Five mountain bridge bored pile group completed even the town railway is expected to open in 2020 vidown

Five mountain bridge bored pile group completed even the town railway is expected to open in 2020 October 24th, the five peak, the South Bank of Yangtze River Bridge No. 4 main pier No. 27 pile pouring smoothly, so far, super bored pile construction lasted nearly 10 months all make marks, even the town Yangtze River bridge mountain railway five large diameter and super long pile group foundation shouguan. Jiangsu north-south railway artery railway is expected to be completed in 2020 all over the town. Five mountain south of Yangtze River Bridge No. 4 pier foundation separated by cap around the tower, pile foundation, the total arrangement of 67 root 2.8 meters in diameter bored pile. 35 piles were used at the upstream side of the pile cap, and the bottom of the pile was made of 32 piles. China Railway Bridge Bureau five Fengshan Yangtze River Bridge Project Manager Song Chengyong introduced the main pier No. 4 bored pile is a 46 storey high-rise deep underground, even if the elevator ride fast, you want to reach this depth it takes more than 1 minutes. This long large diameter bored pile group not only in the Yangtze River Basin is unique, even if the country and the world are very rare. In order to ensure the required drilling pile reinforcement cage end to end forming a whole, achieve seamless steel production line, there must be a long job as a guarantee. Covers an area of 13994 square meters, equivalent to the size of the modernization of the 32 standard basketball super bar processing workshop came into being. Reporters on the scene saw this "super shop" arrangement of 3 120 meter long steel cage production line, to solve the large diameter and super long steel cage deformation, straight screw sleeve connection precision is not easy to control, the late steel reinforcement cage installation is not easy positioning problem. Five – Yangtze River bridge a total length of 6400 meters, the main span of 1092 meters, the single span suspension steel truss girder suspension structure, the upper 8 lane highway, the design speed of 100 kilometers per hour; the lower 4 line of high-speed railway channel, the design speed of 250 kilometers per hour.相关的主题文章: