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Civil diplomacy to help advance the Sino Japanese relations   – International – People’s network known as Sino Japanese civil diplomacy booster Beijing forum in Tokyo on September 28th in Tokyo, Japan, the curtain fell. Beijing – Tokyo forum has been held twelve sessions, 12 years time, has become a folk after the groundless talk important channels of communication between China and japan. This year’s forum is expected to give full play to the effectiveness? How to look at the significance of the current forum? Sino Japanese relations how to break through the fog, After rain the sky looks blue. "? Japan seven, associate professor of Japanese Studies on column Chinese specially invited Academy of Social Sciences Pang Zhongpeng has carried on the analysis and interpretation. The contents are as follows: Beijing – Tokyo forum for many years, the leaders of all the friends Guangju Guanghui and accept the opinions and suggestions from all walks of life, always around to exchange views and ideas collide major issues between the two countries in various fields and play its unique function and role in the development of Sino Japanese relations. In the Sino Japanese relations at the crucial moment of today, the forum should give full play to the important influence and effect it has, for the two countries to enhance mutual trust and promote Sino Japanese relations on the right track and contribute their wisdom and advice. There is no doubt that the Sino Japanese relations in recent years due to some of the mistakes and aggressive practices in Japan, resulting in a cold state bilateral relations". How to eliminate the "cold", how to make the relationship between the two countries really into the stable and benign operation is how to control the relationship between the two countries, the "sensitive issue", how to avoid the two countries for "sensitive issues" and unexpected events such as a series of difficult problem in front of the two countries. These thorny problems properly and effectively, can promote the Sino Japanese relations development smoothly; but if these problems cannot properly and effectively solve these difficult problems, or piled up and the possibility of "crisis", which will endanger the overall situation of Sino Japanese relations. So, how to deal with the problems in the Sino Japanese relations, so that Sino Japanese relations "broke through the fog, After rain the sky looks blue."? First of all, the key is related to the history of Japan on the issue is very sensitive to the cautious. The historical problems seen in Japan is likely to be small, or just "personal problems", but in China’s view, especially in the eyes of China the broad masses of the people and public opinion, history is a huge problem, a relationship is very sensitive to the huge problems Chinese peoples feelings and foundation the. Just imagine, the Japanese right-wing forces, emerge from time to time about denial and beautify history of aggression in World War II, the absurd speech to repeated visits to a shrine honoring Class-A war criminals of World War II, the Japanese side has downplayed the significance or simply ignored, the problems in the history of the "duplicity" or "double" approach, which will inevitably lead to Chinese the public opinion and resentment, and every time some Japanese cabinet members visited the Yasukuni Shrine and the move will stimulate the China public and media nerve, if Japan Yasukuni behavior reciprocating cycle continues, will only continue to intensify the bad impression on the public and public opinion in Chinese, even worsening Chinese the people and public opinion on the Japanese side view. Therefore, the Japanese side should carefully and carefully consider how to deal with sensitive historical issues相关的主题文章: