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Dancing is also fighting giant ROAD FC first Warrior: height 2 meters 16 Cui Hongwan sports Sohu, weighing 150 kilograms, large size people beast looks a shiver all over though not cold, he is not a basketball player, with hair standing on end, not sumo wrestlers, he is the first Korean warriors, world-renowned fight monsters, victory will follow the electronic music and dancing "Korean giants" — Cui Hongwan. Cui Hongwan   Cui Hongwan was born in the beautiful Jeju Island, South Korea is one of the most prestigious wrestling athletes, has a good performance in the MMA arena and kick boxing. 2005, the world’s top boxing tournament K-1 into South Korea, as South Korea’s most feared fighting monster, Cui Hong Wanying invited to play in the same night to win over three consecutive opponents, crowned K-1 Seoul station title. Since then, the "Korean giant" and two fast KO obtained in the K-1 GP finals qualification, and defeat the "beast" Bob "into the semi-finals. In the semi-final, Cui Hongwan’s opponent is 2003, 2004 two K-1 – champion Remy bonjasky, final battle three innings, Cui Hongwan lost the game, but this huge monster show the strength and make everyone feel fear. With the 2005 champion, Cui Hongwan immediately adjust the good mentality, again in the K-1 field, in 2006 qualifying, he met the former champion, K-1 king in 2005 "colossus" Sami cyert. Sami – Syrte height 2 meter 12, be roughly the same with Cui Hongwan type, kyokushin origin, play very aggressive. Because Cui Hongwan had the opponent size smaller, so the audience that Cui Hongwan rough, is relying on its own advantage type game, the game is not a size advantage, he will rout. However, Cui Hongwan unexpectedly with Sami cyert extravagant war three round, narrowly won the victory broke the differences determined, questioned, and again won the K-1 GP tournament quarterfinals qualification! Quarter finals first game, Cui Hongwan met in 1995 on fighting in the game K-1 veteran "cyborg" Jerome Le banner banner, is Europe’s top players kick boxing circles, although the 1 meter tall and 95 less than Cui Hongwan, but has the world first-class combination of combat technology and more than and 10 years of experience in competition. This time, the goddess of victory is still not stand on the side of Cui Hongwan, after three rounds of battle, victory banner, but after the game is described Cui Hongwan’s banner: "Cui Hongwan is too horrible, he has very hard bones, I kick in when he broke his leg, and his knees lightly you can hit my head up! He is definitely one of the strongest K-1 players and I don’t think anyone in the last two years will be able to KO him!" Cui Hongwan is one of the most dangerous K-1 game players, but the banner said two years no KO, but as a mantra around Cui Hongwan, the following year, Cui Hongwan took the first KO under his occupation career failed, and his KO, is the famous metty mo. Height 1 m 8!相关的主题文章: