Fan Bingbing told the furniture company violated the right to claim the portrait of 5 million was aw

Fan Bingbing has a furniture company portrait right of claim 5 million was sentenced to compensate 150 thousand – Beijing Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) JINGWAH believes that manufacturers without his portrait of online selling furniture, Fan Bingbing sued the Shaoxing County beauty furniture decoration Limited (hereinafter referred to as the beauty of furniture), and claims the economic loss of 5 million yuan. The reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court Beauty Furniture 150 thousand yuan compensation for Fan Bingbing. Fan Bingbing claimed that it is a well-known film and television actor, who starred in "Princess", "Wu legend" and many other well-known film and television drama, the portrait has great commercial value. The Xi Shi furniture official web page and other pages, Fan Bingbing found his portrait was used to sell furniture, the article on the topic of "Xi Shi and Fan Bingbing furniture combination", and that "the future will create the first national brand". In the portrait of Fan Bingbing next to the picture, but also printed "Xi Shi mattress" and "Xi Shi" trademark. Fan Bingbing believes that Xi Shi furniture is the unauthorized use of his image without their permission to use their fame to do advertising, which allow consumers to consider the association and Xi Shi furniture, reduce the social evaluation of their own, violated the portrait rights and reputation of their own, it petitioned the court to order the Xi Shi furniture to immediately stop the infringement, make an apology. Advertising and their related removed, and compensation for economic loss of 5 million yuan. In order to prove their endorsement fee income, Fan Bingbing also submitted from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016 (a last year and a year) image endorsement contract. The case hearing, Xi Shi furniture did not appear in court, did not reply. Chaoyang Court found, Xi Shi furniture act has infringed upon the rights of Fan Bingbing, it should be an apology to Fan Bingbing. Finally, combined with the degree of beauty, furniture tort page, Fan Bingbing’s popularity and may benefit from the situation, the court discretion Beauty Furniture compensation Fan Bingbing the economic losses of 150 thousand yuan, and issued in the country’s media apology to Fan Bingbing.相关的主题文章: