, most teams use camera to identify, in the recognition algorithm is very different, a simple color recognition, while others use the "smart" deep learning algorithms, different methods, each team showed the effect is different. Across the road of the dummy in this place, in front of the vehicle to the dummy, brake, wait for Dummies "through" the road, can pass. In fact, the difficulty of the subject is not large, the vehicle forward process, the dummy in the middle of the road, in front of the top of the top intelligence radar, can easily identify and wait for it to leave, and then through the. Sidewalk dummy lifelike dummies, through the crosswalk.相关的主题文章: