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Female college students love "two rich generation" cheated 40 thousand tuition can not go back to school – Beijing, Jinling Evening News (reporter correspondent Qin Gongxuan Xu Ning) at each university school, and a female college student in Nanjing but did not dare to report, the reason was not only her own tuition cheated, still owed more than and 10 students the cost of living. Originally, a summer job she met her boyfriend, "two rich generation" by the other "borrowed" belongings after the discovery cheated, ashamed to go back to school. Liu Hong (a pseudonym) is a junior college students in Nanjing, this summer vacation in a hotel internship in Qinhuai district. An accidental opportunity, she met in the hotel claiming to be rich two generations wang. Wang launched a warm love offensive against Liu Hong, the two quickly established a relationship between men and women friends. Liu Hong learned from Wang somewhere, he is the heir to the family business, enterprises in Shanghai, sister doing jewelry business in foreign countries do a lot. Wang will also be taken to a unit near the site of Liu Hong, said it was a real estate development enterprises, after the completion of the house can be sent to Liu Hongyi. At the beginning, Wang every day to pick up the car, but soon her boyfriend’s car was gone, and said his money was frozen, because his father was very opposed to their love, and he did not want to give up Liu Hong. Later, Liu Hong began to lend a few thousand, a few hundred dollars a day, a long time she did not have much money, had to borrow. In the end, Liu Hong gave his tuition to wang. But this time, Liu had a mind to stay, give the money to Wang stole his mobile phone. This one actually found Wang’s girlfriend actually has more than and 10 mobile phones. Look at a few people to chat, they found their situation and their own way. Liu Hong immediately rushed to Jiankang Road police station. But then Wang disappeared. No tuition and the money owed to the students, she really did not face to school. Jiankang Road police station came to the site investigation, found that Wang is a person working in construction. September 13th, the police rushed to the suspect Wang captured in Anhui. Wang explained that he was just an ordinary family, the use of mobile phone software to find people near friends and girls the function of mutual exchanges, contact way disguised as a rich two generations of deception. Police found in his cell phone users around the country nearly 20 people, and the money to cheat the king for gambling. Currently, Wang suspicion of fraud by the Qinhuai police criminal detention.相关的主题文章: