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The field ambulance lying private long-term illegal engaged in long-distance transport – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on August 29th news in Beijing (reporter Zhou Yifan Chai Andong) according to the China voice of "news" reported that some black ambulance in the vicinity of the patient to perennial major hospitals, no qualifications, lack of supervision, have brought a considerable threat to the patient the safety of life and property. Last month, CNR reporters in Beijing many hospitals visited the survey found that illegal job lying outside the hospital ambulance, not only have the private vehicle, there are actually outside the primary hospital regular ambulance. What is black ambulance put on a legal coat, or a regular ambulance stem from the black job? Beijing Xicheng District Xinjiekou street, is Xinjiekou branch of Jishuitan Hospital, the hospital department of orthopedics nationally, annual hospital admissions of patients, more than half from the field. Outside the hospital to have an ambulance entry. Perhaps the patient’s condition is special, coupled with a large number of patients from the field, in the hospital near the black ambulance business personnel, it seems very busy. The reporter through the South Gate of a hospital traders, contacted a salesman surnamed zhang. Vendor: how much is it to Shandong Heze? Business: four yuan a kilometer. Reporter: can you see it now? Business: the car is now running out. Vendors: Send a picture. Business: go back again to the chant, I almost all. Half an hour later, a business parked at a distance not far from the South Gate of the crossroads, the rear seat was converted left into a stretcher, a patient lying in bed, waiting for transport. Reporter: you also send patients. Business: send people, but also to send patients to. Reporter: it is estimated that the short look at it. Business: it is a short distance. The surname of the clerk said, ran a lot of similar business. In addition to this modified transporter, they also have a special long distance ambulance. Business: there is a ventilator is not the same as that. There is nothing in it, doctors, nurses have. Reporter: do you have the car? Do you have it? Business: have. I also have. Reporter: the price is more expensive? Business: the price is expensive. Reporter: how much is this? Business: ten dollars. This four block. Reporter: who can see the car? Business: that can not see ah. Live to all. There’s nothing new, you don’t have to look at it. In this car, what facilities are there. Reporter: you have no problem with this car, right? Business: I always run long distance ah this car, this car does not pull small way, professional pull long distance, new car. One kilometer is 10 dollars, the basic price of interprovincial transport. Beijing Children’s Hospital PICU door, with a lot of black ambulance transfer business card. One of the reporters called. Black ambulance: we are professional long-distance car lane. Reporter: it is the provisions of it? Black ambulance: that’s definitely not. National linkage. But these black ambulance qualifications are full, vowed: "one kilometer of 10 dollars, two.相关的主题文章: